Sunday, March 20, 2011

Books, and Buttons, and Rusty Belts

New books:
The burgandy one is "the Children's Treasury", 1961.
Full of stories, songs, and fun.
This picture, from a previous post, is in it.

Some old favorite stories.

Great pictures.

The other book,
"Illustrated Golden Dictionary for Young Readers,", 1951,
is just wonderful!!
It is filled just the right aging of paper,
(not that I will tear the pages out, but it is tempting!)...

wonderful illustrations, charts, simple meanings of words.
Bits and pieces from the book.

Sorry these pics are kind of fuzzy. Camera problems.
And the pics do not show the most perfect aging of the paper.

Some huge old plastic buttons...

And this is one of those old silver belts we used to wear.
Remember these from the 70's?
Back in style now probably.
Well you know it is too shiny for me,
so I decided to rust it.
My sweet fella said it had a coating on it, and would not rust.

I took that as a challenge, and it took a week
of soaking it, but here you have it....

It took a week of salt and vinegar, but I did it!!
Will be so nice on a piece or art work, mine or yours. =)

And here is the bottom of a 'new' piece for the garden area.
We'll see the top tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great week.

barbara jean


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Looks as tho you had a grezt time..and so many treasures.
Am lovin the lamps parts.


Crystal said...

Those books are darling!!! So pretty!!! I have one of those belts.....hmmmm, I may need to rust mine too!!!!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

I had the later edition of that dictionary and, as a young reader, loved it! I loved the pictures and the definitions. Actually I think I still have it here somewhere.

Never would have thought of rusting the concho belt. Cool!

Betsy said...

Love it all Barb, especially the graphics in the dictionary. I used to wear a belt like that with my "prairie skirt."

Vicki said...

I love those dictionary pages! Good for you for getting that darn thing to rusty. I'm sure we'll see that in a project soon.

Xela said...

Fantastic pictuers Barbara Jean!
Have a nice evening