Thursday, March 3, 2011

Too Many Clocks?

Do we have too many clocks?

My sweet fella and I were talking about a show
about a woman who was a hoarder.
I mentioned that he should be glad I buy for the store,
and not just bring it all home and keep it.
He said, "Is that right?"
He started looking around the room.
I said, "What?"
"Clocks", he said.
How many clocks do we have?
So I began to take pictures, and count.
Above, the keepsake clock.
One my friend made years ago for me.

And the cute iron clock in the dining room.

The clock on the living room wall.
(so we can see time to check TV schedule.)

The clock on the other wall in living room.
(It looks cute from outside.)

The clock in the family room.

One in sewing room.

Old, old clock I painted years ago.
In main bathroom.

One in the study.
And then this one again.
It is in our little bathroom.
That is only 9 clocks!
Not too many.
(of course this does not count the stove clock, and alarm clocks.)

How many clocks do you have in your house?

barbara jean


Desirée-ScrapDees said...

just one litlle clock we have!
But when i still lived with my parents, i think we had more than 20 antique clocks in the house and every hour: bang-bang-bang, i get nuts of it hihi! But they had friends who had more than 100 clocks and never went on a holiday because they were afreaid that some one stole it!
So yr clocks are not to much! ;-)

Lesley said...

Hi Barbara Jean, I lved seeing your clocks, but it just goes to show how different people can be. I hate clocks around the place, and I never wear a watch. lol. I would love to send you a pic of the only clock I have in the house since I retired. I think it would make you, and your readers, smile. I don't have a blog, so if you could e-mail me at:
I'll send a pic.
Blessings from the UK. PS I'm a member of CQ4Newbies

kpaints said...

That is so funny! I have three and one I always forget to even look at! But I like clocks and I kinda' want another one, like those cool round ones you have but I have no real space for it.
Hate trying to sleep in a room with a noisy clock, though.

Ms. Bake-it said...

How funny! I laugh because I do not have a single clock in my house! I keep telling myself I need to get some but just have not done so yet. I use my cell phone clock and alarm and the oven and microwave each have a clock - do those count? Okay, so they are not as nice as yours! I like the clocks in your living room and bathroom.

Have a fabulous weekend!

~ Tracy

Annabelle said...

I had to drop by and say thank you for the tea bag rose ingenious of you. I adore the cheesecloth combined with the roses. I always threw the tea bags out or kept them for the compost but now I'll have to try making some of these roses and add them to my art. Thanks so much!

About the clocks....I was very much like Leslie; still need my kids to set the alarm...hehe but now I have a couple of them . Now that I've grown older I am always afraid of running out of time so I keep watch and try to allot my time fairly in the home.

Thanks again Barbara Jean ...Annabelle >A_<

Home and Heart said...

I love clocks!! Especially one that tick tick tick in the quiet. So not too many for me!!

Linda said...

I have several..I try to have at least one in every room.
Have a Blessed Day!

Shopgirl said...

I do enjoy old clocks. I do not have a collection of clocks because I do not want to be reminded of time unless I have something, or some where I have to be. With that said, I think it is really fun that you have them and share them with us. Happy weekend, Mary

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Barbara,
I collect clocks too!!! lol And I don't know why since I always look for the time on the microwave! How funny, huh?
Well, sweet friend, you are one of my featured guests on my magazine blog, so I hope you'll come over and take a look!! Oh, and you're welcome to take the "featured" button too if you'd like it!!
((((hugs)))) to you,

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i guess you are always on time. there are some lovely clocks in your collection and of course the ones with sentimental value, so no, i don't think there are too many.

Vintage Gal said...

Barbara ~ your home sounds like ours ~ wayyyy tooo many clocks. Mr. Vintage loves clocks and they ALL chime ;-)

Donna said...

That is so funny about your clocks, Barbara Jean! I have a clock that I turned in to a jewelry organizer (it has a door on it). So hey, you could get one of those and make one for yourself, but yet it wouldn't count as an actual clock!!! Congrats on being featured over at Cindy's:)