Monday, March 14, 2011

Estate Sale Finds

Seems lately all I have done is taxes, and shop.
My brain is too tired, and muddled right now to create,
so hope you don't mind me showing you my wonderful finds.
(better than me showing you my taxes.) =)
I hit a great estate sale this weekend.
Love these porch lights, with or without the glass.
Great bird nest holders, or maybe hang on the wall and put candles in.

At the estate sale, there was a big pile of 'stuff'.
I was surprised when I asked, they said I could dig though it.
(they were hoping someone would buy the whole pile for $20,
and haul it off. I told them my husband would probably shoot me if I did that,
or at least take me to the funny farm.)

So I dug through best I could with a pulled muscle
on one arm and hurt shoulder on the other.
Pictures to come as we get things cleaned up.
Here is a great find.
Not from the pile. =)

I thought maybe it was a lamp base.

wonderful piece.

But this is the top.
Base too small for a table I think.
Any ideas what it might have been?

Found this old rusty cement trowel in the pile.
Wonderful color of green.
And one of my favorite pieces from this sale,
this old leather bag.
It is stamped "made in Italy" for J.C. Penney.
I thought it was a Pony Express bag at first.
It looks really old.
All the straps are missing, but it is still so
fun to decorate with.

Thanks for coming by.
Hope I get these taxes done soon
so I can create again.

barbara jean


Cat & Cricket said...

Barbara jean~ what goodies.. i too love that leather bag..yummy!
Have a great week!
Cricket @ gypseanurse

kpaints said...

I just love your imagination...great the pouch!

shannon i olson said...

you definitely find some wonderful things. I can't wait until spring gets here to go do some rummaging.

Lisalulu said...

YOU are the best at seeing 'what could be' in things!! just wonderful. It's like an -I spy- game.

Xela said...

Wonderful goodies !