Wednesday, March 30, 2011

John F. Kennedy 202 Photos

I just found this book...John F. Kennedy 202 Photographs
From Childhood to Martyrdom.
Full of great photos of JFK...

This is an amazing book,
and in pretty good condition.
A wonderful find for the store.

Thanks for coming by.
barbara jean


Deanna said...

I've never seen that book before. What a wonderful find Barbara Jean!

Deanna :D

Shabbylishious said...

And now a little comment on your recent finds( I posted a comment of dawns gieaway post earlier)
You are tormenting me with all your great finds. And now also for the garden. That table oh my It would make such a fantastic work table for potting upp and dividing plants.
I always seems to drool when I visit you. Hihi:)
Lots of hugs!

Shopgirl said...

i am a real Kenney fan and I have not seen this book before.
I would keep it forever. Hugs, Mary