Sunday, March 6, 2011

Google Reader

Hey out there. More questions about Google Reader.
(this picutre has nothing to do with it, just a pretty for you.)

Since my fave blogs list is not working, again,
I have been reading through Google Reader instead.

Are there only blogs on there we have signed up for?
Or is any blog that has Google Reader on that list?

I ask, because there are dozens of blogs on there I
never signed up for, never even heard of.

I've been going to their blogs, and sure enough, there is my name on
their follower list.
Now I know this sounds impossible, but I have never seen these blogs before,
nor are some of them ones I would have signed up to follow.

Any input on this?

Thanks and blessings
barbara jean
PS Thanks Kim, for all your help to understand how to sign up for things too.


Cottage Rose said...

Well I am no help at all with this one,,,, does not sound like a good thing... hope some one can help you with it..... drives me nuts when things like that happen....


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Maybe your blogger dashboard reading list has been hijacked...I'm being funny, of course, but it does make you wonder how you've started following blogs that you've never heard of??

I never use the reader so I best go look at mine to see if anything strange shows up. I, like you prefer reading from our blogger dashboard.

I'd be contacting blogger and leaving that question on the blogger forum.

Stephanie ♥

Betsy said...

This is very strange indeed. I haven't had this problem, but always understood that only the blogs we follow show up in our reader. I'm having the problem with disappearing thumbnails in my favorites...very frustrating.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow! Your blog has gone crazy! No, I only have blogs listed that I have signed up for. That is crazy that you go to these blogs and you are signed up...How could that happen, you poor thing! I hope you get it worked out. I would be a mess if this happened to me!


Rebecca said...

I'm clueless sweets. I just going to my list and read new posts. It is ALL confusing to me.

Argh! Must be my 50+ year old mind!

xoRebecca PS: Love the pic! :)

kpaints said...

OMGosh I hope not...I don't want that to happen to me! Ugh! Hope that clears up soon!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I thought it was only blogs you follow that would show up in reader. That does not sound good at all. I would be interested to see what you find out. I need to go take a look at mine.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

My fav blogs list wasn't working either, but has showed up again.

Will have to check Google Reader now too.
Sorry I have no answers for you.
but I have a little something in my post today for you ♥

Agnes said...

Why donot you ask it on their Helpdesk
My english is not that good that i could translate the Dutch Helpdesk, but the answers were there.

Agnes said...

I read that many ( also DUTCH) people have the same problems with the followers as you have.
So it isnot your fault.
Sometimes these problems go away, sometimes it stays.
Goodluck with it.


Sue said...

Barb, The only blogs that should show up in your Reader should be the blogs that you follow through Google Friend Connect or ones that have added as a subscription in Reader. No one should be able to access your Reader if you're signing in with a password. I do not understand how you're seeing yourself as a follower in some of those blogs that are on your Reader list. Do any of these blogs show up on your Blogger dashboard list? I would go through that list and correlate those blogs against a list you make of the ones that say you are a follower. ( the ones you found through that crazy list in Reader) The Dashboard list is your "gold" list. If there are crazy blogs on there- Unsubscribe from them through Blogger. You will have to eliminate the crazy blogs in Reader one by one through the subscription management option. Shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions.... Sue