Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Store, Eye Candy

Yep, It's Rusty Relics, sideways.

But here is a cute pic, right side up.
I'm showing you pictures of a new store in Marcola, Oregon.

Love that little will return sign on the left.

oops. Turn you head. it works. =)

More cuteness.

How about this shoe shine chair. cooool!

And here are the sweet owners,

Sorry, misplaced their card with their names on it. =(
But, address is 92170 Marcola Road.
Email and I will give you their phone number.
(do not want to put it on internet without permission).

barbara jean


Romeo said...

Ohhhhhhhh - will you look at that white theater seat and how about the shoe shine stand.....oh my whiskers!!!! Wonder if I could get that in my luggage.....

I thought I would wander over and see if you had any of your nests out yet. Spring is on it's way and I'm sure that there will be some birds looking for new homes. And of course words out that YOU make the best nests efur! Word travels you know - sure hope you're prepared for the incoming flock....



Marydon said...

I'd love to get lost in that shop, Barbara. Bet you had a ball.

Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
Have a wonderful weekend ~