Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time. Too much? Too little?

I seem to be obsessed with watches, clocks,
and anything to do with time right now.
Maybe it is because there does not seem to be enough of it.
Or, maybe it is just because I do not use what I have wisely.
I use watches in my art.
Like this framed piece I call my
"Hinge" Art.

And here is a clock face I did from a free
graphic on the internet.
Can you see what is wrong with it?
Now look. Did you see it?

Yep, the words are upside down.
Good thing it is just a piece of card stock on a wood circle.
I can just put another face over it.
Speaking of time,
here is another 'new' clock I found.

I'm going to look up Sessions.
It is a new name to me.
And here is a vintage Bambi watch.
I found these on line selling for up to $50!
Need to get a battery and see if it works.
Well, so much for time. I am out of it for this post.

For those of you looking for some Spring creativity,
how about these treasures.
(yes, these are from last year.
New items coming soon.
Tax season you know.)

This is a tiny cloche on a glass base.
Only4" high.
And nest is less than 2".

How about a collage in pretty blue frame?

spoon easels with nests on them. Fun!!
(I make the tiny eggs out of dough art)
( nest tutorials on side bar)

Blessings and have a wonderful week
Barbara Jean


kpaints said...

Just love your post. Never really enough time, even when you're retired, like me.

Lynn said...

Even though I am not "into time" I love old clock parts! I love your art. Do you know that you taught me how to make little bird nests?
Thanks :)

Lululiz said...

I do love those little nests in the spoon easels, they are they cutest.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love old clocks! And I see so many things I love on your blog! I am visiting from Vicki's! ♥♥♥