Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Great Color, but what is it? (and other finds)

I've had this for a long time.
It had a home in the garage.
Now it has been set free from it's dusty box.

any one know what it is??

Here is the back.

Little ( only 3" across) coin purse.

Will probably be a bird nest home soon.

Love these two statues,
but, shouldn't they be white, then antiqued??

One of the pieces from the 2nd box of jewelry.
(if you missed the first one, go HERE)
It is about 2" across, and has
the coolest hands.
Hope it won't be too blurry if you click on it.


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Barbara, You have a good eye and a talent for seeing beyond the way things look and the condition they are in and givng them a second life. Brilliant!

This is just a wild guess, is the first item an old drawer pull?

I'm sure you will come up with a wonderul use for it! Please share what it eventually becomes.


Hi Barb,
I think it goes to a light fixture?
Yes, paint the little children and what a great idea for a new bird nest inside the darling coin purse.
Deb :)

Lululiz said...

No idea what it is, but it is awfully pretty.

suebeebuzz403 said...

Hi Barbara Jean,
you wanted to know what that metal thing you have is. I think it is part of an old ceiling lamp and I think it's the part that you attach to the ceiling and hang a chain from the hook or clip with the lamp part on it. I hope this helps. I just love your blog and your words give so much to me when you have your walks with god.
Have a most wonderful and peaceful day Karen B.

Barbara Jean said...

Karen B.
Thanks so much for your comment bout My morning walks with God. I have not quit walking, just so busy have not been writng. Wil try to remedy that.


barbara jean.

Claudia said...

I'm going to take a guess and say it is a cover for a hanging light - perhaps a porch light?


Elyse said...

not sure what it is but it sure is a cool color. hmmm?

happy summer!


Beatnheart said...

I think that it is the bottom of a ceiling light fixture(because of the little dangle on the bottom)

Charlene said...

Love the little coin purse--I think I had one similar to that many years ago--I used it as a sort of "evening bag", lol.

I think the first thing is pull of some sort--it looks heavy to be a drawer pull, but maybe on a door--like a armoire or chiffarobe door?

Anonymous said...

Barb, a drawer pull?