Monday, June 14, 2010

Three Projects Finished

Nest Box, an order for someone.

inside nest box.

close-up of inside lid.

Framed Friends Collage, another order.

And a second Friends Collage, same order.

Short and sweet. Lots still left to do! =)

Here are a couple of my thrifty finds this week.
(oh, should have saved this one for Blue Monday!)

I love this metal box. It was a couple of dollars.
Would you believe I saw one at an estate sale for $10.00?
I thought I was paying a lot at $2.00!
And of course my sweet fella is saying,
"who on earth would pay anything for an old rusty box?".

How may of you would have bought it??

and this sweet treasure!
Anyone for a game??

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kpaints said...

Adorable work (play), looks like you had a lot of fun! My friend just pulled out an old lunch box in that rusty state....rust is good! She will either make something real cute out of it or sell it in her etsy. Rust is in!!!

Neabear said...

You do such great projects! I love how they all turned out. I am curious as to what you will do with the blue box. Hmmm....

Have a great week!


Creative Ambitions said...

Hi Barbara Jean! Love all your collages! I love the neutral tone you used in the ones I saw! And I gotta say... love the rusty metal box you found... you did good for 2 bucks!! :) Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!!

Kendra @ Creative Ambitions! said...

I love all three of your projects, but the take time box is so sweet!
as for the rusty blue box, I probably would have passed, only because I prefer wood. but it definitely has character!

Sue said...

Barbara Jean, You are just so talented- I love all of your work! I love finding rusty old tins and boxes and finding bargains is, indeed, a priority. Have fun crafting with them.
:-) Sue

One Cheap B*tch said...

These are great! I love the use of the sheet music paper!


den lille lade said...

Hi dear,
and thanks for showing your wonderfull boxes and pictures,-they are so beautifull all of them, you are so very talented.
The blue box, is a GREAT find,-gorgeus...
xo Dorthe

★All Thingz Related★ said...

Those are great!
Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related No.11!

Theresa said...

Love these! Beautiful work! Off to visit your shop ;)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful projects. I could design a room around any one.
I know what you mean about certain other people not seeing the potential in a rusty box. But give him time, he'll get it.