Sunday, June 6, 2010

A New Place to Shop

Vintage Crocheted and Knitted Baby Bib Gloves and Belts

Vintage Filet Crochet Lace Insertion Piece

Filet Crochet Insertion Piece
I wanted to share with you where I found my trim I needed.
It is

Material Pleasures

Dana has a lovely site with a variety of beautiful laces,
trims, and other vintage treasures.
A pleasure to visit.

After I ordered I got an email back from her right away
letting me know the status of my order.
Tomorrow morning my perfect trim will be on it's way.
and there are
No minimum orders!
I love that!!!

Dana is delightful, and I do hope
you will pay her a visit.
(and no, she is not paying me to say all this.
I was just impressed!!)

Blessings all.

barbara jean


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Thanks for sharing. I always appreciate finding new resources for locating materials for my projects.
Sweet wishes,

Linda said...

So glad you found your trim and sounds like a great resource! gullo

sissie said...

Thanks Barbara Jean, I can always use some more pretty laces.


clustres said...

Great to pass along our good experiences, I always say!
Glad you are feeling better after the bout with the flu!

Romeo said...

Thanks so much for sharing a great source for lace!! I'm off to go check it out!!!

Have a wonderful Monday!!!

Romeo and "her"

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Your baby shoes are just beautiful !!
Yay !! I am glad that you found your trim ~
I tried the link but it didn't work for me for some reason ~
Can you check it because I really want to go see :)