Saturday, June 12, 2010

oooh Sweet Treasures

Isn't this card too cute??

And look what's inside.

Some sweet trims from my friend Pat Winters.
She helped my find some trim I was looking for,
and then sent me this lovely bundle of trims to play with too.
(there is even the most delicate little piece of tatting).
(speaking of delicate, you should go see the
amazing things she makes.)

Thanks Pat!!
They're wonderful!!
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Dorthe said...

UHHMMM , such a lovely gift, love that old laces, too--happy creating with thise beautifull things.
xo Dorthe

vicki said...

that is an adorable card and that lace makes me swoon! Lucky girl - thats what you are dear Barbara!


Linda said...

That is just the cutest card ever! How sweet to send you some lovely trims to play with. Enjoy!