Saturday, June 5, 2010

Looking for Trim - FOUND IT!!!!!

Thanks Pat Winters at

She knew exactly what it was,
and I found it!!

Had to pay about 1.50 a yard,
(waaaay more than the .25 for several yards of it at a sale) =)
but I am thrilled to find it.

thanks Pat!!

Pat has a lovely site. She quilts, and writes, beautifully!

I'm off to make more Baby Shoe Bouquets.

I'm looking for some trim similar to what
the bow is made of on this little Baby Shoe Bouquet.

Can you see it?
(click to enlarge)
Hope that doe not make it too fuzzy.

Anyway, it is 1/8" sort of a cottony trim,
which hangs really nice and soft,
and tea stains up great.
It has a solid edge on both sides, but
would be OK to have a lacey edge too,
just needs to be small.

Of course I got this at a garage sale,
and have been looking for more ever since.

Anyone know where I can find something similar on line or otherwise??

thanks friends.

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Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my heavens, that is a precious baby shoe bouquet! I'll keep my eye out for that trim, it's lovely!

Hope you are having a great day!


Marilyn said...

Have you ever seen a Home Sew catalog? Here's a link:
They have some laces that may work and from what I used to order, very reasonable. Good luck! ♥♫

Pat Winter said...

Is it insertion lace? I can't see it very well but insertion lace would work great and dyes nicely.
Love the shoes.

Marcia said...

Not sure which of the trims you are referring too. The one that looks too wide at the top, the one with the button grouping or from what I can see there is something at the outside edges of the roses, but can't tell what it is.
Hugs Marcia

Pat Winter said...

Barbara Jean could I get your mailing address please????

:-) Pat