Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create Party!!

Thank you Karen Valentine for hosting this great event!!

Now, on to my creative space.

I do not have fancy, or matching shelving units,
although I would love to, and maybe someday I will.

And, I just sized down my class/art room,
from 12x22' to a 12x11' space,
so we could add more display to the store.
(that is where I do most of my creating, and teaching.)

Guess you know that means there is some serious purging,
and organizing going on, which is not close to being done.
But here is a bit of it, and some tips for using space well.

some before pictures:

What a mess!!!

So, here is my now 3x8' work table.
(was 3x14'!!)
This is in the middle of organizing,
but it is usually pretty messy with crafty stuff anyway.
(I am NOT a tidy creative person!) =)

I have wonderful room with two windows,
lots of white walls, and 4 full specturm light fixtures
on the ceiling.

Here is a wall of make shift shelves that are
not quite organized yet.
If you click on the picture, in the middle you will see an oldie but goodie.
It is a clock I painted in the early 70's.
Just one of those things you cannot part with.
And on it's shelf, my very own jack set from when I was a kid.

Here is the bit that is done.
organized my books and old calendars,
used baskets to hide things (I mean beautifully store items)

Here is another section I am working on.
And here is a bit of it almost done.
have to make labels for drawers yet.
Here is space saver idea:
There was a little bit of space above the Plasticine bins I was using.
I put a thin shelf across the top of them,
and it is just right for those little plastic bins
I keep some of my buttons in..

To the right of the drawers i put some lace.

I picked up these bins for 10 cents each.
They are great for storing misc. pieces.
I can see right in to what i have. Wish I had 20 of them!!

Another space saver idea:
Use peg boards on ends of cupboards.

And my paint holder is great!
My sweet fella made it for me.

another tip:
Make use of every little cubby hole.
See the space between my paints and the chipboard shelf?
papers fit perfectly in it.

And sheets of buttons fit between cupboards I have stacked two high.

And here is my favorite piece!
Love all those plastic bins,
they were FREE!!

And here are some of my favorite creations:

love making my own bird nests, and putting
them in and on unusual things.
My newest collage.
Box Nest
mini nest and cloche
Framed nests
flower nests
Oh, and pin cushions, and Scripture jars,
and a lot of other treasures.

And I would like to say,
It is not where you create,
or even what you create,
but it is doing it with your whole heart,
and enjoying it every step of the way.

Thanks for visiting my place today.

Blessings to you all

barbara jean


Dorthe said...

Hi dear,
yes it must be difficult getting less space, but it seems you are doing wonderfull things, when organizing your now smaller room-
I love the peg board idea, and old baskets for storage.
Thanks for showing.

Pat Winter said...

You have a wonderful creative space and I don't have matching stuff either so join the club,LOL. Love your creations. Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

I missed out! I love the "Bloggers Create" events. Thanks for letting me know.
Of course my creative space is not presentable for public showing
(I'd die of embarassment)
but your space is giving me wonderful ideas.
Thanks for sharing.

Claudia said...

I love your space, Barbara Jean! Your organization tips are great - I especially like using peg board on the sides of cabinets! Thanks for sharing your space with us.


stefanie said...

Its going to be perfect!!! so much space and storage! love what you have created....beautiful.

Lady Pamela said...

Very well said (your last comment) We should all take it to heart.
I did not participate this year but if you would like to have a look at my space here is the link -
(there are 3 seperate posts)

Lululiz said...

Fabulous use of your (reduced) space! I love how you have used the odd little spaces.
The creations you have shown are of course fabulous. I may have told you once or twice before, lol. I adore them.

Lisa said...

What a great space! It is comming along nicely! Now I know where you made the lovely treasures I have of yours!
Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

My stuff doesn't match, I just painted it all with the same color. Your things look great and all your creative treasures are gorgeous. My space is very small, but little is better that nothing. I love your peg board.
Hugs, Pat

DeeDee said...

Thanks for showing us your make suchlovely stuff...check mine out

I didn't make it by the dead line...:(..


No matter what the's alway nice to have our "Creative space" !!! I appreciate you showing yours.
Deb :)

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Dear Barbara Jean,
SO that's where you make all of the magic! I love the storage & organization ideas! Of course all of the sweet things you create & share with all of us are wonderful. Thanks for letting me peek inside your world. Lisa

Sue said...

You're well on your way to becoming the more organized person you want to be! I attempt to put everything in its place only to forget where it all got put! LOL Sometimes, it's best for me to be UN-organized!

Lovey said...

A studio is it! U r well on your way!!!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Awesome Barb! How do you get so much done! Ooooo free bins...great!
I am glad you showed and told. I chickened out in the end...just too much stress these has been inturruptive,,I know you know what I mean. Take care, many blessings, and my prayers to you and yours.
Has it stopped raining..

Rebecca said...

Hi Barbara Jean
It looks like you have made some good head way and things are looking good. It is hard to go from a bigger space to a smaller one. But sometimes it causes us to get rid of stuff we have been holding on to too long and that always feels good.
My very best to you sweetie and many blessings to you

Romeo said...

Miss Barbara Jean, you have made incredible progress and it is looking fantastic!!!! It would be almost impossible for "her" to downsize...I mean after all where would I be able to stretch out and nap??!?! Please always keep a little space open for me okay?! Even a pile of lace would be just lovely! I enjoyed seeing your new space and visiting!!!

Romeo and "her"


ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Barbara Jean,

Thank you for letting us tour your space. I've been where you are with the purging thing. If you survive it, and I know you will, it will be great and so nice to have it arranged. I, too, am a messy creator but that's the nature of it, isn't it? Good luck in your endeavor!


Gail said...

LOVE your space, but more importantly, you love creating in it, and that's what counts.....thanks for sharing it and also for visiting my blog!

IsabellasCloset said...

Hi Barbara Jean! So nice to see your creative space.
I'm not a tidy creative person at all! I have stuff all over the place in my studio and the rest of my small cottage too.
You are my kind of Gal! Love all I see here.
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

Candy said...

I'm almost tempted to show my creative space. Looks a bit--no a lot--like your before pictures. Stacks of stuff and sometimes I have to dig when looking for that 'thing' I know I have somewhere. When I get back from Paper Cowgirl this weekend I'm hoping to take inspiration from all the wonderful spaces the ladies are showing and o-r-g-a-n-i-z-e!!!
Loved looking through your brother's stuff...two of my favorite things...gardens & rusty things. Fab! Bro.
Monday Blessings ;-)

sweetpea said...

Hi Barbara Jean! Thanks for your lovely comment on my studio. Your studio will come together over time and be awesome. You are very creative. I love that first collage you showed. Very magical.



Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Barbara Jean,
You've inspired me! I really need to organize my items more thoroughly. I love those little bins, you can see everything in them and they're nice and neat. Thanks for sharing ~ Happy creating to you and I couldn't agree more, it's creating with your whole heart!!

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi there Barbara Jean, looks like you are making some progress..i have to say as much as it probably driving you crazy, it warms my heart to see someone else has a workroom in the works, as do i. some of these workspaces are so elegant and perfect and it's almost depressing to me when I look at mine..which is why I didn't share with everyone.
Have a great day!
Barbara Jean (yes we share the same name!)

Marianne@Songbird said...

Oh my downsizing in a craft room is never easy. We always want more room don't we. But by the looks of it, you are making good progress. I love all of your storage solutions!