Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Friend" Question

Blog Question

I have a question about the "Friends" boxes/pics on my sidebar
that are at the bottom of the follower lists.

What does that mean?
I see I have some 'friends', which I am most glad for. =0)

And I have a request from someone to be a friend?
sign them up as a fired?
They want my MSN?
What is all that??

Thanks, friends. =0)


barbara jean

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CC said...

Hi Barbara...
I'm not sure what it means either. I am a follower of your blog,but I don't know about the other part. Of all my followers,I've never been asked that question. When you find out..let us all know.

Sandi said...

Sorry I can't help you on this one. I don't even see the part you are talking about , but then I am on dial up so it could not be showing up for me. lol

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I am clueless to this too. I fear clicking any buttons for fear some Darling Dear will get a wrong message like HMM " I hate you go away "something I never meant to send What the heck are those friend things ???

Lynn said...

I don't see that on my end. I'd like to be your friend, however! (smiley face)

Anonymous said...

Barbara, all I have is "followers" whom I consider friends. I don't think that's what you mean though. Do you have a facebook or twitter account connected to your blog in some way. That's the only thing I think it could be. When I look at your blog, I don't see an area for "friends". I hope that helps a bit, friend!

Becs said...

Hi Barbara Jean, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my other blog (Forget Me not My Loves) I am so glad you stopped by. I am sorry you are having to deal with this terrible disease, it is easier when you have people to talk to that actually understand. Those that have never gone through it have NO IDEA! I Stopped by your other sites and love your art and treasures. I have a craft blog which is the blog I am following you under, and participate in Pink Saturday as well. I just have to say also that my oldest sister (who passed away several years ago from a brain injury that she lived with for many years and eventually took her life) was named Barbara Jean! She was a mighty woman of God and taught me so much about true faith in God! She taught me about Joy in ALL circumstances as well... Please stop back by just to say hi...I will be posting again on mom's blog, it has been a hard holiday season being the first without her. God Bless you...Becs

Sares said...

Hi Barbara! Thank you for stopping by Loveleigh Treasures to see me. Your pink post was pretty indeed, especially the beautiful ladies!

As to the "friends", it applies to Facebook I think. If you don't have an account don't worry about it, it's just another way for people to network online. If you do have one and you want people to be able to read your page, you need to invite them to be your friend and they invite you to be a friend so you can read their page.
I don't do this myself, i prefer the blog, it gives you more room to create.

Thanks again for stopping by and have a great evening!