Thursday, December 17, 2009


Someone please tell me how to do a mosaic?

photo mosaics, not tile,
although some day i want to do that too! =))

thanks and blessings

Barbara jean


Darla said...

I'll be back for instructions too!

Pink and Pretty Designs said...

what kindof mosaic? with glue & tiles or photos?

Neabear said...

I use program called Photoscape that I downloaded. I am able to make mosaics with it. It is a free download.

I think it is


marie said...

Hi Barbara Jean,
Thanks for entering my giveaway ~ and I agree about the purple frame. It wasn't anyone's color!!

I make my mosaics over at Big Huge Labs.
Here's the address:

I load my pics into Flickr and then work form there. Have fun making them.