Thursday, December 10, 2009

white matchboxes

anyone know where to get those little white match boxes people are using now to craft with?

I'd like to make my granddaughters some little things.

thanks and blessings

barbara jean


~Tonja~ said...

Here is a couple sites you might be able to make your own....

Sweet Blessings...

Glenda/MidSouth said...

If you have a Hobby Lobby, see if they have them in the bridal/shower/party section - just a thought.
Sorry - not much help.

ClassyChassy said...

Did you try ebay? or maybe etsy, if you look at 'supplies' - You could just try to make them.....??? You are so clever!

Rebecca said...

No clue, sweetie. They are darling though and you can make such great things with them.

Now...I so appreciate you coming by for a visit again. Your words and compliments mean so much to me. I LOVE what I get to do in my life and I hope it shows.

Love to you Miss B J~