Wednesday, December 24, 2008

After Christmas Sale Coming Soon

Christmas Sale

Advent calendar
pick one up for next year
only $2.00
Assorted wall decor and centerpieces.
half price! only $5.00

This is a mirrored centerpiece, about 18" across.
You can put glass balls ornaments in the middle, and it reflects the colors.
Or drape beadwork over it, or set a glass bowl in the middle.
Raise it up on a cake plate, and put a taller glass dish in the middle. Fill with sparkles and lights and glitz, and see it sparkle. It can be used all year long and is so versatile.
Was $15, now $5!!!!!
I even have the box it came in for storing it.

This is a corner of Christmas decor.
Items vary in price, but all are on sale.
The snowman canisters are gone. (we do have a cookie jar left, but it's not in this phohto)
Some items have sold already, but still a lot of beautiful things to choose from and at a huge savings!
I have 3 sleds still available too.

this MANN collector doll and her baby are available.
They are only $45.
This would make a wonderful gift for that special little someone in your life.
We will be taking a short break from everything as we head for Southern California for my mother-in-law's memorial service.
When we get back i will post, and catch you up on things

In the mean time, be planning for the
Christmas Clearance Sale
Jan 8-10 at the shop.

20-50% off Christmas decor

door prize, free magazines, kids fun pads.
Many items .50 and up.

we will be back to our usual hours Thurs - Sat, 12-6
Great buys available Jan 8th-10th
There will be a drawing.
Bring a friend and enter twice.
Thank you for all your prayers, support and encouragement this first few months of a new business.

You are all such a blessing to me.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family Photos

Here's our little cutie.

Rowan Zeve Renich

6 lbs 13 oz

19 1/2" long

Mama and baby doing great!

The Proud Parents.
Doesn't it look like Rowan is smiling, too?

And here is the whole happy family.

Not a very good picture, but you can see how happy they are. More photos to come, but i won't post all I took, promise. =0))

Friday, December 19, 2008

New Arrival Photos Tomorrow

Some things are just more important than more store photos.

So, tomorrow we will post photos of our brand new granddaughter!!
Arrived this morning, in spite of snow and ice.

Rowan Zeve. 6 lbs. 13 oz.

19 1/2" long. Beautiful little girl, and we all love her dearly already!!

Mama and baby doing fine.

Thanks for all your prayers.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Christmas Photos

Here's a nice Santa and Sled. He's sort of woodland-ish. (is that word?)
He has a Teddy with movable arms
and legs, packages and all the trimmin's.
I have vintage purses, (and some not so vintage) for your Christmas party this year.
The button frame was made by one of my students. All those buttons. All that gluing, and only $10.

Here's another Santa. He's about 12" tall, and all dressed in creams and golds. He is free standing.
The little vase to the left of him comes in several colors. They are adorable little bud vases, and only $2.25. Limited supply of these.
On the sewing machine table is another sled with candles in it, and a drawer of beaded ornaments. And below, is an artificial evergreen centerpiece. There are several throughout the store, and only $10 ea. (oh. let's put them on sale half price- $5.00 each. Just remind me when you come in as they are not tagged yet. =0)
There are wall swags that are similar to these also.

This Angel is absolutely gorgeous. You just have to click on her to see how she is made.
Fabric, glued on wood, then all those details are painted. Look at that face, and her wings!
Painted by an Oregon woman, and quite a treasure for $9.00 (yes, that's right $9.00!)
She is about 18" tall.

Here is a cute snowman cookie jar. Big enough to hold lots of Christmas cookies.

This is an interesting centerpiece. It is mirrors, and is about 18" across.
The glass bowl in the middle is a separate piece. Just an idea of how you could use it.
End of season special. Was $15, not $10. 1 only
Thanks for coming by.
we will be closed Friday the 19th for the birth of our 5th grandchild!!
Re-open Saturday at 10 AM, then closed for Christmas.
I will be around next week. If you need anything let me know, and we can make an appointment to meet over there.
Barbara Jean 688-5840

Monday, December 15, 2008

New, New, New!!!

Prayer and Encouragement.

I make these "Pearls of Wisdom" jars.
There are pearls in them, and a variety of Scripture verses printed on paper.
They are meant to encourage and remind you of God's promises.
They are about 4" tall and at $3.50 and make a wonderful gift for a friend or family member.
Limited supply till i find more jars.

These are some book marks I make with Scripture on them.
They are layer after layer of scrapbook and wallpaper.
They are 2x5" and have a silky ribbon at the top.
Again, a nice little gift for someone you love,
and a chance to encourage them with Scripture.

Both the bookmarks and Pearls jars are great stocking stuffers.

This beautiful tree top Angel is about 12" tall.
Please click on photo to see the wonderful detail on her.
Large Angel only: $12.

The ornament angels below go with her, but either can be purchased by themselves if desired.

They are about 5" tall and have a gold string to hang them. $4.00 each

These small Angels are rejoicing over the birth of our Lord,
as Mary and Joseph, and the little sheep look at the baby laying in the manger.

The Nativity is hand painted ceramic. Joseph is about 7" tall.

3 piece set $11.00

I pray you are knowing peace and joy as you celebrate our saviors birth.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tea Anyone??

I know Spring is usually the time we think about having teas, but I have a wonderful Christmas gift idea.
First, let me brag a little.
My daughter does layouts for Pine Hill graphics, a publishing company owned by her father-in-law.
She does amazing things on the computer to help make other peoples dreams come true.
I am so impressed and proud of her.
One of the things she worked on is a tea book, "Treasuring the Gift of Time" by Julie Loree Peterson.
It is a 125 page book with beautiful photos.
This wonderful book is full of ideas for decorating, games, crafts, recipes, projects, and planning fun teas for children. =0)
Everything from making pretty hats, to napkin rings, invitations, beaded doilies, centerpieces, button frames, and more.
We have limited copies of the book, signed by the author. What a wonderful gift for your tea time friends, children or grandchildren. Or maybe even one for yourself. =0)
So take a peak and see what you think.
You could give it in a gift basket along with a tea pot, tea cozy made of vintage fabric, and doily.
Add some teas, or hot chocolate to make it complete.
Tea book is $18.
Tea accessories available.
Prices vary.

Blessings on your day.

More Treasures

Here's an idea for those egg cups we don't use:
Put them on a cake stand, sprinkle bits of tinsel, pearls,
and/ or glitter around, and, instant centerpiece!
Advent calender house with little doors that open.
Lightweight cardboard. Sale $3.00

This is a very old rocking horse, but very cute with packages around it for display.
A lightweight grandchild could even ride it.
Still pretty sturdy after all these years. $60.
Kitty Ornaments. More of the Bradford Exchange Collector's ornaments we have available for $12 a set.
These are the only kitties.

Have to rush. Store opens shortly.

blessings on your day!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beautiful Gift/Centerpeice Boxes

OK, I got the other photos to load.

These two boxes are the newest I've painted.
Each measures 10x7x4.

The Snowman is painted only on the front,
with the snowflakes going all around the box.
$20. SOLD

This Holly and Berry box is just gorgeous, and is painted on all sides.
They both have wire and wood handles.
These are lovely centerpieces filled with pine cones, or small gifts,
or a wonderful way to give a gift box to a friend.
The "wrapping" is actually part of the gift.
1 more available:
The photos do not do these justice. They are both beautiful pieces.

More Fun and Beautiful Creations

This is part of a corner of Burgundy's and Gold's.
Click on photo to enlarge, and let me know if you have questions about anything.
This beautiful, old secretary belonged to my husband's grandmother.
We are not parting with that, but the glassware in it is available.
There are tea cups and saucers, sugar and creamers, candles, and little lavender sachets.

This jolly guy was not hand-carved here, but it was hand-painted by one of my students.
She did a wonderful job.

This bird cage may be a "re-run", but is a lovely piece.
The gold decor just sits in it, so you can take it out and fill it with decor for other seasons.

For some reason other photos did not load so will show you the newest lovelies next time.
Blessings on your day.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Great Giveaway!

There is a great Giveaway on Cindy's Romantic Home.!
She has a lovely print by Christie Repasy she is giving away in a drawing.
The purpose is to get the Romantic Living e-zine name out taht they are putting together. (comes out in March I think)

So hop on over there and enter. Maybe one of us will be fortunate enough to win that beautiful rose print.

Oh, and if i can figure it out, i will put the magazine on my blog so you can just click on it. I'm new at this, so be patient. =0))


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Geena or Deena?

This is a message to the person who left a comment on my vintage post.

It was something about the cure for cancer program.
Not sure i understood what it was and then somehow deleted it by accident'.

Please contact me again and tell me hat it was about.


Barbara Jean

Vintage Finds

Look at these adorable vintage baby dresses. They are in wonderful condition and only $6-11.
The little pink doll table and chair could be personalized with roses, a name, or What ever you would like.
It would make wonderful Christmas present.

How about this vintage purse, and lovely black gloves.
The bracelet is not vintage, but made by a Marilyn from Harrisburg. Beautiful beads, and crystals. Little lamp is available. too.


Well, I'm facing a litle frustration again with my computer.
Not sure why, but it won't let me load photos on my blogs.
My daughter will be here today, so I'll see if she can figure things out.

In the meantime, just know there are many new and beautiful items at the shop each week, and be sure to come by for a visit.

Blessings on your Day,
Barbara Jean

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun For Girls

I took some photos of our little girl pinks today. Lots of fun stuff here, from little girls clothes, to dress up, to decor.
On the top shelf is a vintage nurse music box. A very unique piece.

The cute little ceramic tea set has lavender flowers, and is a 16 piece set.
The tea pot is about 5" tall, and included in the set are 4 cups and saucers, 1 sugar, 1 creamer, and 4 dessert plates.
Just right for a tea party for 4.
(there is a closeup of the tea set later)

We have lamps, cradles, jewelry, and other little girl accessories that are not pictured

Let me know if you have questions about anything

Isn't this the most beautiful doll set you've seen? She is an 18" vintage MANN porcelain doll in original clothes. The set is $45 and would make an adorable Christmas gift for that special little girl.
There is also a vintage high chair available.

We have a line of little girls clothes by Mia Luna designs.
Size 6 months to 6 years.
These adorable jumpers can be worn as summer dresses, or with a blouse and pants or tights for winter. Laren takes special orders so if you need other sizes she can do that.
Better not wait till the day before Christmas though! =0))
The sign above the clothes is by Kathy, and we have several to chose from. She does exquisite work and were glad to have her in our store.
Hope you enjoy what you see. Come in for leisurely shopping and a nice visit.
Blessings this season as you Celebrate the birthday of the King.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Old Sled

Here is a photo of a very old and unusual sled.

It wouldn't hold up for any downhill races, but would be great sitting next to the fireplace or Christmas tree filled with gifts.

click on photo for closeup. $45

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beautiful Angels

Aren't these angel ornaments beautiful?
They are part of the Bradford Editions Collection we have at the store.
Each set has a certificate of authenticity.
Eight sets left, and we have a few individual ornaments of the same collection.
Sold separately or in sets.
$4.50 each
$15 in a set with Authenticity Certificate.
(not all have certificates)
There are several other styles to chose from including some Angels with kitties, sheep, and other animals.
They are adorable!
Click to enlarge photo.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Victorian Designs

I am having so much fun making these stockings, that i decided i need to "feature" them in their own little area at the store.
So today, in addition to cleaning house for company tonight, i will try to put together some other fu fu, white and cream, "somethings" for that new area.

So look for a surprise in the next day or two. We'll have new pretties.

Have wonderful Monday. Hope you have sunshine inside and out. =0)
Blessings, Barbara Jean