Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Creations

This is one of the new bird nests I made.
I put it in a frame with an old music page as the back ground.
I love this frame color!! (Mixed it and figured it out as there were no colors exactly like i wanted.)

Question: I can't decide whether to put something in the space at the upper right of the picture.
Maybe some buttons, or ?.
It just seems a little empty, but then I'm not a 'fill every inch of space" person either.
Oh, Oh! I know! How about a little piece of jewelry??? Worked well on my cones.

This is the back of my latest bird nest box. (remember the lavender jewelry box in my finds acouple of weeks agao? This is it.)
I made it like the one I had in the giveaway on this blog a couple of weeks ago.
I loved it so much, I decided to make another one, and put it in the store.
Not sure why i don't just keep it. Want someone else to be able to enjoy the labor of love i guess. =0))

This is the front of the box. Oh rats! I cut off it's bottom. Well, you can kind of see the bottom of the box in the pic before this. I loved how it was scrolly across the bottom.

I could not find the right medallion for the front of the box, so I used a piece of white trim.
I glued it on, then scruffed brown over it with a stencil brush, then gold. Then I dry brushed some gold here and there on the box, and even a bit on the eggs, to pull it all together.
You know, you just have to play with things until it is what you want. (thought about making it a darker color, but this is what i decided on.)

I am having so much fun with all my bird nests, and love using an old sweater i found and tore apart, and the cheese cloth, to trim them up, and fill their nests.

If anyone wants to know more detail about how I do all this I am glad to share. Just let me know.

I will have more pics tomorrow, or Monday, of the newest unique piece I did. I love putting the nests in unusual pieces, where people would not expect to see them. (you know, those birds will just a build a nest anywhere!!). =0)

Many thanks to Dawn at the feathered nest, for sharing all the wonderful ideas. I love the music paper as backgrounds. (I have another project coming up using it too.)

And, Thanks to Diane at Diane Knott's Musings, for all her help and encouragement every day.

These ladies both do the most beautiful work. Please drop by and see them.

OK, it's just past midnight. My other blog giveaway is officially closed.
I will have my granddaughters pick 2 numbers when they come for lunch tomorrow.

Barbara Jean

Not Many Mini's, Yet

I have someone who is interested in the minis I have.
So here are the two clocks, and a mini sewing basket.
Dimensions and all available on request.
This is miniature wood furniture I am clearing out.
( These are all purchased items except for the shelf which i made.)

There is a little jelly cupboard, which i usually fill with mini sewing items.
(for some reason that pic did not load, so will have to do it again.)

Some of the sewing things are: small button cards (I mean small. about 1/2" square.)
Embroidery thread, again only about 1/2" long. embroidery hoops about 1" around.
There's more too. That jelly cupboard is about 6" tall, and is very cute all filled with sewing items. All the mini items i listed before I hand made.

Other furniture: a rocking chair, school desk, the little box with the heart, and a blanket chest that has a lid that opens and closes.
Except for the heart box, all other furniture is sized to fit the little pieces of sewing and other things i made. (Or should I say I sized my accessories to fit in those pieces of furniture.) =0)

I will post the minis on Monday, or sooner if i can find time.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Barbara Jean


OK OK. So i go into a panic! but if I swore, I would swear that tutorial was not there when i just looked. Before Jan 31st all the pages were blank!

Now, thank you Lord, they are there, including the tutorial!! Must be some fast prayers out there!!

So, thank you for listening to me rant and rage.

If you want to see the tutorial it is around Jan 23rd, but here is no date on it. ( another why).
It is between the bird nest cones, and paper roses.


What would happen if i tried to copy it and post it more currently so it is easier to find. I still have people come by to look at it.

Thank you friends, for loving me even through my panic attacks. =0))

Barbara Jean


Mimi, from my family attic came by to check out my bird nest tutorial, and couldn't find it.
I figured she just didn't go far enough back (it was in January) so I went to see exactly where it is, AND IT IS GONE!!!! It is just nowhere to be found. I did not deleter it (haven't deleted any of my posts.) The one right before it telling i did it is there, but no tutorial! It ws on tow posts, and they are both gone.

Can you tell i am just sick about this??
I have my original notes, but i really changed things as i went so it would be the easiest to understand i could get it. Any of you who were with me then know it took me 3 hours to get it on there!!

Well, it certainly won't take me as long this time, as i have a learned a lot since then. And i have actually even simplified the making of the nests even more now. So, I will work at getting it all back together and do it again. For you all, and for me.

My concern: How did this happen? Has it happened before and i haven't noticed? And most importantly, how can i keep it from happening again???

OK, my computer wizard friends, HELP!!!!

Thank you, and blessings on your Sunday.

Hey, tomorrow morning i get to draw the winning names for the Barb's Treasures giveaway!!!

Midnight tonight is the deadline.

Barbara Jean

PS Don't worry, after i fume for awhile and rehash this several times, i will be OK. It is, after all, just words on paper. =0))

They just keep coming!

Glory Feathers is giving a free print for their giveaway.
Now I'm going back to check out the rest of their site.

Oops. Better get off to the store,and more bird nests. =0)


It's at the Farm Chicks, and it's a surprise.

Go on over and sign right up.

Lovin' this!!!!

smiles on your Saturday.


How many giveaways can i find in one day to share with you???

Well, at least two with beautiful prizes.

This one is at Shabby Roses and the drawing is March 4th.
Just click on the logo to take you to My Shabby Roses.

Enjoy your second Saturday Gift from me. =0)))))

A Beautiful Giveaway!!!!

Giveaway Though it will lesson my chances of winning a beautiful sachet, I am passing on this info on. =0)

Sonia Crouse is of Vintage Rose Designs is giving away a beautiful laveder scented sachet she has made.

Hurry on over and enter.

This is my Satuuirday gift to you. =0)

Barbara Jean

Pink Saturday!!

Pink Saturday
Click on blog site name to get there.

Join us for Pink Saturday!!! Sponsored by Beverly.
Click on the Pink Saturday Sign to see other beautiful picks!!!

See my Pinks below.

Pink Saturday

This is a beautiful pink tea set from the shop.
It is not a full size set, but only about 2 1/2" size tea cups. Oops. Just saw i cut off the tea pots top. Sorry about that. Wrong pic. =0))
I am selling it at the store for $25. (oh, is that OK to say on pick Saturday?)
This a beautiful pitcher/vase my husband's Aunt (who is now with Jesus) painted.
She was a world renowned China Painter, and traveled all over to teach.
Such beautiful work, and we are so blessed to have a couple of her pieces, and a bracelet.
Oh, should have showed you that. Next time.
This is the black and pink area at the store. It's what you see first thing when you walk in.
Lovely painting, baby dress, child's jean dress, jewelry box, black cosmetic purse and more. Sooo fun to gather all these things for the store. (should gather some for my house!) =0
And this is the best pink of all! This is our little grandbaby Rowan, born Dec 19th.
She doesn't see her grandpa as much as she sees me, so when he was holding her she wouldn't smile or anything. She just stared at him like, "who are you???".
She's a sweetie, and the guy holding her is my sweetie of 40 years!!!

Blessings to all of you on this wonderful Saturday!!

Barbara Jean

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

Did a little thrifting yesterday and found these few things.
I love wood pedestals! They are so versatile.
Perfect for display, bird nests, to put a cloche on......
The wire basket on the top will be a versatile piece also. You can display doilies, put a bird nest in it, Put moss and twig balls in it.... or anything you want.

Reminds me of a garage sale i went to. I asked what a particular thing was used for, and the guy sitting there (smarty guy) said "you can use it for whatever you want". I guess you know now i just say 'I know I can use that for whatever I want, but what was it originally meant to be used for?" The guy was just giving me a hard time, and i gave him a hard time back. That's one of the things i love about garage sales, you can just go and have fun, even if you don't find anything.
OK, back to the pics. The black metal piece sitting on the pedestal, (not a good pic I know), is to put a bird nest in.
(do you hear me saying bird nests a lot??) I'm lovin' them and having so much fun.

OK, the music books. Aren't they great? I had a hard time controlling myslef when i found those. I see all the stuff other bloggers are buying and using for their projects, and selling the books themselves, I had a hard time not buying more.
They are 1" think, and about 11x15", and they were only $2.50 each!! They are very old, but no smell and harldy worn except the edges. I had all 6 in my cart at first, then went back and put some back, and then decided to only get two, and some little ones not in pic. Just don't know how much luck i would have selling them.
A heavy duty glass dome, the size for a cheese plate, but i just use them on those wonderful pedestals.
Another pedestal, a candle stick, a pot, silver dish, ivy metal piece (probably the backdrop for another nest) =0), a new white wire rack for card display (I make my own cards, and have ladies who make them for the store), and, two little Easter treats. Whew!! For not much stuff i sure did a lot of talking. =0))

Barbara Jean

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flaunt Your Red Friday!!!

It's Flaunt Your Red Friday!!

Click Here, to take you to
for more exiting Red!

This is part of the Teddy Bear Tea Tablscape I did for today.
This is part of the centerpiece for that tea.
And here is my red coat!!!
How is that for red???
OK. That';s all my red. Just found out about it so did not have much time to prepare.

Blessings on your day,
Barbara Jean

Tablescape Thursday.

It is Tablescape Thursday, so please visit my post below, and go to:
Between Naps on the Porch for more beautiful Tablescapes.

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

Teddy Bear Tea Tablescape

Today's table scape is for the bears (as opposed to the bird's last week).
This is a close up of the centerpiece.
And here is an overall view of the centerpiece area.
I like adding a clock to my tablescapes as a reminder that time goes by too fast,
and to always take time for fun!
This is a close up of one of the tea place sets.
These plates are about 4" around, and I actually just borrowed the spoon from the sugar bowl to put next to the plates. This set comes with a 4 piece place setting, a tea pot, sugar bowl, creamer, and two spoons. (I guess the Teddy Bears share the spoons.) =0)
The 'place mat' is just a piece of torn gingham. Teddy Bears don't so much care about things being perfect, and new. They just want you to invite them over.
People are that way too.
This is a repeat of the view of the centrepiece area. (sorry, couldn't figure out how to delete it once it was there.)
This is a close up of the Bear Hugs Book.
It is filled with cute little sayings, poems, and Scripture.

Here is an overall look at the table.
I added the buttons for color, and the scrabble tiles for their name. I left a few floating around so they could play while they waited for their tea. You can see they have already made some little words.

Thank you for sharing my little Teddy Bear Tea Tablescape with me.

Blessings on your day,
Barbara Jean

Bird Nest Giveaway


Go over to Barb's Treasures to sign up for my 100th post giveaway.

You may win a bird nest, or a wonderful Jellybath".

Closes midnight the 28th and drawing the next morning.
Just leave tow thins you are thankful for and your name goes in the drawing. Post it on your blog and enter twice. (you can copy my bird nest pic to your site if you'd like).

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A beautiful Giveaway!!

Go here:

for a look at some beautiful jewelry, and a giveaway.

Barbara Jean

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday Finds!

Saturday Finds

Can you believe all these treasures? All from one estate sale on Saturday.
These are all vintage pieces: 4 hankies, 4 embroidered pieces, a tablecloth ready to be embroidered, two yards of linen, and lace and crocheted trims. I also picked up the old scissors, and that great rusty trowel!
(I love rust!) =0)
You will not believe the prices either. All this for $4.50!!!!! It wasn't even half price Sunday!

The glassware was part of some given to me by a friend, to put in the store. (I love cream pitchers, and may have to keep that for me.)

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean


Here it is.
Wonderful treasures from Cathy at:

Monday, February 23, 2009

2 Giveaways!!

Check these out for giveaways:

Deena''s Story

Good Luck!!

Store Pics

Good morning all.
Thought i would start Marvelous Monday with 3 photos.
I am going to get set up with Pay Pal, and just seeing what interest there is in buying on line from the store.
(You can click on the photos to see better detail).
In this first pic you'll see some berry garland draped across the back of the display.
I have only 4 of these, 5-6' long, for $6.00.
Jewelry box in the front right is $15.00
That cute little black 'purse' is actually a cosmetic bag. ( I think it would make an adorable purse, too!!) It has hard sides, is one compartment inside, and small enough not to lose everything in.
Just right for that night on the town. only $8.00.
I have 4 vintage baby dresses ranging from $6-10.00.
This is a pic of the little girls area of the store.
I guess having 3 (oh, make that 4 now) granddaughters, I just can't help buying pretty pink little girl things.
The dolls are collectible porcelain by Mann. I love the doll with the matching doll!!
I've lowered the price on these to $45, in hope some little girl will be able to enjoy them.
Told you I love pink girly things!!
Here is a vintage vanity i repainted and added a new skirt to. It has the curtains that swing back to expose a little drawer for her "necessities". The vanity and matching bench are $85. (sold locally only.
We have brush and mirror sets, vintage lamps, dress up purses, and 'bling' for those special outings. =0) various prices.

I love ballet treasures, so there are a few of those also.
Ballet prints, baby ballet shoes, signs, and more. Even little hand crocheted bags (made by my Mom) to carry their ballet shoes to class!!

Hope you have enjoyed the tour of a little bit of the store.
Please let me know if you have questions, or comments about anything.

Blessings on this Marvelous Monday.

Barbara Jean

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun New Place to Visit

Just found a new blogger via the Painted Nest, and love her things.
Go take a look!!!

the willow rose

She has lovely, fresh ideas, and of course, bird nests!!!!

Blessings on your day.

(Oh, New bird nests coming here soon, and I am signing up for Pay Pal, so you will be able to order on line.)

Anyone give me some feedback on ETSY, or other sales sites i may want to try??

More Blessings, =0))

Barbara Jean

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Go to Barb's Treasures for another giveaway!!

I just did my 100th post on my other blog, so having another giveaway.
Go on by and check it out.

Barb's Treasures

Barbara Jean

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Giveaway!!

Here is a giveaway for some Fairy Dust.
(we could all use a little of that) =0)

Angie has a cute blog too.
She loves Flea Market finds like I do.

Blessings on your day.

(Oh, be watching my other blog for the giveaway, but sign up too soon!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A great giveaway!!

Hop on over and see Theresa's great giveaway at:

Time Worn interiors:

Amazingly wonderful treasures!!


Barbara Jean

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Building a Tablescape

this is a card table in the corner of our family room.
(fabric and lace can make anything look good.)
I was doing a black and cream tablescape, so next, I draped some black fabric on it over the lace.
(this is a scarf i wear, and the fringe was so fun). The other piece of fabric is one i bought to make pillows out of, and haven't gotten to it. =0)
Next add your dishes, silver, napkins, and wine glasses. (notice the polka dot ribbon on the glasses?) I love a bit of whimsy!
Finish with memorabilia, and a bit of black ribbon on the vines above the nest.

That was a quick over view of the basics.
Next post has all the details.


Bird Nest Tablescape

Here is my first tablescape ever.

You have to know right up front that i am not a fancy table person.
I figure if i get the food from the grocery store to our plates, in any fashion, I'm doing good.

I have to say though, I did really enjoy putting this together. It was so fun i may do another one.

Since i am so into bird nests right now, thought i would make that the theme of my tablescape.
And, since i am also into black and cream at the store, thought that would work perfect.

You may recognize the little bird nest on the plate, as it is the giveaway from a few posts back.

The dishes are special to me, not because they are fancy, or expensive, but because my Mom and Dad bought them for me. i saw them at a garage sale this summer and I talked myself out of getting them because i had plenty of dishes. Mom and Dad went back and got them for me.
My first ever 12 piece setting that actually matched. Who knew i would be using them for a tablescape!! They were perfect!

The silver was my husband's grandmother's. One of the few things we have that was hers.

The napkin is gathered up with a button attached.
Recognize the centerpiece nest?

It is the one i showed you for the tutorial.
I have added some cheesecloth, and pearls, and put it on a metal flower pot holder.

The little shoes we got when we went to my husband's mom's memorial. They were Scott's. We were so thrilled to have them. It is one of the few things we have from his childhood.
Inside we found a little piece of very worn paper with a lock of hair from his first haircut.
What a treasure.

The clock with the rhinestones is one i have had forever, and just love the glitz it adds to the table.
The baby picture is of me at 3 months old.
The picture on the right is one i did up for the store, but felt it fit in nicely.

It was so fun gathering things up for the table.
Here is a close up of the little nest. I love the contrast of the black and cream.
And the little sign that says "this cozy place is for you."
Here is an overall view of the table.
a quiet table for two in the corner.
Doing this tablescape reminded me of several things.

How we can use things we already have to create something unique and beautiful.
The clock reminds me that we should slow down and take the time to enjoy what God has created.
The little shoes remind me that my grandchildren will grow quickly, and to enjoy each moment with them.
And the nest, well, think of the safety God promises us under the shadow of His wings, and how He takes care of the birds of the air.
And He will take care of us.

I hope you enjoyed my first tablescape, as much as i did putting it together.


Barbara Jean

Flea Market Treasures

These are some of the treasures i found at the flea market on Sunday.

The embroidered pieces will be used to craft with, as they have several stains and torn places on them.

The little box in the front has two drawers. I think perfect with a pincushion on top, then put your little things in the drawers. You know, extra pins and needles.

I got a few frames, and about 15 mattes for $4.00! Bird nest pictures in the frames, and something down the road with the mattes.

Can you see the two brass lamp bases in the back? Can you believe 2/$1.00!!!!
They are all patina'd, just waiting for that special project. I thought maybe a nest, no not quite it.
Pincushions?? No. Think I'll look for a brass plate to put on the top and make them into serving or display pieces. Yes!! That's it!

I bought an old silverware box, and it had some of the silver in it.

The little light base on the left would house a bird nest nicely, and the stencil cards, well, they will soon be part of a project too.

So there. A fun day with a friends, and treasures too. What more could a person want.


Barbara Jean

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Salesman's sample, maybe?

Someone suggested the 'razor', with no sharp blade, may be a salesman's sample that he carried to show perspective customers.

That may be it.

Any other ideas??

Thursday I am doing my first Tablescape, so watch for that, and a listing of others who do them.
Some pretty fancy, cute, and simple ideas to have fun with.

Mine will be a bird nest table for two in the corner.


Good guesses

So far the closest guesses are some kind of shaving thing.
That's my guess, too.

The problem is, there is now way to put a blade on it that i can see.

Someone that came into the store the other day said maybe a practice razor for a boy just learning to shave. Well, what do you think?
Awfully nice for that, and where were those when i learned to shave my legs eons ago??
Could have saved a lot of band aids!! =0))

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

Monday, February 16, 2009

What is it? What will it be?

What is it??

Any one recognize this??

More to come in future posts.

(you can whisper in my ear if you know.)
OK. bottom left hand corner of this cabinet.

PLEASE. Tell me what it is???

I really don't know.
Blessings and smiles,

Barbara Jean

New Jewelry Pieces

Marilyn, my jewelry lady, from Harrisburg, has brought in some new pieces to share with us.
These are beautiful, high quality necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with Swarovski crystals in them.
I love this piece. I do not wear a lot of pink, but i do wear a lot of browns. You could wear this lovely necklace with either. I love the toned down colors.
These two bracelets have a bit bigger beads than the others she has brought in.
I must say, i am so partial to pink right now, even though i do not wear it much. =0)
These two bracelets are adjustable.
Marilyn specializes in tea jewelry, so she has some wonderful pieces for gifts to your tea loving friends.
These pieces range from $15-$35, and are more beautiful than these pictures make them look.

More "*eye candy" coming soon. (*Love that saying.)=0)

Barbara Jean

Prov. 3:5,6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
Acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will direct your paths."

Friday, February 13, 2009

Found someone new!

I've just discovered a wonderful blog, and ETSY site.

My new friend is Angela Harris.

She makes incredible crepe paper roses, and cute tags.
And she is so affordable. I am getting some tags to use at the store,
and ordering some other cute things, too.
Not worth the time for me to make my own tags when hers are so cute,
and I can have more time to craft then. =0))
She even did up some bird tags for me!!

OK friends, go check her out.
You'll love her!!

Barbara Jean


My prize came!!!!

Isn't this a cute bunny planter?
It was my prize from Nanna's Place.
And how perfect is this?
My friend brought me a primrose Tuesday night,
so i don't even have to go buy a flower for it!!

Thank you Helen.
You blessed my day.

Blessings to all my friends out there.

Barbara Jean

PS Be sure to go visit Helen at Nanna's Place.
She has a lovely blog, sharing a bit of everything,
but mostly her sweet spirit. =0)