Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pearls Jars Tutorial, and Fun Finds

Some vintage treasures.

Fun finds.
(would you leave the little girl alone, or spray her white?)

Looking for tea pots for our soon to open
Tea & Treats at the store.
I fell in love with this one.
Even paid the whole $4.99 for it!
Minus my 10% honored citizen discount. =)

And I am doing the Happy Dance on this one.
I call them "Hot Pots".
They heat water in 1 or two minutes.
Perfect for our new tea thing going on.
New in store- $30 and up.
New at Goodwill- $5.00!!!
(and did you see it is a Braun?)

Here is a little tutorial for you.

I call these Pearls Jars.
The label is:

Pearls of Wisdom,
Encouraging Words
from Scripture.

Little jars filled with scripture quotes.

Here's what you need:

small jar with wide opening at top.
(this jar is about 3 1/2" tall and 2" across)

various pearls from broken necklaces
small wire to go through the pearls
scripture and label printed out on paper
(I have used light weight brown paper, and parchment paper.)
small piece of lace or trim
glue stick

I type the label out in word, and make them the size I need.
Typing out the Scripture is a two fold blessing.
First looking up encouraging verses,
and then second typing them out.
You can even get a 3rd blessing if you read
them again when you roll them.
(oops. getting ahead of myself). =)

OK, now you roll them.
(no pic, sorry)
I just use a toothpick at one end and roll the paper around it to the end.
Then I unroll it once with my fingers.
That way they are not tiny rolls in the jar.
If they are, the first time someone takes them out and
reads them they will not all go back into the jar.
(did you understand that?) Hard to explain.

Now the pearls.
If you just lay them in the bottom of the jar,
and someone has to turn the jar over to get a paper out,
the pearls would just spill out.

So, I twist a pieced of wire and add the pearls to it.
to do this:
make a little twist at the end. That keeps the pearl from falling off.
Then place a pearl on.
Next, twist the wire a couple of curly Q's.
This can just be done loosely around the toothpick.
Add next pearl, and keep repeating.
The wire should be about 1' long, and i use two of them per jar.

Put the pearls in to jar, then add scripture papers.
Add a little trim around the top.
Again, I keep the trim simple, as I do on the Ps 139 jars.
And there you have it.

This can be easily adapted for special occasions.
Say verses about children for a baby shower.
Trim the jar up with appropriate colors.
Even use pink pearls.

How about one for Mom's Day.
What she has been to you, or verse from Proverbs 31.

A general jar on love, or friendship.

Have more ideas?
Please share.
And if you do one up, please let me brag about you here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Old Lilac Tree

This is our lilac tree.
It is over 40 years old.
(not sure how old it was when we planted it.)

I did not take this pic at an angle.
This is the way the tree leans.
Each year a little more.

Here it is just starting to blossom.
Each year, for a brief season,
we enjoy it's fragrant blooms.

This is what the inside of some of the limbs look like.
Yep, it's an old tree,
and it's rotting away.

One day it will be gone.
We are enjoying it while we can.

Please visit Outdoor Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by,


barbara jean


Mostly White Wednesday, Braggin', and What I'm Workin' On

Aren't these wonderful?
I got 5 of these beautiful, huge doilies and table clothes,
in assorted sizes and shapes, at a garage sale.
Two are very big, oblong table cloths,
and one is hand crocheted and looks like it has never been used.

These were only 50 cents each!!!!
Bet you know I was doin' the happy dance,
as I nonchalantly took my $2.50 out of my purse.

I'm braggin' on my friend Tina and her great idea for a card.
(click to see it close up)

What I'm workin' on:
A new display room,
and cutting my work room in half!
Will I be sorry?
Time will tell. =)

In process:

I'm braggin' about getting organized!
Purging, and cleaning, and organizing.
Who'd think I'd be enjoying it all so much. =)

Got 4 of these little plastic trays at a garage sale for 10 cents each.
Kept shifting them around in the craft room,
thinking eventually they would be useful for something.
Started to throw them out a couple of times, but,
look, they are perfect for some of my little trinkets I craft with.
Moral of the story:
Don't ever throw anything out!!!
Just kidding. =)

Blessings on your day

Barbara Jean

OK, here is the lowdown friends.
Due to back, arm and neck problems,
I must limit my computer time.
So I will be bouncing back and forth between visiting,
doing regular posts,
and doing and special theme days.
Since I will not always have time to go link up to the special days,
I would really appreciate if you would just visit some of
these places on my side bar on their special days.
They go to a lot of work to set these up,
and they are really fun, and they expose us to a
world of things we would not otherwise see.

So go do some visiting and be sure to thank the wonderful hostesses.

I'm joining these ladies for special days on Wednesday.


Hugs and smiles b

Sweet Goodies From a Friend

I wanted to share with you the package of goodies I got from a friend lately.

She actually won one of my drawings,
and the prize was my vintage baby shoe with a nest in it.

Well, she sent me the sweetest package as a thank you.
(I think it was almost better than the prize she won.) =)

Here are some goodies:

Little wire paper clips...
Oh, and look, even the box was so fun!
She wrote all over it.
Get well wishes, take care of myself, and more happiness.

And here are the other goodies.
Two pairs of baby shoes for me to "vintage" up.
(Go HERE for instructions)
A sweet, sweet stamp, scrabble tiles in a jar,
and a candle.

And look at this....

This was her card and note to me.
What a great idea!
Be sure to click on pic to see it better.

Oh, guess I'd better tell you who it is.

My friend Tina, at Patina Marie.
She has a sweet blog, and if you go over now,
you can wish her happy birthday, and
see her trying on birthday hats. =)

Happy birthday girl,
and thanks for such a sweet package. =)


barbara jean

Monday, April 26, 2010

God Answers Prayer and Birthday Fun

Sunshine and flowers for you,
and many thanks too!

Thank you to all who prayed yesterday about my newly injured back.
I am better today, and got some more work done at the store
in readiness for our new room, and Tea & Treats coming soon.
The enemy is great at trying to slow us down and get
us off track when we are doing God's work.
I just decided not to let him have his way.

Now for a birthday story.

April 2nd was my sweet fella's birthday.
He sweetly made a little list for us all.
Small things, so the kids could get something if they wanted.
The day of his birthday my plan was to take him over to the golf course
and let him choose what he wanted, just to make sure I got him the right things.

Well somehow we ran out of time. No big deal.

But, when I got home from the store at 6.....

Here he was, greeting me with the gifts
I bought for him for his birthday!

He says, "look hon, what you got me for my birthday."
Big smile on his face.
I am bursting out laughing.
This is so great!

So, he showed me his new golf handle.
"Just the one I wanted!"
Then he said "and look what else you got me.."
and showed me the two 'wrapped" (and I use the term loosely
cause that is how they were wrapped).
I am laughing my head off now.

Then he showed me the note I wrote to him for his birthday.
Can you see what it says?
"Blessings and Happy Birthday Scott.
Love Barb"

And that is exactly what I would have written.
He had a great birthday, and we
had more fun than if I had gone shopping and
wrapped them all up myself.
What a guy!!!

Blessings to all of you!

barbara jean

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Sunshine for You and....a Prayer Request

Here is a furry friend....

And some Sunshine sweetness...

a prayer request..again.

Woke up feeling 'fluish' this morning.
Bad headache, and achy all over.
Rested on couch.
Then, got up off couch, and....

pop, pop, pop.

It was my back!
Now I can hardly stand up.

I'm resting today, and hoping to
be back at my shop working on the new room tomorrow.
Still need to paint walls, and lay new carpet,
along with a myriad of other smaller things.

Thanks for your prayers.

Hope to be back here soon, too.

Blessings to you all, and have a great week.

barbara jean

PS I am not discouraged.
'The Lord gave me the vision for the new room and
Tea & Treats,
and He will see me through,
in His time.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sincerest Apologies!!!!

To all of you who hosted Memes and parties this week that I participated in:

I completely forgot when I did my Ps 139 Tutorial on the previous post,
that when you do memes you are not supposed to list that your things are for sale!
I totally forgot!

My blog friend, Vicky, had ordered one of the bottles, and so I did hers, did the tutorial, then automatically mentioned the ones left for sale.

Please, to any of you wonderful hostesses that may have had to delete my name from your list because of that, I understand, and sincerely apologize, and will try to remember in the future.

You are all so wonderful to host the special days, and parties, and I would never dream of bending the rules on purpose.

Blessings to all,

barbara jean

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Ps 139 Tutorial

Supplies needed:

bottles- I have used 4" to 7".

Printed copies of Ps.139:17,18
(I love to use different fonts for these)

another background paper
(I have used music paper, stained paper towels,
coffee filters, or any other paper I can find.)

Glue- glue stick, tacky, mod podge, mat medium all work.
hot glue gun for lid

ink pad and brush for dry brushing edges.

old lace trim, buttons, tiny sea shells

(the paper used here are a coffee filter,
and some paper I found on a roll at a sale.
I crumpled it up and stained it.)

Tear paper with verse on it,
and tear paper for background a little larger.
Use your bottle size as a guide..

Dry brush both pieces of paper.

Adhere background paper, then scripture paper.
Wipe off around paper where glue has smeared around.

Fill jar with sand.
(do not forget this step.
It is hard to do with lid on) =)

Find a button or two for the 'lid'.
Buttons with shanks work best. No holes =)
Choose one that is at least as big as top of bottle.

I hot glue the larger one on, making sure
hot glue goes entirely around edge to seal sand in.
Then add a tiny sea shell, or smaller button on top of it.

Trim with old lace, ribbon etc.
I do not fancy mine up much.
I like the simplicity of them,
and want the word and message to be the main part of it.
(although I am thinking a little cheesecloth,
or some of my teabag roses might be nice).

Here are some I have done in the past:
(sorry, all sold)

Round bottles.
Hard to find.

Small bottle framed version.
(adapting when I cannot find the larger bottles)
I have another in the works.

Here are some finished.

Still trying to get over this back neck thing. UGH!!
Hopefully another tutorial coming soon.

"Pearls of Wisdom"
Little jars with Scripture inside.

Frugalicious Friday
Victory of the Week
Finished For Friday

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Please click on pics on side bar to join in.
Thanks to all you wonderful ladies for hosting!!

Thanks for all your kind notes and prayers.

OH!! If you do any bottles using my tutorial,
please let me know so I can show them off here!! =)

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