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Friday, October 30, 2009

Some New Art for You

Today, in the midst of racing around getting ready to leave for a few days,
I did manage to finish some original art I was working on.

It was inspired by a small box of dried out leaves (just the skeletons left).
I've had them for months,
and suddenly I had a vision of how to use them.

This is my finished piece.

I'm putting this one in the gift shop,
and have enough to make one more.

While we are on vacation, I will look for some more 'skeletons'.

I'm linking this to
Funky Junk's
Saturday Nite Speical.
Take a look and then join in!!

Thanks for coming by.

See you all in a week.


barbara jean

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here is some old old black for you,

and some not quite "Get R Dones"

Here is some black for you.

You never know what you will find while out walking.
When I saw this...
I knew it was the perfect Vintage Black Friday Treasure.
(it really was black, just looks grayish green in pic).

ooh! oooh! oooh!

More black!!

This was my lucky week for vintage black finds.

a vintage cookbook, and a photo album (only .25!). =0))

a cool old dustpan.(I know a great artist out there who would be painting on this!) =0)
and coolest of them all.....

this old metal train!!
Here it is with the car i got with it.
Don't know if they go together.
Second car has (written on the bottom,)
"Mar Toys, Made in United States of America".
It is missing two back wheels, but is still mega cool!

My Get R Done

I have a lot going on at the store.
Lots of unfinished projects.
Rearranging furniture, putting up displays,
sorting inventory, crafting and more.

But here are some things that I did get done.

I laid on this bed....

and let this girl...

Give me a massage.
( a gift certificate from my sweet fella last Christmas).

I took these two sweeties,
(my sweet son-in-law, and youngest granddaughter)

along with these two...
(our grandson, and my sweet fella)

and the rest of the family,
(8 of us all together.)
out for our weekly 99 cent yogurt on Wednesday night.

Now, I'd say i accomplished quite a lot.
Wouldn't you?? =0))

smiles and blessings,

barbara jean

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I will be unable to post for 1 week.
So, don't forget me, but check on back
on the 8th for more fun here!!

hugs and blessings

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm trying to find out about this pitcher.

It is a good 14" tall!
and heavy!

I've been looking it up on line but found nothing yet.

anyone a Fenton expert??

=0) bj
Is it just me, or has blogger drastically changed something since this morinng?
When i hit the button to go to one of my followers site, it comes up
a white box, with their follow list in it, or some other info.

and i have info gone from my blog list.

any input into this?

thanks bj

A mix of old and cheap!!

Some cool goodies:

These area all from our day trip last week.
We found the best thrift store.

What is it?
That stained box in the top left area. It has a lift off lid, and copper punched front. Know what it might have been for? Salt box??

Other goodies:
another flower frog, old stariner, 2 old tin match holders.
a teal bird cage, 2 old wood, sock darners,
a little broom for ?,
a beaker, old pic, silver sugar bowl,
and candle holder. (in back behind cage).
Oh, and I almost missed the beautiful little pearl and gold box in the front.

Love these:

old movie reels, a trivet,

old tins, some glass flower frogs,

silver trims, and a bit of a change purse.

and wait till you seen them cream and antiqued!

Another box of hinges.
Can you believe it?
What is it with me and hinges?

Anybody want to buy some?? =0)

Kathy from
concrete n primroses had this idea:

make bugs out of them for your planters!!

How cute is that?

These are my

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Thanks for joining in.
Please go visit all the other thrifty bloggers out there.

Thanks to Leigh and Suzanne for hosting!!


barbara jean

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Little of This, and a Little of That.

Here is my Wednesday post.

White Wednesday

This is my new "white" hutch for the store.

Does it look white to you??

No. It doesn't look white to me either.
But it sure did int he ad on Craig's List when i emailed
and told the people i would take it.
So, imagine my surprise when i walked in and saw it was green!
So, this is now my new 'green' hutch in the new room.

White pumpkins
(at the shop)

Now here is some real white stuff.
an old clock.

some vintage metal hangars.

some sideways gloves and threads in a bowl.

a cuteleter holder and little vintage purse

and a white frame and basket.

Here is my Rednesday.
Just a little bit of red.

an old red padlock.

And these little mini red apple tea sets.

(on sale now. Let me know if you are interested.)

and Outdoor Wednesday

My Egret friend was back for a couple of days.
Wonder where he does the other days?

And I'd like you to meet Charlotte.
She hangs out in our front yard.
She did not want her picture taken,
and scurried up her web while i was getting my camera.

I'll see if i can get a better picture another time.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week.

Barbara jean

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

Three or More Tuesday
Thanks for hosting Tam.
Be sure to visit Tam at the Gypsy's Corner for more Three or Mores.

Here is something maybe you have not seen before.

An old pair of screw on earrings with IKE spelled out in silver.
Think I'll check 'em out and see if they are of any value.
I guess they would be from the 50's.

And, for you fancy tea drinkers,
how about a Gondinger silver tea strainer.

Talk about fancy.

I'll be checking on the value of this too.
Isn't it beautiful?
Love these unique pieces.

Three or More

old books

This is the inside of the tan leather book in the bottom left hand corner.
I just love these old worn books.

Three or more....

Kids Old School Papers

I have probably saved about 15 assorted papers and hand made books
the kids did when they were young.

It's fun to go through them once in awhile.

A story written by our daughter.

art work and a story by our son.

(sorry this is sideways.)

A Mother's Day Card from my daughter.

Hope you all have aonwederful Tuesday.


barbara jean