Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My "New" Dolls

 I hit the jackpot at the flea market Sunday.
I got a whole box of 1950's/60's dolls.
The one above had no markings on it,
but I was told it looked like a Revlon Doll.

This doll is wood, with a porcelain head.
Jointed so she poses several ways.
I think she was made in Japan.


 And this is Cinderella Madame Alexander.

She is listed up to $250 on line, no worries,
she will not be anywhere near that at the store. =)
This is "Little Miss No Name"
She listed for $65-$195 on line!!

And here is an assortment of 5" Porcelain jointed dolls.
No clue what they are worth...any one know??

Joining Knick of Time Tuesday.
Thanks for hosting angie,
and thanks for visiting all of you.

blessings all

PS you can find pics of all my new purchases on FB.

Blissful Whites Wedesday

Short post for Blissful Whites Wednesday today.
A lot of good finds this past week, just mostly other colors, and rust! =)
This bench is huge, and heavy!
Will probably outlast us all.

I finally found more 'affordable' old white windows.
Been out for some time at the store.
They are going fast.

 I know these are hard to see,
but they are the plastic pieces from the side of a birdcage.
I just loved the sweet dimensional design on them.
Someone wanted the bird cage they were on,
but not the panels. So now I get to have them.
To do what?? No clue. Just too cool to throw away.
(please click to enlarge and see detail better)


And lastly, here is a very unique piece.
It is metal, about 4". 
Must be some wonderful art this can be added to...

Thanks for coming by...
today joining Blissful Whites.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Junque in the Trunk Vintage Sale

 Here are some pics of our latest stash.....

 for our Junque in the Trunk Sale
coming June 15th. info at bottom of page.

Lots of rusty stuff, 
  metal treasures...

Chippy and red.... and somuch more.

Here is info.

If you are in Eugene, or outlying areas, 
and would like to join us, shoot me an email.

Would love to have you join us.

Blessings all


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blissful Vintage Whites

Happy Blissful Whites Wednesday everyone.
Just a few finds from last 2 weeks.
love frames, any size or shape.
These were already painted when I got them.
Will paint the gold ones soon.

Here is an old, and very unique milk can.
Only about 18". (SOLD)

cute bird bath....(SOLD)

Little rustic stool with fold out step.
got some urns too.

Love my new display cupboard.
will show you some of what is inside another day.

 And a very unique little white scale.
It is only about 3" wide.

Joining Blissful Whites Wednesday.
Thanks for joining me hre.

Monday, May 20, 2013

OK. I've been busy

 Yep. Not here very often.
Store has gotten very busy,
and I spend more time on FB no than on here.
I so appreciate those of you who have stuck it out,
and still visit me. 
I spend a lot of time shopping now too.
Sales are great, but taht means I HAVE to shop more. 
(and you know I love it!)
And this is prime shopping season around here.
Here are a few of my latest treasures....
Cool cast iron stove...

 Love this top thing....
 rust. YAY!!
 Still looking this one up to see what to sell it for.
 This is another great find.
A cream separator.
Still trying to find out about it also.
Takes a lot of time researching...

 Hard to see this, but it is an old garden cultivator.
Best one I have found yet. Has all parts.
 Cement urns. A must have in the garden season.
 Cast iron
and bits of this and that.

And this is only the tip of the good loot ice-burg.

I post all my new finds on FB...
and I ship small items.
Do hope you will visit me there.
I will still try to post here when I can.
And do parties when I can...
But that may happen more in winter.

Be blessed everyone.



Monday, May 6, 2013

Getting Motivated, or How to get on your little red tricycle and get somewhere.


   Hey, anyone out there feel stuck? So many projects you do not know where to start, feel overwhelmed, and you just cannot get motivated to do anything?? Sometimes even just go take a nap, then get up feeling the same way again?

   That is what my friend posted on FB earlier this evening, so, seeing that I have that same problem myself, I 'challenged' her to go get one of those things done in a half hour. I would go do the same, then we would meet back here to tell what we got done.

    Well, what a great idea that was. (Must have been the Lord. =)
We both worked 1/2 hour, then met on FB to tell, and we got so much done.
So, we did it for the next half hour! And again, got so much done.

(I think part of why this worked, is you do not have time to see all there is to do, you just choose one and go for it.) 
I also noticed that I keep up that energy and work for awhile after we stopped 'checking' on each other.

   So, find someone to be accountable to, set a time limit, then come back and share.
And feel free to share this idea too. It works!!

(if you do not have anyone to be a partner with you, you can leave a comment here any time to let me know what you got done. So excited to hear from you all.)

Thanks Lord!!!

Blessings all,

 PS I told my friend, next time she feels unmotivated just set the timer, work one half hour on anything! Then come let me know what she got done. =)

PSS would love to hear any adaptations of this that works for you, too. =)

OK. Someone said tell what I got done. Here it is.
In 1 hour I...
spray painted two frames and a little metal chair
started laundry
cleaned bird feeder
put some stuff away
picked up boards from driveway
cleaned 2 pieces to be painted
got bank deposit ready, and added names to my business email list. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bits of White

I bought a box of dolls a couple of weeks ago,
Sharing this one today, cause she is in lighter colored clothes.
Most appropriate for Blissful Whites Wednesday.

  And here is part of my collection of buttons.
These are mostly old, and 1 1/4- 1 1/2 inches in size.

A bit of rearranging in the cottage room...
Just love all the different shades of white and cream together.
  cool old pincushion....

a few more bits and pieces.
and an old tea pot and bowl.
Love how they age, all crackly.

Thanks for coming by today.
be blessed

joining these parties