Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beautfiul Bird Baths

We have anew vendor at the store.
Karen is a local gal (as are all our vendors).
She does these beautiful ceramic bird baths and indoor table decor.
Each piece is beautifully put together with just the right pieces to make a stunning piece of art work.
The ones in these two pics are about 3' tall and meant as outdoor baths.
This is a pic of all of them out in front of the shop. (it does not do them justice!!)
The smaller ones in the front (about 12" tall) have been moved inside and added to existing displays.
(sorry, forgot to get pics inside. Maybe tomorrow).

We have also brought a lot of new garden decor out.
This is our first anniversary Celebrations Weekend and we are having 10% discount and drawings, and prizes and gifts, and lots of fun.

Hope some of you can come by for a visit.

Great Mom's Day gifts available too.

Blessings to all,
Barbara Jean

Flaunt You Red Friday

This little vintage care bear is saying:

" Come see our red, then go on over to see Nancy at Southern Lady's and check out all the other wonderful red posts."

"OK. Now about me.
I am about 28 years old. I don't remember exactly when I was made, but the little girl i was made for is now 34, so that makes me pretty old! I've been sitting around in the back room of this house for a lot of years, and now the children of the little girl i was made for come and play with me.
I've really held up pretty well for all the lovin' I've had."


Yes, That is Care Bear. I made a red one for our daughter, and a blue one for our son, many years ago. It is one of those things I am so glad i hung on to for my grand kids. =0)

Here's the rest of our reds today.
How about an apple to keep the doctor away?
Or one for the teacher whose with your kids all day?
A pretty black shoe, and little red here and there,
And a Victorian necklace so the guys will all stare.
And here is a frame, to put anywhere.

Hope you have enjoyed my red today.

Barbara Jean

PS All these items but the Care Bear are from the store.
2" frames
bracelets by Marilyn- %15-17.50.
Drop me a line if interested in anything

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Hey. It's Vintage Thingie Thursday! Go visit
to see all the wonderful vintage treasures others have too.
Thanks for hosting Susanne!! Great job and much appreciated. ;0)


These are tea cozies, hand-made by one of my friends.
They are made of vintage fabrics.
This green one is a vintage hanky.

These last three are made of hand-embroidered vintage pillow cases.
I love the blue piping she put around the top of this one.
And how about the crocheted border on this one?

Aren't they gorgeous?
Each is lined to keep your tea just right.
She does a great job of putting them together,
and they would make wonderful Mother's Day gifts.

These are all for big tea pots, but she also makes them for small and medium.
Priced from only $10-20, plus shipping, and available here or at the store.

thanks for checking in, and have a great Thursday.

Barbara Jean

Monday, April 27, 2009

Second Time Around Tuesday

second time around tuesday
This is second time around Tuesday. Thanks to diane at
A Picture is Worth a Thousdand Words, for hosting this nice event.
Be sure to thank her and see the other wonderful posts.

This is a vintage doily, one of several i have picked up.
This is another lovely piece.
Some of these are nice enough to use just the way they are, but alas, some have huge holes, big stains, or other flaws that take away from their overall beauty.
Leave a little slot for putting the lavender in, sew closed, add a ribbon to hang, and there you go.
A cute little sachet out of something old and worn.

So even the smallest bit of someones beautiful stitching can be preserved and enjoyed by someone new.

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Blue Monday.
Go on over to our host Smilin' Sally to see all the blues this Monday!!

Thanks Sally for hosting! =0)

Blue Monday

This is a hand-painted tea cup and saucer i purchased at a local estate sale.
I have this and another beautiful piece by this local Eugene woman.
Isn't this gorgeous, and so Victorian looking?
These are new, and come in red, blue, brown and green. Only $4.75.

Those are my blues for today.
Let me know if you have any questions about these items.
They are all available.

Blessings and Happy Blue Monday.

Barbara Jean

New Nest Ideas

Thought of another idea for our nests.
How about some cute little signs that can be poked in to send whatever message you would like.
(I put two in this one so you could see some of the words)
I made these by printing off the words i wanted. I put them on sticky blank address labels so they would have some thickness to them and be more durable. /Cut them out then lay them on a toothpick, and used tacky, glue stick, of glue runner to hold them in place. You can always use a clothespin to hold them in place while they dry.
You can use an ink pad or acrylic paint to dry brush around the edges so they are not quite so stark if you'd like.
These are the ones left undone.
This one must be so special it did not want to delete off the page. =0))
You can see the little banner with the dry brushed method on here.

Barbara Jean.

Oh. we are supposed to be without Internet service for 3 days starting tonight.
I'm hoping this will not be the case, but if it is you'll know why i am not posting.


Friday, April 24, 2009

New Nests

You must be thinking :How many nests is this girl going to make anyway?"

The answer is: LOTS!!! I am having so much fun!!

The nest above is on a filigree silver plate dish that is about 5" across.
And this is brand new.
It is a nest on a teaspoon on wood, covered with music paper. The word "NEST" is singing it's way along the top of this treasure. approx. 4x8"
I'll be doing these till i can find more frames.

More to come.
Have a super great weekend.

Barbara Jean

Thursday, April 23, 2009

More New Treasures

Here are a few new treasures from the store.
These little nests are sitting in a 6" paper flower.
Can be ordered with glove or without.
$8.00 includes shipping

Thanks Lisa
And yet another framed nest.
This is a 7x9" frame.
Click on photo to enlarge.
$18.00 includes shipping

These seem to be very popular. As soon as i get one made, it is gone!
Not complaining mind you. I love that other people will get to enjoy what i have made. =0)

If you see anything you are interested in let me know.

Show and Tell Friday - Garage Transformation

This is the front of the garage at my store.
It has looked like this for almost a year.
About time to do something with it, but oh so hard to decide what.

This is the first step, and though my cry out to blogland got a lot of requests for murals, time and weather did not allow for it at that time.
My friend Sue helped my get the fence, door and sign up. She was so very patient as I hemmed and hawed about what to put where.
We are coming upon our 1 year anniversary of opening the store, so thought i better get with the program and get it 'cuted' up.
My friend Sheri helped me pull things out of the shed and the garage.
We actually had quite a bit of loot by the time we got done.
This is the view toward the left side of it.
And here is the view from the front. Turned out pretty cute i think and there is still more to go.
Of course the store, and this area, are ever changing as we sell, bring out and even buy more.

Thanks Sue and Sheri!!! Couldn't have done it without you. =0))

OK.. Everyone get on over to Kelli's for more Show and Tell Friday!!

Kelli-show and tell Friday

Blessings to all, and Happy Friday!

Barbara Jean

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Fun Vintage Treasures
OK. Hope this isn't to risque for all of you,
but, it's another sweet coupon from my husband.
This, along with some other 'coupons' and treasures are stored in an old jewelry box, (under my bed!) =0)
This one was probably written over 25 years ago.
Colorado Lady (click here to check more out)
Thanks for hosting this great event!!

That's my first contribution to Vintage Thingie Thursday!!

And here are some more of mine.
This is an engraved silver spoon from my first son's birth.
And this, this is hand made necklace our other son made for me when he was in grade school. He is 39 now. Guess that makes this vintage too. I'm still trying to figure out just what is on it. A football and ?
This beautiful piece is by Scott's aunt, who used to travel world wide giving China painting lessons to the teachers! Now she is in Heaven, probably still teaching painting.
And this special treasure. Well, of course, a story.

Scott and I had known each other for 2 weeks, and drove down to Tijuana, and got married! (we were living in Southern California.)
At that time, we just stayed in the little town next to the border, and walked across.
(no long lines, no guards to speak of)
At the border they inquire why you are coming in. When we told them we wanted to get married, they escorted us to a a little cement building with a small room, no adornment or anything, and a guy came in to marry us.
He read off some things in Spanish, and at the end said, "and try to make it last as long as you can". We said 'we will' and that was that.
As a souvenir of our trip, we bought two lighters and had then engraved with the date.
(since at that time we both smoked, seemed like a very practical remembrance) =0)
Fortunately we gave up the smoking a few months into our marriage.

So, those are my vintage treasures for today.
A box of memories, from under our bed.

Thanks for letting me share.

Blessings on your day.
Barbara Jean

Paper Crafting Wednesday

Go on over the Kelli's for paper crafting Wednesday, and to enter her drwing.

Paper Crafting Wed.

Barbara Jean

Fun new treasures

thank you Helen

Just made another one similar.
Will post soon.

Just a quick peek at some new treasures at the store. More later.

Blessings and sunshine,
Barbara Jean

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Digital Scale

Re: previous post.

That black thing i tried to present in a 'cute' way, is indeed my new digital scale.
That means no more waiting for me to package things up, go weigh them, come back and email you, and wait till i get your check before i can send things.

For those who have already ordered from me, and were patient enough to go through that process, thank you!!

For those of you ordering from now on, it will be one quick and easy process.

So, some things i will post the prices, and other things you see you can just email and inquire.
Not all items posted on this blog will be for sale. Some are just precious memories i am sharing.

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

Monday, April 20, 2009


It came today.
All sleek, and black, and shiny, and new.
I was careful not to get any finger prints on it.
Won't stay that way for long I'm sure.

Been taking it around and introducing it to the other residents on site.
Our old computer wasn't very impressed.
(think it just didn't like sonething so shiny and new around).

I'm doing some photo op.
What do you think??
The straight on shot?
Or this sort of half profile.

I think it looks pretty spiffy from any angle.
but sometimes necessary,
since all the information is inside.

So, now I have paypal, and I have my brand new digital scale, and I have products.
All I need now is some customers.
Hurry, somebody buy something so i can test all this stuff out.
(Oh, hope i can remember how to use paypal!) Well, order, but be patient. OK?
I'm new at all this.

Blessings friends,
Barbara Jean