Friday, August 31, 2012

Pink Piggy Saturday

 In no particular order......
My pink pigs.
 This was taken outside a restaurant on the coast a couple of weeks ago.
 cuuuute!! Look at those eyelashes!!
and the rust!!!
Figured out after we took pics it was actually a Bar-B-Q.
 and saw this at a garage sale where they were
selling the decor from their wedding.
See the little crown???

And here is a bit of bright pink.
No, not a pig, just my first blooms on my hydrangea plant.
Joining Beverly and all the other pink lovers for
Pink Saturday 
and have a wonderful, and safe weekend.
Barbara Jean

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shabby Scale White Wednesday

 This is part of my collection of scales at the store.
I love old crusty, rusty anything....
 This scale is about as rusty as it gets....
and still have any white left on it.
Only one I have ever seen like it.
 close up of numbers..
can you see them??

 this scale is smaller than usual.
 kitchen scale...
 another perfectly rusty old scale..
white are my faves....
 This scale is black, but love the rusty white face on it.
 and the lettering on the side. (white) =)
Very unique.
 Most scales, no matter what color,
have a white face on them.
 LOVE this big old scale....
 Postage scale.....
with a white face. =)
I'm joining White Wendesday today.
Thanks for hosting Kathleen!!!

Blessings everyone!!
Barbara jean

Monday, August 27, 2012

My new trike and bike

 My new trike....Do you love it???

 cool old rusty wheel....
and rusty red seat...
and LOVE this basket.....
 and my 'new' bike.
not sure how old.  Have not researched it yet.
 love the color....
 have not shined her up yet either.
would you?? shine her up? or leave her like she is.
She will have a prominent place outside my store.

I'm joining Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.

blessings all, and thanks for coming by.
barbara jean

PS Did I ever tell you I have a FB page?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fun Fan Frenzy

 I just found 2 more fans to add to the two
 I already have at the store.
You are going to love these!!!
This one does not have a metal base
like they usually do....

 but instead just sits up with this wire piece.
 and look at the motor!!!
That perfect rusty green!!!
I might even display it backwards!!! =)

 and I love this fan....
the cool swirly wire around the blades....
and look at the  great name part on it.....

Will show my other fans another day....

My new scales!!!

barbara jean

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tiny Little Kitchen Treasures

 Look what I bought today.
It is the tiniest little kitchen set I have ever seen.
I'll say sorry now, cause I will just keep saying "tiny" over and over. =)
This is all soooo cute!!
not sure what the little pot is....maybe a water pitcher??
 the tiny, tiny, tiniest sifter/strainer ever.....
and cookie cutters....
 That tiny beater really beats......
and see the tiny scoop??
 and tiny cookie cutters......
aren't they cute???
 And look at these tiny, tiny graters.....
aren't they cute?
And they really grate....
(just being cute. did not try them) =)
 Not sure what these are supposed to be.
Reminds me of a flower basket.
What do you think??
and this tiny grinder....and the handle really turns,
 and the tiny little part inside even really goes around.

So, I'm so lovin' this whole thing...

Thanks for ocming by.

barbara jean 
I'm joining Nifty Thrifty Tuesday..

Saturday, August 18, 2012

tea bag roses

gave my tea bag rose tutorial a try...
and look at the cuteness she added to this coffee grinder...
And she has some interesting things she dyed her tea bags with..
check it out....

Thanks Elena, for trying my tutorial,
and letting us see your beautiful results.
And just a reminder for all of you..
Great, and free tutorials on my side bar....

blessings all
barbara jean

Elena, my apologies..the link to your site is incorrect. Can you please send it to me and I will re post.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bits of This and That

 Sweet little pin by one of my vendors.
Check out her etsy site
Full of French goodies....

 See the shelf in the background?
It is a drawer, cut at an angle, and a shelf added.
very easy.
 the commercial bread pan is great for holding game pieces.
 Here is a little corner shelf.
I just love little shelf thingies here and there.
so fun to decorate on. (holds more game pieces
and typewriter parts)
 My newest, and tiniest cigar box....
and new shaving brush.
this is an old tin match holder.
Can you see the girl and flowers on it???
thanks for coming by
and Happy Friday....
barbara jean