Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Kelli has taken the summer off,
but i have been trying to do a little paper crafting anyway.

This card is made from the paper kit I won at Kelli's.
It's for you Kelli. =0)

Inside it says:
"Thanks for being such a great hostess,
and we look forward to starting up again."
Barbara Jean

Well, you know it does not really say that,
but it is the thought that counts. Right?
And that way i can use the card twice, or more!! =0))

OK. Now, in a few days i will show you how to go from


to this.

A tutorial coming soon!!

Barbara Jean

A SALE!!!!

click picture to go to tutorial site.

One of my favorite artists is having a
on her tutorials!!!

My friend Dawn, at
the feathered nest
is having a sale on her tutorials.

only $5.00 each!!

I bought her Christmas tutorial and it has wonderful
pictures and detailed instructions.
I also have her Nest Tutelage,
and her Baby Shoe Pincushion tutorial.
All have color pictures and step by step instructions.

This sale is only for 1 week, so get on over there and check it out.

Barbara Jean


check out Kimm's blog,
for more wonderful re purposing ideas.

Thanks for hosting Kimm.

I'm just going to show you an easy idea
for decorating for the 4th.
I got this idea form another blog,
but sorry i do not know where.

I did not have much in the way of decor
for a bit of Patriotic display for the store,
but here is what i did.

I just gathered up anything that was red, white, or blue,
and put it all together in a display.

I already had this little chair that was red,
so I just tucked in some teddy bears i
added flags and banners to.
A little bit of blue fab with white stars, and a basket.

This is a pic of the whole display.
Like i said, I just used
anything red, white, or blue i had.
A phone, wagon, some red and white shoes,
a red tray, little red and blue apple dress.
(I mean what is more American that apple pie?) =0)

So if you need a bit of Patriotic display, just search your house,
and see what you can find.
Group them together on a little table in the entry or on your porch,
and there you have it!!

OK you guys. Send in more ideas of things you could use
that might just be laying around
and go on over to my gift shop blog for more great ideas.

God Bless America!!

Barbara Jean

Monday, June 29, 2009


Here are a few pics of new displays at the store.
Many of these things will be listed in my
gift shop in upcoming posts.

Here is just a little corner of a new display.

I am still busy making the little flower nests.
New in the store are the word rocks. (kind of shown below.)
Little flat rocks with letters on them to make words.
Right now
Blessed, and

Can you see them laying on the mirror tray?
I'll get a closer pic when i list them.
Words made to order too.
(instructions for making your own if you'd like)
They are an adorable acc. to the nests.

I finally got into the sea shell thing, and found
these cute little pics just the other day.

I love this tall piece.
Not sure what you would call it,
but it is very unique, and
definitely a great focal point in any display.

I also just found the shell dish.
Love that color!!

This is still a work in progress.
We are calling it
the Apothecary area.
That is from one of our favorite blogs,
the Apothecary Shoppe.

Love all the creams.

Thanks for joining me on this little tour today.

Please email if you saw any treasures you loved,
and keep an eye out at the gift shop for postings.

Barbara Jean

second time around tuesday

Go on over to Dianes for more 2nd time around postings.

second time around tuesday

Three or More Tuesday

Three or More Tuesday
And Tam's at Gypsy Corner

for more 3 or more posts.

These are 4 candle sticks I got his weekend.
They are wood.
I think they would look great painted gloss black!!
Maybe I'll make a candle lamp out of one.
They are pretty tall though.
(tallest almost 2')
There is also a jar of whitish rocks i will use in my display.
And some shells to put in jars for the store.


What's this you say?

It's another 3 or more Tuesday.

I got this baggy of little white ceramic 'things' this weekend.
Can you guess what they are?

Can you tell what they are now?

OK, you can quit guessing.
They are little ceramic birds.
Two piece, so they can hold the tiniest treasure inside.
And this is the price they had on them.

They are only about 1 1/2" long!
(i said tiniest treasure!)
Aren't they cute??
That whole baggy of them for $1.00!
Seven sets, and two bottoms.
Hmm, what can i use those two bottoms for?

And don't shoot me,
but I'm thinking of spraying some flat white,
and antiquing them.
Then the detail would show up better.
What do you think?


I am still looking for a blog background for my 3 blogs.
What i have on two of them is fine, but
I think some tiny cute flowers
like the ones on my banners would be better.

And suggestions??
I'm spending way too much time looking through all the internet sites.

thanks and blessings,
Barbara Jean

PS If anyone knows how to load little pics from
my blog gift shop on my side bar I would really appreciate ideas.
I have not been able to figure out Flicker,
even though it is supposed to be easy.
(I am comp. impaired).


A box came, so of course I opened it.
Hmmm. I did not order any peanuts.

Shook the peanuts all over the table thinking
there may be something else in there.
And there was this beautiful package.
Not my birthday I thought.
(it's in September if you want to send me a present!!) =0)))

I opened the package, and there were two more packages,
and a card with my name on it!
Maybe it is my birthday and
I forgot when it was.
(I'm forgetting a lot of things lately!)

I opened the card,
and the packages.....


Remember Posy?
I won her and the pincushion last week
from Bearbits giveaway.

"OH POSY!! You got here so fast!!!
"I was anxious to see where i was going to live".
"OK Posy. I'll show you around.

" Posy, this is where i usually put my most favorite,
and new
found treasures."
"Do you like it here?"

"I don't think so. Baby shoes may look cute here, but not Posy."

" OK Posy. Let me introduce you to some of my other friends.
"This is where some of my other bears hang out."

"Do you like it here?"

Posy looked around.
"What do you think pin cushion?"
"I think it is a little crowded with these other bears. I would like the spotlight to be on us for awhile."

"I agree"said Posy.

"OK Posy. I will give the other bears a new place, and this will be your special place now." I'm so glad you are here!"

"I can tell we are going to like out new home, pin cushion."
"Yes, Posy, I know we will."

Thank you Ginger, for your wonderful work and for sharing Posy with me. =0)

and thank you all for visiting today, and all your congrats when I won Posy.
I know she would have loved it at your house too. =0)
Barbara Jean

Click on Posy to see more of Bearbits wonderful bears!!
or to visit Ginger at her blog click here

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday

It's Pink Saturday over at Beverly's
how sweet the sound.

Here are my pinks for today.

This is a new area of pink at my store.
This is only half of this display.
Can you tell i love pink???

And how about this wonderful tea cozy
made of vintage embroidered fabric.
A friend of mine makes these.

And we have a baby and little girls area too.
More pink in this hand-crocheted little doll dress,
(well, maybe it is knitted. I don't know ).

And a sweet baby sweater,

And last, but not least, little flower embroidered booties.
I made these and I am not sure if they fit anything,
but i just love having them around the store.
(They are only about 3 1/4" long, and 1 3/4" wide.)

OK now scoot on over and see all the other pink at Beverly's,
and be sure to thank her fro being such a wonderful hostess.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's time again.
Time to show your finished projects for this week.

Go on over to Monica's, Expressly Corgi,
and take a look at projects that have been done this week
for Get R Done Friday.

and Show and Tell Friday at Kelli's House

Kelli-show and tell Friday

over at Southern Lady

Flaunt your Red Party

Thank you ladies, for the great hosting job!!!

OK, first my excuses.
I have had a petty unmotivated week,
due mainly to processing some sad news.

So, the project with the foot board did not get done.

I can just about guarantee it will, someday! =0))
I may actually make it into a bench which
i would have more use for than a shelf.

So, out with this project, and on to what i did get done.

I did get this old trivet...
You know, the kinds you see at garage
sales all the time with the tile broken out?

I got it spray painted red,
(my wee little flaunt your red Friday)

and a piece of Masonite painted with chalk board paint,

And antiqued it, and put on an easel,
(in case you do not have a wall to hang it on,)
and got the eraser painted to match,
and got it put in the kitchen at the store.

And I did get this done.
An ordinary, bit used,
white melamine bread box,
taped off,
and painted with blackboard paint,
and today's baking needs written on it.

Do you all know about the pens
for writing on black boards and it is not all chalky and dusty?
And it washes off with water?

Chalk Ink is the new best thing! It applies smoothly...doesn't make a mess...and looks more vibrant and colorful than plain chalk.

Michael's has them, 4 for $11.00 or so.
It is in with the scrapbook pens, not over by the blackboards as one might think.

And, did you know you must 'season'
your chalk board before using it??
Take a piece of chalk on it's edge and color all over the board before using it.
Erase the chalk, and you're set to go.
(otherwise the first time you write it will not erase all the way).

Thanks for joining in.
Hope my next week is more productive.

Barbara Jean
Y A Y!!!

Remember this little sweetie??

It was the prize at Bearbits for her
silver anniversary making her wonderful bears.

And guess who won??

i did of course, or i would not be so excited!!!

Today I needed a blessing, and this did the trick.

blessings to all.

(oh, she's having another drawing soon, so better keep an eye out.)

Thrift Store Thursday

Thrift Store Thursday
Thrift Store Thursday

Go on over to Holly's and be sure to thank her for hosting.

vintage thursday


Her is part of my vintage.
This is a radio i have at the store for display.
It's late 1920's, but here are nothing
that tells make or anything.
I just fell in love with the carving on it.

How's this for vintage,
or at least rustic??
I'm going to make this into a sedum planter,
one of these days. =0)

I showed this lace collar a couple of days ago.
Until i find a good way to display it,
and the others i have,
I draped it over the top of this bird cage.

And these are the markings on a huge ironstone bowl i got.
I haven't looked it up to see what it is worth yet.
I'm learning as i go with my store.

And here it is in all it's big
and beautiful glory.

Thanks for coming by.

Be sure to visit the other bloggers with treasures today.

Barbara Jean