Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Treasures. Model T Headlamps?

So, I bought these lights and meal pieces...
I thought boat lights of some kind.
Now, someone tole me the one shown below is a Model T headlamp.

Anyone know for sure?? 
The glass has Liberty lens 1920 on it.

Here are some other pics of it...
Kinda perfectly tarnished to me.
 here is where it latched to something.

And here are some gauges I got at the same time.
No clue if to same car or to something else entirely.

And that is how I shop for my little store.
If I like it, I buy it.....
and hope someone else likes it too.
We have been open for 6 years now, and
steadily growing, so must be some folks out there crazy as me. =)

Thanks for visiting.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Foot Ball" Engraving

  Found this wonderful engraving at a local store.
Not even sure why it caught my eye...
maybe have been the wonderfully aged and stained paper.

It has beautiful detail.....
I think you could spend the day enjoying each little bit of it,
and the emotion that went into it.
Engraved by Henry Lemon

Below is information I found on the internet about it.
I found 2 for sale. The one below, and one other at $2500.

Of course they were in much better condition than mine,
but I think it is that very worn condition that drew me to it.
(please click on pics above to see fine detail).

Foot Ball
An impressive engraving showing an early form of soccer, the village sport of "foot ball." In this game, a large group of children would try to kick a round ball through goals, usually in the fields near a village. It was a rough sport-as shown in this print-but remained popular. It wasn't until the mid-nineteenth century that the more formal sports of rugby and soccer took on their rules; this print shows the earlier, village form of the game.

Not sure mine is of any value at all, given the condition, (and no clue how to even display it,) but hopefully someone will want it for the history attached to it.

Blessings on your day, and thanks for the visit.
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

 The top two pics today are obvious items....
the rest, a mystery to me.
If anyone knows what they are please let me know.
Would love to learn about them.

I got 6 30" wheels at a sale last weekend. great yard art.
And that huge saw blade too.
 we are going from huge to tiny.
A 2" Webster Dictionary.
so cute!!

Now for unknowns.
This item is brass, and about 9" high.
Two pieces on right are top and bottom to a second one of
whatever the one on the left is.

Here is the back..or I think it is the back.

LOVE this piece. some kind of light.
Has writing on it, so can look it up.
Just did not get it done for this post.
It has patent 1920 on

  very old car parts.

And another I do not know what.
Looks like a crank for a boat, but really have not clue.
This is the back, I think...

any ideas??

blessings and than ks for visiting.