Monday, November 29, 2010

My Even "More" Beautiful Tree!!

My Beautiful Glitzy Tree
A couple of days ago I showed you my beautiful tree at the store.
It did indeed seem like the most beautiful tree I had ever done.

But when I went back over the next day,
it seemed lacking, incomplete.
So I added some gold bling in the form of pics
bought last year at Michale's 75% off sale.

I tucked it here in there behind my lace flowers and bird nests.
Can you see it in there??
The lights bounce off all the shiny pics
and really add more glitz to the tree.

Then I added this sweet angel to the top.And here is my tree, really finished.

OK. Tell me how Really Really beautiful it is now!

Happy Wednesday!!


barbara jean

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

So Cute Purse!!

I love it when I have time to create.
Yesterday, a little sewing.
Linen fabric from a sale for the purse.
A bit of vintage lace trim across the top.
Lined with a cotton curtain panel.
Just the right weight for this piece.
Add some tiny buttons across the top,
and some lace trim for the leaves.

This is the same purse as above,
only on a darker background so you can see it better.

Remember the yards of gauze I got at the church sale?
(my thrifty find)
It makes great flowers.
This piece is tea stained.

How about a Lace Flower?

Another kind of gauze flower, and some trim added to the bottom.
I'm going to have fun making a few for the store.
Thanks for coming by.


barbara jean

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Pink From Grandma's Trunk

These are a few more of the treasures I found in
the old little trunk I got a few months ago..
I call it Grandma's Trunk.

I'm thinking this scarf was probably a souvenir
brought home.
Maybe by a soldier for his wife.

oops. sideways.
These are vintage Our Daily Bread cards.
Also form Grandma's Trunk.

And a sweet little doll dress.
Not form Grandmas Trunk,
but it has been around for awhile and handmade.

Happy and Sweet Pink Saturday.
Thanks for hosting Beverly!!

Barbara Jean

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beautiful Tree

This is my tree for the store.
I think it is the most beautiful tree I have ever done.
(hope that does not sound braggy,
I'm just so excited about it).

My vision was for a tree with my *lace flowers,
and little *flower nests...
and the little Joy ornaments I make.
Sometimes how you envision things
just does not come about.
But this time it did!

(Now it has a beautiful angel topper too.
Sorry no pic of that).

Thanks for letting me share it with you,
and thanks for the wonderful hostesses at these parties.


barbara jean

PS * Please see my side bar for tutorials
on the flower nest and the lace flowers.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chicken... Little???

Saw this great rustic chicken "outdoors" while on vacation.

See, not so little.
Ever kissed a chicken??
Here is my sweet fella 'outdoors'
cleaning snow off my car for me.

And here is some elegant red.
A gorgeous vintage, hand stitched treasures.
(be sure to click on picture twice to see what beautiful work this is)
For more reds and outdoor finds please go visit:



barbara jean