Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh My. Oh MY.

I had no idea i would get this much response for this giveaway.
Guess I should have made the drawing for Feb 1st instead of Feb 10th!! =0)

Well, needless to say I am thrilled at the response, and have met tons of new people already.

I was working on the nest today.
Went all through the shop to find just the right, unique, special piece to put it in.
I hope you will all like it.
I'm working on the small ones too.

Will have pics up in a couple of days.

Blessings to all who have entered, put extra posts on your blog about it, and those who have posted my bird nest tutorial too.

This is a lot to keep up with, but i am having a ball!!

Keep those entries coming!!

Have a super Sunday.

Barbara jean

103rd Post Giveaway!!

I just passed my 100th post, so we'll have a 103rd post giveaway! =0))

I'm so excited about this!!

Just leave a comment, and there will be a drawing Feb. 10th.
That will give you all a chance to get over here.

Let me know if you link to my site, and you will be in twice.

Join the party, and invite friends.

I will close the drawing Feb. 10, so you all will have time to get over here.

The prize will be a beautiful bird nest I am designing now.
Something special just for the giveaway!!

There will be 2nd and 3rd prizes of 2 tiny little bird nests.

Photos to come. =0))

(Please make sure your email address is available, so I can contact you.)

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

Friday, January 30, 2009

a drawing!!

is having a drawing.
go take a look!

barbara jean
the featherd nest


diane knotts musings

I DID IT!!!!!

Thanks Diane, and all others who helped me.
Now to start my list of people i love to visit. =0)))

I'm a happy camper!!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

My tag at last!

OK my patient friends.

I finally figured how to at least get names up for you to click on and get to.
If you will go the 'tagged' blog (2 blogs back) on being tagged, you will find my 7 things about myself, and, sorry, only 4 places to be tagged. Will try to put more together. (found some I was not able to get to.?)
I have put the names of some of my favorite places in the column at the right of my blog.

Please click on the names listed from my blog to get you there.

I am taking one baby step at a time, and do so appreciate all your help and patience.

hugs and blessings friends,

Barbara Jean

tagged frustrations

Here are some photos to enjoy. (I had to put the tag stuff away for tonight)
Rest of news at bottom.

These are photos of some of my latest 'finds'.

I have a lady i buy buttons etc from.
The last try she brought over had all these things on them.
Check out the prices in the close up.

Can you believe I got all this for $3.00!!!!
Can you tell I'm thrilled?
Scott and i went to the coast Monday, just for a short break for the two of us.
The next three photos are of our finds there.

Isn't this little dress cute?
I love vintage baby dresses, and only have 4 left.
Couldn't resist this one.

These are my treasures from a couple of stores.
I love when you go into a thrift store, and everything is already affordable, but they will wheel and deal too!!!
After all, the finding, and the wheeling and dealing, are all part of the fun.
(bet you are owndering hwat on earth i use all those knobs, and hinges for.) I'll tell you later. This photo includes some of my 'playthings' i cam currently using on projects.
I'm accumulating lots of stuff to play with, and I love it!!!
Always room for more though.

OK. I've spent an hour writing the tagged post, and it is in the draft file now.
I am frustrated trying to figure out the links thing.
Found it on my layout, and keep loading it different ways, but nothing links it, well at not all of them.
It's the http...www... that i must be messing up on.
Some load, some don't, when i click on them.

here are a few photos for you to enjoy, and tomorrow morning I'll start fresh.
hugs to all
enjoy pictures, and have a good nights rest.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been Tagged!!

Oh Boy. What to do??
I've been tagged. I have no idea how to link, and no time to learn right now,
soooo, I'll try to do a simple version of something, and hope it is OK.

First of all, thank you Deborah at: the painted nest
and Diane at: diane knotts musings
for thinking of me. Hope it's OK to do one 'tag' for both of you, and take it easy on myself. =0))
Then the next problem is who do you choose to tag??? I have met so many nice people.

I've decided who to tag (but forgot to write some of their first names down- oops!)
Here are their blogs:

Marietta at: sweet old vintage

lynnes gifts from the heart

ksarrasarra at: ksarrarra

vintage bella studio (no name)

OK ladies, this is what you do. Think of 7 people you want to to tag, and let them know you have tagged them. Then share 7 weird, funny, or other somethings about yourself, and pass those rules on to your tagged friends.

Here goes:

1. I am wonderfully happy at this period of my life. Married to a great guy for 40 years, 3 great kids, and 5 of the most beautiful grand kids around.

2. I have not always been wonderfully happy. There were years i did not think my husband was so great, and I was hurt and angry, and depressed. (how's that for nitty gritty, down to the root of things stuff!?) The turn around was when i quit asking the Lord to change him so I would be happy! I asked Him to change me instead. He did that, and worked on Scott too. =0)

3. The Lord is good and greatly to be praised, no matter what the circumstances.
He always has the best plan for us.
(I know, that's about Him, not me. Regarding me- I'm a slow learner and just now figuring that out!)

4. I am learning to be content, and so glad. With the economy what it is, and my guy almost retirement age, I'm glad i did not bug him to have a bigger, better, newer house!

5. I just opened a small gift shop last May, and loving it!!! A dream come true for me. God's timing is perfect.

6. OK. something weird, or ? (thinking, thinking, thinking).
Oh, I can fly, and breathe under water- in my dreams. =0)

7. I am delighted, obsessed, blessed, and overwhelmed, by blog land, and all the wonderful people in it.

Thank you. And now for popcorn and a movie. =0)

Monday, January 26, 2009


Another giveaway for you my friends:

She has a ton of wonderful 'stuff' to give away for her 200th blog!!

Good Luck everyone!!

Regarding my bird nest tutorial:
You are all welcome to use it make things to sell, pass on to friends, and I would love it if you linked to my site so others can see all the ides you can do with them.

Please, out of creative courtesy, do not put it together to sell as a tutorial.
Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement.

Barbara Jean

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bird Nest Ideas

I've just spent 3 hours putting the bird nest instructions on here, and it still isn't how i want it, but we are going with it.

I can't figure out how you can have 3 spaces between paragraphs on the edit part, and end up with none on the post. =0/
Well, blessings, and i hope you will try these nests.
They are really fun, and much easier than putting them on here was. =))))
Barbara Jean

Bird Nest Building Part 1

Making your own bird nests is really fun, and, like anything, easy, once you know how.
Believe me, it will take you a lot less time than it does the birds.

You should read all the instructions before you start. (just like I aaalways do.) =0)

Supply List: now don't turn me off here. This isn't as bad as it looks! =0)

Long and thin birch tree limbs-10 or so (bring them in and let them dry a bit if it's rainy like Oregon. They will stay pliable for several days.)
Pruners or clippers for trimming
Plastic to cover work area ( this is a fun project, but very messy).
Spanish moss, green moss (I pull mine right off the tree, but you can buy it too.)
Glue gun and sticks
Aloe Vera or cold water (in case you burn yourself like i usually do)
Assorted berries, trims, ribbon, jewelry, yarns depending on your taste.
Very thin wire (may be needed for any places that won't stay glued together).
wire cutters
eggs (I use about 1 1/4" eggs for a 5-6" nest)

Preparing the Limbs

I use the limbs right off the tree (extra messy). For less mess you can run your gloved hand over the branches outside to get any loose or dry things off before you take them in the house.

Before you start you need to decide if you want a flat nest (would go in a frame)
or a deep nest, which could go in a bowl, dish, cloche, or just sit.
For a flat nest do just 2 or 3 rings, for a deep one 4-6. I usually do 5 for a regular 5" nest.

Put your plastic down on the floor and work surface.

OK. Here we go!!

1. take 2 small limbs in your hand, between finger and thumb, and make a small loop. (2" or so)

2. Start winding the limbs in and out around the loop.

When at the end of the limbs, put aside. (if loop starts to unwind, put a clothespin on it to hold it).
Don't worry about any "stick outs" at this point.

Part 2 on the blog below.

Bird Nest Building part 2

This is the small loop for your nest.
Use the technique above to make 1-4 more loops, each getting a little larger than the last.
Assembly of loops:
You should do all gluing steps on a piece of cardboard or paper, something that hot glue will not harm.
Starting with the smallest loop, put hot glue on the top outside edge. Be generous.
Line up second loop. (This will be a little hard since one loop is larger than the other, but give it your best shot.) Don't worry about glue showing anywhere as it will be covered up later.
Do worry about getting glue on your fingers!! (got the Aloe Vera handy??
"Stick outs" are OK. They can be trimmed off later.

With each step make sure you press and hold the loops down till the hot glue is set.
Continue till all loops are glued together, from smallest (on bottom) to largest (on top).

If there are areas that do not stay together, that's where the thin wire comes in. Just cut a few 2" pieces, bend in half, poke through from the outside, and twist together on the inside.

At this point the nest should be assembled and the size you want. If it is too deep for your container, or frame, you get to 'squish' it down. You can use the heal of your hand, a book, or just sit on it. Your choice. ;0)
Now the creative part begins! This is sooo fun!!

I like to pretty much make my whole nest, then put it in whatever it's going in or on.
Since the bowl, frame, or whatever will be it's bottom, you don't need to worry about the nest being solid on the bottom.
Clip off any "stick outs" on the inside. (I guess if they are on the inside, they would be "stick ins", wouldn't they?) Well, cut those off.
Leave those on the outside and trim them later if desired.
Start filling your nest with Spanish moss using the hot glue gun as needed.
This fills in and covers any gaps, glue blobs, or areas you don't quite like. You can make it pretty solid, and fill about 2/3 up toward the top. Poke some in the outside edges as needed, but leave as much of the twig part showing as you can.
Now you can "fluff" all you want.
I use cheese cloth (tea stained of course, and shredded or pulled apart), yarn, moss off trees, little pieces of bark, and well, anything else i find at the time. The hunt is part of the fun. Add these here and there in and around your Spanish moss and around the top edge of the nest. Add bits add pieces on the outside edge too.
Remember, those eggs need to be nestled into little soft areas, so no big pieces of bark in the middle. =0))
Be a good mama bird now, and make some little spots for your eggs to be 'laid', then hot glue them in.
Now your nest can be added to whatever frame, bowl, or branch you have selected for it's home, and enjoyed all year long.
I hope you have enjoyed building your nest.
If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to comment on here, or email me.
This is my first time, and you can help me learn.
Thank you, and Happy nesting!!
Barbara Jean

To my Patient Friends

To all of you who have been waiting for the Bird Nest Tutorial, A big Thank you!!!

My excuses: forgot camera, forgot camera, computer trouble, and just too tired to take on something new when you have to think backwards! Thank you for being so patient.

Today after church, when I am all refreshed and ready to go, I'll be back. (barring any more computer problems. =0))

See you then.
Blessings on your Sunday.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finished Cone

This is the cone I was challenged to do something with.
This is the finished cone.
I got pretty creative with my bird nest making here. Hope you like it.
I have the two others done, but forgot to bring the camera home, so you'll get to see those tomorrow.
They are in the store now. $15.00 each.
I will also be posting the bird nest tutorial tomorrow. Have a super Friday.

re: Bird Nest Tutorial

I'm sorry to say that I forgot my camera tonight so I can't load the rest of the photos for the tutorial on making your own bird nest.

The instructions are all written though, and what a job that was!!
I now even more admire people who do them now, as it is quite the process writing all that down as you do every step.
It is so much different than teaching in person, which is what I do, teach classes.

Now, the real challenge will come tomorrow night when i try to put it on my blog.
You have to do everything backwards!! Start at the end, and end at the beginning, with photos and instructions in correct order!!!

So, some big SOS prayers for tomorrow night. =0)

Think it will be worth the wait for those of you who are interested.

I will also post it on another blog, or at least reference to it on there.
Will keep you 'posted' on that.

Blessings to all, and to all a good night. (that seems familiar?)

Barbara Jean

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Challenge

I took the challenge, and have accomplished it!!

Last week someone new came into the store. Her name is Linda.
We had the nicest time just strolling through my little store, visiting, talking crafts, sharing ideas.

As she made her purchases, she said she had some things she had bought at garage sales 2 or 3 years ago and had yet to figure out a use for them and did I want them.

Those of you who know me a bit, know I am a 'scrounger'. I will take just about anything and everything and try to find a use for it.
A short time later, she was back!! She was carrying some woven cones, and 4 glass bottles.
We looked at them, and really, no great ideas came instantly to my head, as does sometimes happen.
She made her additional purchase, then left me with the 'treasures' and the challenge.
" Next time I come in I want to see something made out of those cones!"

Well, no pressure there. I just wished I'd asked her when she planned on coming back in. =0)

It wasn't but a short time later (no she did not come back in that soon), but I did get an idea for the jars. Will show them soon, still gathering supplies.

The cones were another thing.
I am not usually put under 'pressure' to create out of a certain thing in a certain span of time. C'mon brain. Think! Think!

OH!!!!! The light came on. How silly is this? I put bird nests in a lot of things, why not in a cone!!!! My gathering began, and I worked on them last night. Very cute, and I am relieved to have met the challenge. Will post the cones later today.

Oh, just thought of another project for the cones. Pin cushions! Well, you will just have to use that idea. I'm out of cones. =0)

Blessings on your day.
hugs to all,

Barbara Jean

Monday, January 19, 2009

Paper Roses

I learned something new, quite by accident!

I was getting the door prize for the store drawing ready. Now, since I have been in blog land, I see how fancy everyone does things. You know, foo foo up packages with ribbons, fancy wrap and all.
So I thought i would do my gift bag of prizes a littler fancier.

I had two presents, one rectangular, and one cylindrical. I decided to roll them up in tissue paper and tie the tops with a big bow. ( a big improvement over stuffing them in the bag with tissue paper on top).
When I rolled up the first one i had about 9" of paper sticking out the top! What on earth was i going to do with that? OK, I'll just try cutting some off and 'fluffing' it, and see what happens. I started separating the the layers of paper, and when i got done I had accidentally made a huge rose! It was great!!
Then I set to work doing the second one. So cute. I dabbed a little pink acrylic paint on the edges, added a leaf to one, tied on bows, and finished the bag by tying on a scripture bookmark, and a tea rose to the outside.

I'm so excited about giving this bag away. (maybe they will try to save the roses when they open the gifts). =0))

Now I have tried some small roses.
I received my order from the tea rose lady (paper roses with actual tea bags inside. You put the whole thing in your tea cup!!) Wonderful, but i just hate to put the roses in and ruin them.
I did discover in looking at her roses, that they are somewhat like how mine ended up. Much better of course, since she is more experienced than I am.
I've shown my Bible Study ladies, and now we are getting together to make 40 paper roses, (no tea bags) for the senior Valentine's luncheon coming up. They will use them as corsages for the ladies.
I love learning something new and then being able to share with others.
Speaking of sharing:
Bird Nest Tutorial
(Love that word, tutorial. sounds so 'bloggish', and professional). =0)
See you soon with more fun gift ideas, small, easy and affordable..
Barbara Jean

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pin Cushion Excitment

I am so excited I am beside myself! I couldn't even think of what to name this blog.
Oh, it's just come to me.

You know that fancy pin cushion on the last blog?
Well someone saw it on here and came in to buy it!!
I was so excited.

It was my first one, and I have a basket full of collected things to make many more out of.
Each one will be different from the other, and different than you have probably seen before.
Can't wait to do more.

Alas, I will have to wait. I have several projects going now, and need to finish them.
I have a friend who is doing her best to teach me to pick up after myself and stay organized, but it's hard to change how you have always been. I just make big messes and then can't find things, and then have to clean it all up.
Or I get excited about something and drop everything else to do it. Then, of course, I don't really care about finishing the things I've already started.
Please, tell me I'm not the only one like that. =0))

My current projects are things for the black and cream area by the fireplace. Have a big sign part way done.

I am sneaking in some small Valentine items, as it will be here before you know it.
I also like to have some ideas to share with my students, and maybe even a class at church.
(maybe I shouldn't take on so much....). Well, why change my ways now.
Bad enough I have to learn to pick up after myself as I go. =0))
(hope my friend Pam isn't reading this. She's the one working on me). Just kidding.
I need all the help i can get.

OK, I'm off to put a SOLD on my first pin cushion.

Have a Glorious Sunday.

Barbara Jean

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally, Before and After

OK, I had before and after photos, but somehow always get things backwards on this.
Here is the half finished fireplace area.
I did something different this time, and making it tans, creams and blacks, with touches of reds.
People will be very surprised when they come in as the rest of the shop is creams and whites, with a few pastels and burgandy's thrown in.
This is the begining of our sewing corner. Not sure what happened to the old singer sewing machine photo. I think my computer eats things! =0)
Soon we'll have various signs for quilters and other sewing related items.

I have had tea time areas since we opened, but have found something new, and they are wonderful!!! They are called "tea roses". They are little paper roses with tea bags in them.
So cute, and you just put the rose and all in the tea cup. So beautiful sitting around on the table. Would make a wonderful gift for a friend, place card settings, or a bouquet for a centerpiece.
There are also tee-nee tussies. Mini tea roses with tea bags each bagged in cellophane to keep them fresh.
If you love tea parties these are a must have.
The tea time sign is one I painted myself. Another photo of the little tea display. This is my very first "vintage" pin cushion. I've been collecting things for months to make pin cushions that are very unique, and one of a kind. More of these will be coming soon, ranging in style from vintage, to foo foo, to primitive. I love it all.
This pin cushion is about 10" tall and 3" around, and can actually be used, but would also be beautiful as a conversation or display piece.
On the top is an old earring. Sorry I didn't think to get a photo of the top of it.
In front of it are locket ornaments for photos.
Pin cushion $11.00 SOLD
Lockets $3.00
Click on photos to enlarge
All for now, but here will be a continuous flow of new photos as i get more areas and projects completed.
Blessings on your day, and remember: whatever you do, do it with your whole heart as unto the Lord.

A Giveaway

I found another giveaway!
While I'm busy getting the store put together, here is a beautiful place to visit.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello Everyone!!

Since we lost Scott's Mom in mid December, I've been pretty slack in writing anything, other than passing along everyone elses contests. I'm sure you all understand that.

I'm feeling a little better past couple of days, so here's what's happening in my little world.

Christmas at the shop is over, except for cleaning up the mess.
Started taking it all down after the store closed tonight. Got a lot done.
I have help coming Monday and Tuesday, but was able to do a lot tonight and did not even hurt myself lifting too much. (that's a good thing, as Martha would say). =0)

I have a terrific idea for a new area around the fireplace which will totally change the look of things.
I'm really exited. I've already been scrounging to find display pieces.
You know when you have just what you want in your mind, you can't find it?
Well, I've found some of the things I want right there in the back room. Amazing what you can find when you clean up the place a little!!! =0))
And one idea is leading to another, and, and, well, you know. The excitement begins!!!
Can't wait to surprise everyone with it, both here in blog land, and my friends when they come in.

I'm also working on some valentine ideas. Well, actually, I don't really do just Valentine's day things, I kind of do more 'generic' pink and red that can be used anytime. Pink being my favorite right now.

So, hold on to your hats ladies. Good things are right around the corner!!

Have a blessed Sunday.

hugs and many thinks for all the prayers,

Barbara Jean

PS Speaking of little things in my world, our new little grand daughter is a sweetie, and
she and her sisters and brother always manage to bring a smile to my heart.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I've gone berserk finding giveaways for us.

This one is at :

Mindy has a book she is giving away for her 100th post.
About organizing, or cleaning, or something.

Oh, well, it's free!! Maybe I'll even read it and do some of it.
My friend Pam would love that. =0))

Please tell Mindy i sent you. I'll get another chance to win. =0))

Good Luck, and Blessings on your Thursday.


Barbara Jean


I just found another giveaway.This one is by Sharon at't know yet how to get her cute banner over here, but you can see it when you get there.

Blessings, and hope one of us are the lucky winners!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Carol's Giveaway!!

Entering giveaways is fun, and if i can figure out how to do it, we'll have one here.

In the meantime, I'm passing on some info on Carols Giveaway.
Don't know if this will work or not, but here goes:

Go there, find Saturdays post, enter a comment, and maybe you'll win a Mary Engelbreit (sp?)
collection of things.

Good Luck!

Blessings on your day.

Barbara jean

Sunday, January 4, 2009

After Christmas Sale

OK. I said we'd have an after Christmas sale and it is definitely after Christmas.

Since we were out of town over the Holidays, we are having it next week, (which is actually this week I guess). =0)

There will be 20-50% off most Christmas items.
Advents, jewelry, ornaments, wreaths, swags, centerpieces, angels, nativities, sleds and more.

Scroll down for photos and prices on some of the items for sale.

We also have little girls dresses and skirts, jewelry, purses, doll furniture, kitchen collectibles, tea accessories, (books, cozies), vintage decor, old mirrors and more.

A unique collection of old and new at affordable prices.

We are open Thurs-Sat, 12-6

90034 Prairie Rd

(1/2 m. N. of Beltline. Gray house with white fence. Across from little Deli)


Call if you see something you absolutely have to have, and i will hold it for you.

Blessings in 2009
Barbara Jean