Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Vintage Pins

Till you look inside...

A whole bunch of old Girl Scout pins....

It's going to fun, and a challenge to find out about these...

That is part of what I love about this business..
learning new things.

Just strips of torn fabric

stamped with pleasant thoughts.


all for today.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Boyco Oil or Gas Can

 This is some loot I got a couple of weeks ago.
Loved all the rusty goodness.
Since that flat red can had a name on it,
I looked it up.
Hard to read, but it says "Boyco"

 Found pics and listing on ebay.
It is a gas can from a Model "T" running board.
Over 80 years old!!
(some sights say oil can, so not sure which it is)
 I'm showing pics of front, back, bottom, and all,
as I'm hoping someone will see it and want to purchase it.
This one has much more paint on it than most of the pics I found.

I did not fill it to see if it leaked there or not, but can.

This could have been part of set of three: red gas, blue oil, white water.
Very fun to find out about these old things and find a treasure once in awhile.
$55 plus shipping

Joining these parties this week.
Thanks for hosting ladies. =)
Be blessed all.

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