Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just For Fun

 Wine colored scrabble tiles.
 a whole jar of them. fun!!

  a little pocket watch fun.
outside part of one, spring from another, 
and crystal from another.
cuteness. for, I don't know what. just cute.
and here is a simple  little creative idea for you collage lovers.
How about using the clips off those earrings...
(you know, the ones you took apart and used the jewel for something else.)
Cute to clip little things to your next project too.

Have a super Friday everyone!

barbara jean

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

White Wednesday Project....

 Love buttons.....
 love linen and trims......
and vintage doilies...
coming soon... a project with all three.
Thanks for joining me for White Wednesday.
barbara jean

White Wednesday

Fun Finds!!!

 Here are some of my newest finds..
and a little vignette to share.
I got these two shabby, peely wicker chairs last weekend.
I man they are really peely!
Paint flakes off to the touch.
Trying to decide what color to paint them....
thinking maybe the pale green of the stove behind them.
What do you think??
 LOVE this treasures.
It is an old chipper.
Perfect flower display, and it rolls!!
 sweet little vignette of treasures.
Love the picture of the older couple.
 some other little treasures.
and this clock, which I LOVE!!!
Does not run, but sure is cute and different.

Thanks for coming by.
I'm joining in on these parties today.
Thanks for hosting girls!!

barbara jean

Knick of TimeTuesday

Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Typewriter Parts for Sale

 close up of above pics
another close up
click on pics to see even larger

I'm also throwing in some other small parts,
so you will receive over 60 unique parts.
largest part 7" at bottom of last pic.
Gives you an idea of size. 
These will be shipped in a small flat rate box.

We had fun taking this typewriter apart....
and now you can have fun adding them to collages or other art.

leave comment or email if you have questions.
some parts one of a kind and will not be in another batch. 
I'm joining

barbara jean

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun Finds, Sewing Machine, and What Is It???

 Well OK folks. Here is the latest o the sewing machine.
That 'crank thingy' as I called it previously, is indeed the 'knee' pedal
as some of you said.
We attached it, hung it over the edge of the table,
plugged it in and the machine ran!!!
I threaded as best I could figure out, ran a piece of fabric
 through it, and it sews like a dream....
except that the tension is off and thread loopy on the bottom.
I'm guessing it is because I do not have the bobbin in right somehow.
I'll have to check it out via serial number and see what I can find.
 But here is something cute: see in the top bobbin picture that little button?
If you push on it with your finger it pops the bobbin up to get it out.
Isn't' is cute?? (OK. I know I am easily entertained.) =)
Anyway, this thing sounds and runs great.....
on to some new finds now.
 How about this sifter......It has removable lids on both ends!!!

 here is just an ordinary sifter, but love the creamy yellow, and green.
 some silver 'tongs' of sorts. What are they for???
 not sure. any ideas???
 And...mystery item of the day.....
This is silver, about 3" tall, sits, has 2 lids, with separated compartments.
Lettering: maybe E and H??
Thanks for all your help blogger friends.

have a great weekend
barbara jean

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sewing Machine

OK, so I showed you this a couple of days ago.
I bought this sewing machine from a  lady who could not get it open.
(hoping  I would be able to).
I posted it on here and asked if anyone knew how to open it.
Tah dah!!
My new blogger friend at Lady Locust
told me how and it worked!
Isn't it beautiful??
OK now, does anyone know what the 'crank' thing does??
This machine is in great shape, by no foot peddle to run it.
It may be another one we take apart.=)
Look at this beautiful end piece.

Blessings all

barbara jean

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Rednesday!!!

a little red chair, some old rusty wire, and love this gal's sign.
And here are some signs my other friend makes..
just a few little red letters in them.
Thanks for visiting.
check out the other great red treasures...
barbara jean

White Wednesday Little Idea

This is one of those little napkin holders.
You know, you put the napkins in and
the little loopy thing holds them down so the
 wind does not blow them away?
Well, here is a simple repurpose.
Just hang it on the wall, and fill with little treasures.
The loopy thing becomes a cute decoration on the wall
and the basket part holds cuteness.
It's small so it will fit just about anywhere.
Oh, would have been cute with a little
something clipped to the loopy thing,
or some ribbon.Next time. =)

Now if you love white....
head on over to Faded Charm
for more wonderful white treasures.

barbara jean

PS I finally got my typewriter parts ready to sell.
They are here if you want to look at them.

Typewriter Parts For Sale

 I have 3 boxes of typewriter parts for sale.
All 3 boxes will be similar to items in this pic.
They will be shipped in this small flat rate box.
8 1/2 x 5 x1 1/2".

all for $15.50.
includes shipping!!

First come first served.

thanks for coming by
barbara jean

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Blue Chairs

I got these two ADORABLE chairs at the Flea Market Sunday,
so I'm working on this little corner at the store.
I love how it's turning out.
 Close up of some little treasures.
And this sign is by a new vendor in the shop:
  Slight Imperfections.
Love her work!!!

Thanks for the visit
barbara jean

Nest, and What is it??

new nest on rake.
fun gate with goodies.
new nest, brooms, old tin, old tools, and movie reel.
So fun to gather!!
Love this sign by one of my new vendor's
(Slight Imperfections):
"Friendship isn't a big thing,
it is a million little things."
 anyone know what these are for??
Got a bunch of them as you can see.
They are about a foot tall.
 close up below.

My little birdie buddy says "see you soon".
barbara jean