Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm looking for a Picture

Sorry this is sideways.
I t won't turn over.

I'm looking for this picture.
I probably got it from one of the free graphics sites.
I sold this piece, and someone wants one like it,
or as close as a creative person can make it like it. =)

If this is yours, or you may know where it is found
please let me know

thanks and blessings

barbara jean

Wonderful Flower Tutorial!!

Lilla, of
Just Lilla
has a wonderful Velvet Flower Tutorial at her place.
And, she has other wonderful tutorials.s
I'll be visiting her place often to see what treasures she has..

If you have not been over before, You really need to go.
It is a wonderful blog,
and Lilla is the sweetest!!

blessings all

barbara jean


JoAnne, at
Vintage Lady Dragonfly
had a giveaway awhile back, and I won!!!!!

Look at this sweet package I received.
Love all the old photos and perfect for some projects
I'm working on. Add some lace, little flowers, and how perfect:


Thanks JoAnne!!

Blessings on your day everyone.

barbara jean

Sunday, May 30, 2010

New True Blue Friends, Treasures, and OOPS!!!

Meet Tina Marie,
of Patina Marie blog fame.

And here is Janice.
Now she is the most prepared garage saler I have ever met!

Look at this vest.
She had everything in it.
Look at all those pockets.
Need a pen and paper? She's got it.
money, keys, little tape measure,
hand sanitizer, magnet (wonder what that is for?),
kleenex, and even a reusable shopping bag.
Is this girl prepared, or what??

They are both clowns, and so much fun! =)

They drove from Grants Pass to stay in Eugene
for a few days and play.
Saturday I had the fun of taking them to garage sales,
and show them my little gift shop.

We hit it off great, and it was like we were old friends.

And here is a piece of blue loot from our trip around to sales.

Turquoise does count doesn't' it?
and if it does, here is more.
another mask from the boxes i bought.
no modeling this time.
and how about a blue "B".
(we're going to have some fun with this soon.) =)

and a couple more thrifty treasures.
See those two little vintage frames?
Aren't they great??

And look at the backs.
Just as sweet as the fronts.
The one on the right has raised design on it.
Not sure what it is out of, or anything about it.
Just old, affordable, and sweet.

Oh, you can't be here!
It is not your turn yet.
Come back another day and I will tell about you.


Here is an oops for you.

I painted these chairs black, and recovered the seats
for one of my little Tea & Treats areas.

Then I glued a piece of felt on the bottoms of the legs
so they would not scratch the floor.

Well, who would have though that glue would go right through that felt.

Yep, you guessed the next part.
They stuck to the floor!

and pulled that paint right off!!!

so I decided to glue another piece on, only thicker.
and speaking of thicker,
look at this glue.


It was an old bottle, and sticky mess!!

For an even better glue story,
and a good laugh,
click HERE

Thank you to these wonderful bloggers for hosting today.

Junkin' Monday
Blue Monday
Today's Thrifty Treasures

Every one have a super Monday, and

Today, lets think of those who have given their lives for
our country so that we may have freedom.

Our prayers and thanks to those who are serving now.
It is because of them we enjoy the freedoms we have here.

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Anyone know why.......

The link within just pops up wherever it wants on your post??

I love the link within concept to take you to other posts about like things,
but, sometimes I think readers do not see your whole post.
The link pops up in the middle and they think you are done.

Is anyone else having trouble with that?

Any suggestions how to stop it?

Blessings and thanks,

barbara jean

Giveaway winner

I've posted the winner of the
Cottage Charm Giveaway

And for those who hoped to win, but did not this time,
and who asked if I would make any for the store,
I'm working on them now!!

Please let me know if you would like to be on the order list.
They will be $12 plus shipping and will vary slightly from the original.

Quantities limited till I find more shoes,
and drink more tea. =)
(just kidding bout the tea)
(I have enough shoes for 6 right now).

thanks to all who came by to visit,
entered, signed up to follow,
looked around my blogs,
or just said hi.
I am most grateful for all of you.


Barbara Jean

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pinks to Make You oooh, ahh, smile, and laugh

OOOH! Some pink sweetness tea pots.
Oh wait!!! These are only about 2" tall.
Can't serve much tea in those.
That's OK.

I'm gonna' use them for creamers at my Tea & Treats parties.

Aaaah. Lovely pink painting I picked up last weekend.
And how do you like that non-pink spool of lace.
900+ yards, for $1.00.
Woo Hoo!!!!
And it tea stains up real good.

sweet smiles
Here is some really pink sweetness.
The two sweet girls on the right are my granddaughters.
And their friend, helped serve tea to a group of 9 today!!

And here is the oldest one (above)
a few years ago.
Dressed up like Builder Bob.

Don't ya' love that face?
It was her "This is my mean look, I'm serious' face." =)

And here is my Pink blogger this week.

Lynn @ Tea cup Stitches

Lynn has a wonderful blog, and does gorgeous work.
Glad I found her on Pink Saturday last week and could not wait to feature her this week.
Be sure to go visits and tell her I sent you! =)

Oh, she's having two great giveaways also!!
You won't want to miss the pinkness going on over there.

Be sure to visit Beverly for Pink Saturday

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If you are loving the vintagy baby shoes,
you just have to go see Thespa's blog,

Vintiques Workshop

She has gathered several adorable baby shoe ideas from aournd the web,
including two adorable shoes she did.

And, Don't forget about my giveaway.
Go HERE to enter.
Ends tomorrow night!!

Blessings on your day,
Barbara Jean

PS Forgot to mention she is having a giveaway too!!!!
Great loot, get on over there! =)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Giveaway!! Baby Shoe Bouquet

Be sure to go HERE
for my giveaway!!

It is posted on my other blog.

sponsored by Kim @ Twice Remembered

Good Luck, and Blessings Everyone

Barbara jean

Red, Green and White Unfinished

Been buying games to use the tiles to make things.

I think this may have been two games mixed in together.

But how fun is this??
Cute little squared off cubbies to make your words in.


How's this for red??
It was in one of those $4.00 boxes I posted yesterday. =)
You say you want more red????

How about some green instead?

One lone flower plant blooming in the middle of weeds.

And what about this cool yard decor at my friends house.

And here's a little white for you.
A sort of tissue tracing type paper I got at a sale.
I buy nay kind of paper I can, cheap, and experiment with it.
Wad it up, tea stain it, rip it, make flowers out of it.
Just like to play. =)

And here is a project I started Thursday.

I finished it, then accidentally deleted the pics of it.

I'll show you another time. =)

Happy Wednesday!!

I'm linking to these parties today.


Barbara Jean


Whatcha Working On Wednesdays

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crimped Paper Question... ANSWERED!!!

I'm trying to figure out how to make those 1/8" strips of crinkled paper?
(used as filler as above).

Do you use a paper crinkler and then run them through a shredder?

Or is there an all purpose crinkler/cutter on the market??
(and is "crinkler" even a word??)

Or do you just have to buy the stuff??

thanks friends.

barbara jean

DeeDee's Craft Spot

She had the answer and it was just what I hoped for.

Crinkle the paper first,
then run it through the shredder.

Now, to find a 1/8" shredder. =)
Thanks DeeDee

And thanks to all who left comments.

I'm Gathering Goodies

I'm gathering goodies so I can join in on the Cottage Charm Giveaway.

Be sure to check out my store blog tomorrow for details.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boxes of Goodies, and Blue Treasures

How is this for blue?
It is a feathery mask,
and was in a box along with the wonderful appliques below.

This is just a sampling of the 55, yes, 55!
that were in the $4.00 box of goodies.

And here is another box.
Does not look like much till you start sorting through it.
(be sure to click on these pics so you can really see what I got.)

Yards of assorted trims, pompoms,
(which will see someone elses craft basket)
cording, fringes galore. (great for my Victorian purses).
Some larger corded fringe like for pillows.
The lightweight fringe I buy sells for $6 yard.
I got this whole box of trims for $4.00!!
And I had the fun of sorting through it all. =)

Here is my newest, turquoisy blueish find.
Cute huh??

And some galvanized tubs.

And how about some rustic garden chairs?
My brother brought these by.

So those are my treasures for today.

Tomorrow another baby shoe tutorial for you.

I'm linking to these blogs today.
Please go check them out, and thank our wonderful hostesses.


barbara jean

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