Monday, February 28, 2011

Tinware, Italian Book, and Slipper Sweetness

A dusting of snow on my bunny.

Anyone love tinware like I do?

Just look at this set.
I'm thinking maybe used for camping?

I looked up the Sigg Switzerland name.
They mainly made thermos bottles;
thousands of them!
Anyone know anything about these?
Not sure what I will do with them.

And another one of my vintage books I found lately.
This is the tallest one on the left.

Belonging to a young man's Italian grandparents,
it was to help them learn English.

It has hundreds of pages of illustrations, sayings...

And look at these lovely Victorian blouses.

I hope I can do some art from these.
OOH OOH! I'm having an idea.
What about some small framed pieces with these prints,
and the words in them. I like it!

I'm not sure how much English they learned,
as this book is in perfect condition but for the
ever so perfectly worn cover.

And here is a little ballet slipper sweetness for you.

And a garden urn too.

Blessings on your day

barbara jean

Pin Cushion

Sweet pin cushion order.

Like it Vicki??

Looking for candle holders to make more of these.

Blessings all

barbara jean

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog List Back, and ETSY Changes, Phooey! MY BOOBOO

Remember my post about losing my blog list?
It seems to be back.
The more blogs I quit following, the longer my list stayed.

Too sad about blogs I had to quit following,
but, at least it is back.
Thanks to all who tried to help,
and shared my frustration.

ETSY Changes. Phooey.
my booboo
must have hit a button like Vicki said.
now logged on and is back to normal setting.
sorry ETSY!

barbara jean

Playing with Camera & Watches

checking out these watches I'm going to sell.

oh of course, it turned sideways.

all right side up in my photo program.

Well, guess I will just turn sideways so I can read names.

Fun and games. huh?

barbara jean

Other watches for sale HERE

Games and Clues, New Stuff for You

A "new" game.
I do not usually buy games for the store,
but I just loved this one!

Wondering how many games are still made in USA?
maybe lots.

Here is game board....

and the pieces.
Love those little game tokens.
A whole family.
And look at those great cards fro making sentences.
Not sure if I will keep it all together,
or sell as individual parts.


Remember this?
and this??
I showed you some parts last week,
and you were guessing what it was.
Her are more. Big clue here.

And this. How cool is this?

and these?
They are all part of this.

an old adding machine.
(think it has another name but cannot remember it)
I am taking it all apart and selling the pieces.
Already have a person dying to get parts of it.
How fun is this?
Cannot wait to get to inner most parts and see what we can play with.
Wonder what the number type look like out of the machine.
New Stuff:
Old electric Popcorn Popper

more parts
(these are for sale.
Rust? or not?)

garden urn, and ballet shoes.
(and see my little hand made eye glasses?
tutorial coming soon.)

More on my store blog, HERE.

Blessings all

barbara jean

Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog Banner Help

My daughter is working on my banner for my web site.
I want to use 3-5 pictures of my own art in the banner.
Maybe some of the ones posted here.

What I need is some kind of 'frame' to put them in.
A 'frame' around them.
all I have been able to find so far are banners already done.

Anyone know where I would look for just some scrollies,
or something simple to use?
She just wants an HTML code for it,
then she will put my pics in it.
Know what I mean??
Hoping for free, but can pay a bit.


barbara jean

PS My web banner will also become the banner for my blogs
All will be the dame, except for links to other blogs,
tutorials etc.

A Little Spring & and a Photo Holder too

Time to being out the Spring dishes.
Two cups and saucers.....

and a creamer and sugar bowl.

What's this??

Another view.

figure it out?
It is an old sander.
Slip the paper in and clip the red thingy over.

Perfect for leaning a ph0to or little book on.

Little vignette....

With a new "Remember" sign I just finished.

Remember, "This is he day the Lord has made,
I will rejoice and be glad in it."