Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Vintage and Thrifty usually get all mixed up together.

So, here goes....

Thrifty Thursday

with Leigh

vintage thingies thursday

A little Thrifty Vintage clock and drawer tray.

Love that color!!

fifty cents each.

Some bric a brac.....

a very shallow shadow box..
an old frame...

old, or made to look old, advertising print wrapping paper..
a little old tin candle holder...

and the green candle holder!!

(Your gonna love it in the Spooky" section coming up later.)

Nothing over $2.00.
(I'm smilin')

A "what's this?" pile for 50 cents.

a close up of the "what's this?"

(wait and see what i am doing with this little guy. =0)

A plastic bag of.....

Can't get any move photos to load, so guess
I will have to tell you about this thrifty find next time. =0/

Be sure to go see all the other thrifty and vintage finds.
Happy Thursday Blessings

barbara jean

~White Wednesday

~White Wednesday

Be sure to go over and see all the other
wonderful whites, and thank our great hostess.

A few little white treasures.

A hand-sewn (by me) white pumpkin...

A beatfuil vintage collar....

a hand-sewn (not by me) little white doll dress....

a few peeks at some goodies coming up next time....

hmmm.... very curious...

and this????

and another mystery????

I'm having so much fun in my craft room right now,
and working on changing the whole store around!!!

So many fun things to come.
blessings on your week.

barbara jean

Monday, September 28, 2009

100th follower giveaway!!!

Common Ground.

Just look at all these goodies!!!

I really want this prize, but I'm passing it along to you, too.

Best of luck and may the best blogger win!! =0))


barbara jean


The day to show all your projects!
The Big Reveal!!!

The final day of the Challenge!

So glad you are here and I can't wait to show
you a few more frame projects.

So take a look here then go on over to
Tam's @ Gypsy's Corner and check out all the others.

Three or More Tuesday

Three or More Tuesday

If you are participating, Tam has the link set up at her place.

Here we go.

Oh boo, boo.

No matter what i did to this photo,
it would not turn itself the right way.
Looks right in Photo smart, but not here.
Anyway, these are just some tiles from an upward game.
Paint the edges black, glue them in a frame,
and wallah!!
A bit of a boo, boo. =0)

Here are a couple of fun pieces,
made out of hinges and a watch face.

(were going to have a contest with the hinges later.) =0)

Which one of the three do you like the best??

Here is my favorite verse again.
Ps. 139:17,18

And here is my latest and greatest project!
I am just lovin' this!
Going back to dollar store to get more
crows and have some more fun!!
There will be crow homes all over the place.

This special piece sits or hangs.
I'll get measurements and all and post it on my gift shop blog.
It is $22.00

Whether you have one,

or many projects finished, get yourself linked up

over at Tam's Gypsy's Corner,
and show us what you've done the past 3 weeks!!

There will be lots of projects and 2 or mores to see.

I want to take one more opportunity to thank Tam again,
for letting me guest host for you these past week.
It has been so much fun!!
After today, be sure to join Tam and I
over at Monica's Expressly Corgi for
Get R Done Friday.

Get R Done Friday

Get R Done Friday
You can continue to challenge yourself to do a project a week,
and then share with everyone on Fridays.

Blessings to all, and thanks so much for joining in.

Barbara Jean

I'm also posting this on

second time around tuesday

second time around tuesday
2nd time around hinges, bottles, and frames.

and the DIY Fall Party


And DIY Day over at a soft place to land

Get your Craft On Tuesday
at Today's Creative Blog

thanks to all our wonderful hosts for these special days.

The DIY Fall Festival

Here is a bit of something I put together.

Take an old lantern,
a dollar store crow,
some spiders,
a black can of spray paint,
some cheesecloth,
and a bit of nesting material.....

and make it into this...

A bit of Halloween magic.

And put it into a display...

and it looks like this.

(I have also added a little sign now)
"Crows Nest"

OK. now fly on over to the DIY list of other great Fall Ideas.

on your Monday.
barbara jean

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get R Done Friday

Get R Done Friday

hosted by Monica, at Expressly Corgi.

A little of this, that, and everything!

OK. Now this is starting to sound like the norm with me,
but belive me, I really do finish things once in awhile.

It's just that, well, uh, oh what can i say.

I flit!!

I go from project to project as the mood hits me.

I leave piles in a path behind me.
No kidding.
(just ask my husband.)

Making pumpkins here:

Sachets here:

Sorting this:

cutting these:

started these mini- pumpkins....
dark chocolate brown with sequins. Still needs trim.

These are some things i actually got done:

cut some key stencils....

cleaned this out......

Got a thrifty tip done...

And started more projects.
like this (wait till you see how it turned out!!)

(I'm lovin' it!!)

and started this.....

OK everyone. I'm done flittin'.

What did you get done this week??

smiles and blessings and thanks for joining us.

barbara jean

Next week i will reveal most of these projects so stay tuned. =0)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Vintage Thingies Thursday.

Here you go with another dual post.

I suppose i do not buy anything much that is not thrifty,
but sometimes they are thrifty, and vintage.
A double celebration then!

Like with these binoculars.

Definitely thrifty. ($3.00)

Definitely vintage.

And definitely one of the most unique pairs
I have ever seen.

Look at the awesome patina and aging going on here.
These are brass, and have metal around the eye pieces.

And can you read the words around the eye holes?
Paris Merchant Marines
Day or night

Here is another thrifty buy,
and although maybe not vintage, old at least.

These are cards from Bingo places here in Eugene,
but they have been closed for years. I mean years!!

I did not measure them,
but think they are about 9x9.
They are on thick cardboard and covered with plastic, and
need cleaning, but they are a bargain,
so you will probably not mind.
FOR SALE(3 for $1.25!!)
I think i have 18 of them left.

This little pile of treasures was garage sale find
where a sales rep was cleaning out her last years inventory.
They were 10-50 cents each.
I bought some, and when i went back the next
day they were half price!
An even better deal.
So i bought more. =0)
butterflies and dragonflies,
fleur de lis stick- ons,
some metal fleur de lis,
metal tags,
two finished tags,
and some little woodlets wood cutout shapes.

And this is not a thrifty 'thing' but a thrifty tip.

Instead of stamping my good paper for each little project i am doing,
(being i am not a stamper and do not always do it well)
I make a master on plain white paper.
That way if it boo boos, or does not stamp all the way,
my good paper, and project are not ruined.
I make a photo copy of the master on my good paper.
Saves time, money and frustration,
especially if you are doing a number of things with the same words.

Thanks for joining in, and be sure to go
visit the other blogs and see all their treasures.

Suzanne at Colorado Lady
Leigh @ Bloggeritaville

barbara jean