Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Metal Fun

Were you here when I showed you these parts on Tuesday???
I asked if anyone knew what they were from?
 Well, here are some more parts ..... from the 'inside'.
 and underside.....
and end..... any guesses yet???
 this is sure to be a giveaway....
 or maybe these are.
 For sure now......

you guessed it!
 A sewing machine.
or at least parts of one.
Here's the story.
I had this sewing machine on a cast iron base.
No one would buy it.
So, I decided to take it apart.
I took the machine out, and selling the base as a table separately.

Then I started taking the machine apart.
Just for fun. Just to see how it works...
and to use the parts.  
like this end with the needle shaft and holder.
the back side is even cool.

 and look at these close ups.
 fun huh???? I'm lovin' it.
and I'm going to use the stripped down sewing machine, 
with wheel, as a plant holder on the patio. (for sale of course).
any other ideas????

This is the second piece of 'machinery' I have taken apart.
It is so much fun. hmmmm.What next I wonder?

thanks for coming by for my craziness.

barbara jean

PS stay tuned: I think I will make a collage out of the parts.
Dare to be different I say. =)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Whites...Elegant, to Scruffy

 Elegant and beautiful white dishes with pink flowers.
A gift to my granddaughter.
A bit of art done.
A reminder of all Jesus has done for me,
and how much He loves me and takes care of me.
and set in a vignette.
and scruffy baby shoes. love these.

I'm joining Kathleen's wonderful White Wednesday.
If you love whites you do not want to miss this blog.

White Wednesday 
barbara jean

Well, I call them Ammo Boxes...

 red boxes anyway. what would you call them????
 what is it????  whatever it is, it has....
 cool handles.... =)
and is fun to display in.
and what is this??
Today is Rednesday.
blessings everone.
barbara jean

Lovely Graphics

has the most beautiful graphics she has put
together for all her friends.
(and she lets you know the sources.)
Do hope you will go visit.
Thank you Megan!!!

barbara jean

Old Metal Love

 I fell in love with this old waffle iron......
 call me crazy, I know.
 but look at those cute little legs....
 and a little display. I like it!!
 A little more old metal for you....
 rusty, dusty, crusty old level.
and it works!!
And here are some mystery pics for you.
 Can you tell what these parts are to??
 More fun tomorrow. =)

barbara jean

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wonderful Giveaway!!

My friend Rosemary, at Villabarns
 is having another wonderful giveaway.
I do love that girls work.

barbara jean

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun Springtime Blues

Joining Sally for blue monday.
thanks for hosting.
You all have a great week.
barbara jean
Blue Monday

A Few Fun Finds

 A few more fun finds from our vacation 3 weeks ago.....
LOVE these huge buttons.....
 7 of them. Up for grabs.....

 sewing notions inside...maybe in a little basket..
What do you think??
Paint it white??? Leave it

 Here is an advertising letter openeer.
Could not find out anything about it on the internet.
That means either very rare.... or very common.
and here are some other little treasures.

Still more to unload. Cleaning and
 getting into computer a long process...

Thanks for ocming by

barbara jean