Monday, November 30, 2009

What's Red, White and Green all Over???

That's my sweet fella planting mums for me.

and here are the rest of
My Wednesday Treasures.

A variety of whites....

Miss Ava with the little tree i gave her to decorate.

A cool old white barn...
white and part of my outdoor Wednesday.

Soy candles in fancy glassware.
I make these so it is a brag too.
Boardwalk Bragfest =0))

Mini Pin Cushions
(another bragfest favorite,
and for sale at the store.)

Some really cool red now....

Don't you just love this old trike?
It even has a working bell on the handle.

This is grumpy.
He did not really want his picture taken.
(kind of looks like my fella sometimes.) =0)
Just kidding!!

Another red brag.
I make these little guys for different occasions.
I even have a sweet little gal in the kitchen with her cooking stuff.
I'll show you sometime.

"Whoa!!! Not so fast down this hill!!
Hang on everyone!"

And here's some more braggin', just for Jan.
(She loves it when I brag.) =0))
And oh, I almost forgot, I made the letter holder too.

Just finished this today.
It's a letter/card holder.

Gotta love that face.

I'm participating in all these wonderful events today:

Beary Old, and Lots of Bears

Today I am joining in on
Second Time Around
Three or More

Here is my second time around today.

An old wringer washer top
in an old tub.

These are part of my decor at the front of the store.

I will never forget when i was litle and helping my Mom wiht the laundry.
As I waas poking the clothes into the wringer with a stick....

Yeah, you guessed it.
My arm went in too.
Clear up to the elbow!!
Boy did I scream loud,
and boy did my Mom run fast!!

Oh sweet memories! =0))
Here are some 3 or more bears for you.

"Boy are there a bunch of us here today.

I'm kind of the 'plain Jane' of the bunch, so i wanted to go first."

"Here's my friend Sophie.
She hangs out at the new green desk."
Doesn't she look sweet in her little school dress and sweater?"
"And that hat... To Die for!!"

"and Mary Lee lives on the top floor,
right up there with the birds."

"Fifi has a little corner all to herself.
She likes to read a lot,
but in her tutu??"

"And Margarete is always in and out with her dance classes."

"These are our Christmas friends.
You know, the ones that only come around
when it's Christmas and we are all baking goodies?"

"who me??"

"This guy just comes and listens to the radio the whole time he is here.
Won't get any work out of him. =0)"

"No telling what these two are up to!
Oh, I see, waiting for time to open presents."

"Thanks for coming by and letting me introduce my friends to you."

second time around tuesday

Three or More Tuesday

Three or More Tuesday

Don't be Blue, Cute Things for You.

No, We are not really closed.
This is just part of my Blue Monday Post.

Blue Monday

My sweet fella in his Blue jeans.
(wonder what he is contemplating??)

Me in my Blue Apple apron, making pies.

OOOH. And a cute little blue bear.
(well his sweater is blue anyway.)

Here is a quick and simple decorating idea.
For Christmas you can put in gold balls
and those little $ store beads.
And you have probably seen it other times on here with:
bird nests, pumpkins, doilies, and poinsettias in it.
A Birdcage is a must have for decorating in my book.

And here is a little tag I made.
Will be working on these for the store soon.
Right now, Snowmen to paint!!

I'm particiapting in all these posts today.

Home Made Holidays
Kathy's Cottage

Blessings on your Monday.

barbara jean

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Look What I Won!!!

This is what I won via random drawing at Nori's
Love 2 Create

Can't wait to get them!!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Mind was busy, but great!


barbara jean

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pinks to keep your hearts, and tea, warm

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday

Our sweet girls a few years back.

Miss Isabel and "Vickie".
Matching PJ's made for Christmas a few years back.

Our little Ava, now 5, at ballet class last year.
she's the one looking at you. =0)

Pink and purple tea cozy at the store.

Pink Dogwood tea cozy.

I found a terrific blog and want to share.

Miss Rhea's Sweet and Shabby Roses

Rhea has a beautiful post up of soft soft and sweet pinks for pink Saturday.
(This is last Saturdays post, but I bet she has something wonderful this week too.)

And be sure to go to Beverly's at How Sweet the Sound for more pretty pinks.

Pink Saturday

That's all for this week.

Blessings and hope you are having a great weekend.

barbara jean