Monday, March 25, 2013

My Newest Treasures

 Hard to say what is my fave of my new treasures on this post.
Victorian Door Bell....
 cool old photo album,
more about that later..
The small books are called "Penny Books".
(at least that is what the lady I bought them from said).
I got 33 of them...all green.
And in the back is my second perpetual calendar.
 and this is totally cool.
I'm new at this antiquing thing,
but I have not seen one of these before.
It is an address book!!
Not sure what is missing at top, but
this is how it works...
 You 'dial' to the initial you want,
and then push the little stopper thingy to the left,
then the book opens up to the page you wanted!
woo hoo..
but, below is the most cool......
 This phone from 1940.

 Missing the little mouthpiece thingy, but the
cool green color makes up for it.
What do you think?? a keeper??
Thanks for coming by.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vintage Sewing Machine

Fell in love with the cabinet on this machine.
No, not fancy, or wrought tron, or lots of cool drawers,
but I thought it would make the most adorable desk..
painted white, antiqued..
See the top leaving against right side of cabinet?
Just fold machine down, and set on top, instant desk!

  and I love the old machine too.
Look at the detail they used to put on them.

  love the detailing. Molded iron...scrolly. so beautiful.

 more detail.

 look at the end piece.
I just love it all.

 and rust!!! =)
You know how I love rust.

That's my treasure for today.

be blessed
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Lamp Parts for sale


This sale is for 7 lamp parts.
Brass or Bronze. Not sure.

They ate 7 1/2" long and 5/8" across on ends.
Threads inside on both ends.

Click on pictures to see the beautiful detail on them.
Each has a small 'loop' on them towards less ornate end.

Price is $14.00 ($2.00 each)
Plus $6.00 Shipping & Handling
Total  $20.00

PayPal or money order for payment.

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Rusty Treasures and Fun Ideas

 Rusty Treasures.
Yep, this is a pile of 'stuff' that I used the rust/patina formula on.
Rust and Patina How To Here
Some of these were new in the package, (like the little latch toward the top).
Some were used. All were metal, but assorted kinds of metals.
The watch case on the right was brass, thus the beautiful patina blue.
The thimble turned a bit blue also.

close up of latch.
also, thimble, right below latch. Can you see it?
It started to turn a bit blue.....

Here are some pieces I am getting ready to do.

Will show you when they are done.

 fun idea
an old wire basket.
I think it is about 18" across, and not very deep

It was hung on a blank wall,

 with some clip boards hanging in it, and a book on the shelf.
(Just the beginning of a cute display.)
Will fluff some fabric around, and maybe hang some old keys in there too.

See the picture above....the weird kind of really rusty thingy on the bottom?
Do you recognize it???

It is an old drapery hook.
You know, we used to hang those big heavy drapes with them?
(it is upside down here)
They are perfect for hanging things over a piece of wire, and
easy to find at garage sales. I have a whole bag of them!!!
Who would think????  =)
(OOOH!! I'm getting another idea for them!!)

Cost of my project:
basket  $15.00 
Rusty hooks....guess  5 cents each.
clipboards/book etc...already had.
Thanks for the visit.
Be Blessed
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Pretty Pinks

 I decided to try my little lace flowers in pink.
Yes, the one on the right is pink too.
Can hardly tell in this photo.
(Free Tutorial HERE)

 A counted cross stitch by Paula Vaughn..
Pattern from the 70's.
Hoping someone will finish it....

doilies and linens...

sweet ribbon and crochet doily my Mom made.

 A little pin ballerina slipper....

my sweet little Granddaughter on her birthday!!

 I'm joining Beverly for Pink Saturday today.
Be blessed everyone

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Bits of White

 Just some new little bits of white....
Little teddies in a white wicker chair.
Seen better days, but still oh so cute.
Would be cute with a plant on it too.

My 'brand new' petticoat.

 not really white, but wanted to show you anyway.
An old perpetual calendar....

 A sweet little mannequin my new vednor made.
Too much patience for me to do.

and lastly some old wire garden fencing,
and some old windows.

Just had to show you a little something so I could play at these parties today.
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Country Whites Party March 15-17 

Held jointly at
The Country Farm Home

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Treasures

  Thought I'd show you my new lamp today....
and another treasure I just found.
So above is the top of the pole lamp I just got.

 I think it is a kerosene lamp, and there is still wick in it too.
Wonder what the glass part looked like.
(of course they are always the first to get broken).
Anyone know anything about these old lamps?
Just found out from one of my readers,
this is an Aladdin lamp, pre 1952.
Here is link if interested in reading more.
Thank you Granny Sue for this great info.

 Here is the base.
Isn't it wonderful too??

And here is my next treasure today...
Can you tell what it is?

Does this help??
Probably not, but love this old leather handle.

OK. Now I'm sure you have guessed it.
Yep. A vintage Victor speaker.
(is Victor short for Victrola??) =)

Hope you enjoyed my treasures today.
Oh, here is just a little something I made 3 years ago..

I really only added the song title across the top 
to a free graphic from
She makes the cutest things,
and and also does wonderful graphics she
lets us have them all to use for our art.
Do hope you will go visit.

Be blessed every one and have a great week.

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