Monday, August 26, 2013

Bags, and Cars, and Photos

This and that post today:
 I'm making gift bags for the shop now.
Just for my customers when they need one for a gift.
I just made this one a few days ago...
'Love the soft colors.
(The graphic is from The Feathered Nest)
Be sure to check out all the sweet graphics Dawn shares.
They sold the day I made them, and
the lady wants more.  so fun!!

No idea why I bought them.
I pretty much just buy what catches my eye.

These cars are handmade, and so clever how he used nuts and bolts and washers.
 This red one is a very thin metal. Not sure how it was made, or where.
And just above it to the right is an old cast iron car. 

This is my greatest treasure find this week.
This old album and pics were brought in by one of my customers.
It is what is left from the old album, and not anyone who knows who they are,
so I was able to purchase them from her.
(moral of that story is, label your pics!!)
She had no clue if they were family or who they were.

Here is the album.
It has seen better days, but would make a great project piece.
(I forgot to take a pic of the inside. It has all the little cardboard slots for the pics.)

Five of the pics are tintypes. 
My friend came into the store and I asked if she knew anything about them.
All she knew was they were about $35 a piece when she wanted to buy some!
Wow! Blew my mind. 
(at $8.00 each I'm sure my dealer friends will be scooping those up)

all for today.
be blessed
(these are some parties going on today)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Newest Finds and Treasures

woo hoo. My Outdoor Bedroom was featured at 
Go take a look at all the sweetness over there,
and join in this Wednesday if you can.  
OK, here are a few of my latest finds.

 tennis racket holder, old CB radio, buttons, 
office goods, and that really cute little lamp.
(perfect colors, and it works!)

These are barn door cool.
I may be starting a collection....=)

This vintage paper cutter is only 6" wide!!
So fun to hang on a wall.
Uh Oh. May be starting a collection of these too. =)

My newest bread the green.

Grand Father clock face.
Also have innards,
and the cabinet. 
Piecing it all out. fun.

rusty goodness..
plant shelf, and more old milk cans.
I do love my rust.

And this last treasure.
Almost 100 year old violin. (or so I was told)
Neck is coming away from body of it,
but still has lots of appeal sitting in case, or hanging on wall.
Loved the case too, and below is a close up of the neck (or whatever it is called). So pretty.

That is just a small part of the treasures I have been finding lately.
More to come.

be blessed.
joining Angie at

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beautiful Whites & Creams

 We had our Vendor Market last Saturday,
and this is the Outdoor Bedroom we put together for it.
I've wanted to do it for along time,
and this time finally got it together, with help from my Mom
and my friend who helped me with the sale, before and during.

The back drop is a section of fence I got from a friend.
We added curtains across the top, using some shelf brackets,
and let kt drape down on the sides.

An old headboard and food board, attached to some old springs made the bed.
Then we added burlap and a wonderful crocheted table cloth to the top if it.
(Love burlap and lace together).
We added pillows....

(more burlap and lace)

  and some decor to the headboard. Old sconces and a picture of Jesus.

Then put a tray covered with music paper, an old stoneware plate,
book and gloves too.

I love how it all turned out.....We are leaving it up for awhile,
 but all the parts are for sale.. When they are gone we will be 
able to put some other cuteness

but I'm in no hurry. =)

Be blessed everyone,

joining these parties.
thanks for hosting ladies