Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun Displays

 Just for fun...
new buggy displya,
done by my granddaughter/right hand girl. =)
old books look good anywhere,
but in an old locker basket..
very fun.
another display at the store.

things will be chanigng alot in next 3 weeks.
Getting ready for our big sale.
Go to our web site for pics of old shows.
Email if you would like to be a vendor.

blessings all

Knick of Time Tuesday

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lace Angel Wings

I made these from a tutorial from
She has an amazing blog, and is so creative and helpful!

 The first pair I did out of muslin,
as per Dawn's wonderful instructions....
But then thought....
maybe pre gathered lace would be faster..
(me being the impatient person I am). =)

And I love them...
I sprayed these with a mist of silver shimmer like I did the muslin wings.
(click to see larger)
I have to is soooo good to be creating something again.

thanks for visiting.
PS Dawn also has free tutorials o her side bar. =)

J/J's Antiques Ranch Shop

 Taking you on a  quick tour of a new place we visited Tuesday.
My sweet fella has been carting me all around
since I hurt my neck and back and cannot pick things up yet.
Shopping is really not his thing,
so this is really sacrificial love for him.

This place is in Scio, a bit over an hour from our place in Eugene.
This is the cute 'gate' where you pull in.

 This was the ceiling in the 2nd room we went in to.
This room had games, books, and old toys...
 This was an adorable little garden area out back. little 3 walled covered area,
sweet little patio table and chairs... Pictures do not do it justice at all.

My sweet fella checking things out for me.

 cute cart I thought about getting.
somehow did not end up with it.
Our shop is so full right now, I do not know where I would put it anyway.
 more stuff.
I cannot even begin to tell you how much stuff this pace has.
Several outbuildings, a barn..
all crammed to the brim with 30 years of treasures....
Well displayed by the daughters of the owner.
It is a real family affair.
 lots of garden things....wonderful ideas..
rust too!!!!  =)
 The Barn....full and upstairs too.
They built this several years ago as all the buildings were full.
My eperience is, you fill whatever space you have,
 and they did.  =)
 more cuteness and outdoor treasures.
 This is the 'bathroom'.
Yes, an outhouse. A real outhouse!
Had not used one of these for years.....
but since we were there 3 1/2 hours I did get to see inside this one. =)
 one of the went on and on and on.
There were doors everywhere, one room lead to another..
and isle after isle of treasures.
 see all those buildings??? full!!!
This is another little garden section.
OK, now the details so you can go visit if you are in Oregon:

J/J's Antiques Ranch Shop

Address: 39800 Cole School Road Southeast, Scio, OR 97374
Phone: (503) 394-2209
open Monday-Saturday

I will recommend that you wear a coat, hat, and gloves...
and comfortable old shoes, or boots and be prepared to dig!
And allow yourselves itme to see it all.
We were leisure about our looking...and there about 3 1/2 hours.
That did include a lovely chat with the owner Joyce, and her daughter Peggy.

blessings all and thanks for joining me on my tour.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blissful Whites Wednesday

 this is a roll of vintage lace I just got....
Not real vintage...from 70's or 80's.
Wonder how many yards are on on this roll..
it is about 12" across.
The piece behind it on the card is 1970's French lace.
and a non-white roll of rusty wire. =)
 old jars I just got. Cold Cream, Hand cream, and unlabeled rusty lid jar.
love it! =)
 LOVE this old clock.
No clock works in it, but oh so cool.
It is about 10" across.
cute kids chair....yummy and chippy...
I might have shown you this already, but here is my.....
 new vintage crib at the shop.....
isn't it sweet??

even better filled with treasures.
(my granddaughter did this display for me.)

thanks for coming by...

Now, go meet our
New hostess for a Wednesday white day:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Angel Wings

My friend Dawn, at The Feathered Nest,
has great tutorials. (lots of pics, easy to understand)
I got this one (angel wings) from her....
and made up my new wings right away.

I always do the first one just like the pattern,
then add my own touch after that.

I just could not wait to show you this first pair. =)
(lace ones to come)
I added spray glitter to them, but
not sure you can see it in the photo.

Thanks Dawn, for such great tutorials.

blessings all

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Treasures

fun new finds for the store.
This wonderful green & rusty wheelbarrow.
this cart my sweet fella made...
I got the wheels, and he added the boards.
This is really cool.
I call them metal hat forms....
cute on a wall, or on a base for display.
How about a red tin?
It is 1 qt size, and the 'lid' slides back and forth.
Anyone know what it is for??

I just sold a little match holder with the same pattern,
then I got this.
Can anyone tell me what this is called so I can look it up??

and last for today, is this Bingo Shaker for Numbers...
and here are the cool square numbers.
I've never seen square before...
has anyone???

all for today
joining these parties. go look around!!
thanks for hosting ladies. =)

Knick of Time Tuesday

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Of course it is!!

My friend Susan at
puts together the cutest things.

Hope you have time to hop over and see it all.

Have a great weekend all.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Jewelry at the Store

 More of Brenda Lee's Beautiful Jewelry at the store...
and at her etsy site.
I love the colors she is using.
 all so sweet. love the hearts.
 sweet and simple.
more new pieces.

Please come visit....or see Brenda on FB
 under Brenda Lee's Jewelry.
She has a new page, and I'm sure she would
 appreciate the visits and the likes.=)

blessings all

PS here is link to my FB page if you'd like it too.

Vintage Metal Egg Shipping Crate

 Some jars I just got....
that Coca Cola 'straw holder' is short.
anyone know what it is for???
supposed to be old but does not look like it.
Other jars, very unique, galvanized lids and some have handles.
Coffee jars??  old I know. any help is appreciated.
 Just a bit of 'stuff' in the kitchen area..
and this is what I am really here to show you.....
 a circa 1920's egg shipping crate!!!
Is this amazing???
It was for shipping 2 dozen eggs.
This one is from Montana.
 inside the box is this paper..
Tells who it is shipped to,
how to pack it, how to unpack it, and other information and ads.
 and here are the little packing cups,
with the original packing papers!!
 Here are some of the aged words on the outside of the box.
 2 Dozen Eggs,
and eggs on each end of box.

I am soooo excited about this find.
and Yes, it is going in the store.....=)

thanks for coming by.

I'm joining, even though late, Knick of Time Tuesday