Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vintage Marketplace Outdoor Market

Photo: Aug. 3rd * 9-4
Vendor apps. still being accepted.
Email Barb Treasures from the Heart,leave a comment, call me, or come by the shop: 90034 Prairie Rd, Eugene.
I'm there Thurs-Sat 12-6

link to pics of former sales 
Our vendor sale is this weekend.
don't miss out.

Sat. Aug 3rd, 9-4

check out these photos from
previous sales 

Blessings all

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fun New Display

 I love this old stove,
and I love thinking outside the box,
so seemed like a perfect combination for a new
display as you walk in the store.
(In case you cannot tell, this stove is sitting on a table)

 close up of stove details....
click on pics to see larger....
 love this!!!
(if stove does not sell soon, will part it out.) =)
And this is the display under the stove.

Thanks for visiting.
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be blessed

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Old Burglar Alarm

 I found this old burglas alarm the other day.
Has the brand name "Safeguard" Alarm Company,
Council Bluffs Ia. Cannot find any info on it.
Anyone know anything about them?

has cool dials and all.....
but hate to take it apart cause it is so cool this way.
Here is back, complete with battery.
Wires still on it, but worn pretty thin.

thanks for stopping by.

be blessed

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Finds Friday

 Fun Finds yesterday and today....
and old church board..
what do you call these anyway?
100 yard roll of lace, and a cool patio lantern.
 maps from Sunday School classes.
Very old.

 how about an old drinking fountain?
And love the light from  a guys barn.
Any idea what you would call that to look it up?
It is from a hardware restoration store.
 closeup.... thinking about 15" tall? forgot to measure,
and an old scrap book, a boy scout necktie in box,
and..I think the cream ceramic thing is a bed warmer.
It is very thin 'glass' whatever it is, and is from China...
I mean my brother actually brought it over from China...

Hope you have answers to some of my questions.
thanks for coming by.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Deamy, Creamy Finds

Some of my finds lately:
 love this tiny little Tootsie Toy piano.

fun idea: use anything that will hold magnets and make a display out of it.
The item holding the old photo? a 'striker' for starting fires.

this is a beautiful charcoal peace. She seems so serene.

and my unusual find, for me, are these bowling pins.
I always said I grew up in a bowling alley.
My Dad worked at one, and we were there all the time.

Have a super fun Blissful White Wednesday


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"New" Carpet Sweeper

Love this old decal on an old.....

Carpet sweeper.

Just a silly but fun find.....

My little store keeps me pretty busy now,
so I am not blogging as much.
I do post quite a bit on my FB page,
so if you want to see what is happening,
check things out there.

blessings everyone.
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Knick of Time Tuesday