Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blissful Whites Christmas Display

 Getting set up for our Simply Shabby Christmas at the shop next week.
(Nov. 14-16)
Here are some bits and pieces of what we have done so far.

always try to have a sled and ice-skates for decor.
Of course they sell fast.....
found a 'spare' sled today at thrift store,
wo we will ahve two at least. =)

Mantle, a bit different each year.
Someone already wants the cathedral mirror....
Did not even make it to the sale.
close up of our tree, with my 
lace flowers on it. 

have a super week everyone.

Lovin' those whites, and grateful for our hostess at Blissful Whites Wednesday.

PS My "Spring" Tree from last week has gone over great.
Sold the first ones, and now orders.
Lot of work, but love the whole simpleness of it.=)