Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bits of a Spring Garden

Hope you will go visit her beautiful blog.
barbara jean

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a Note

On the fringe....

On the outside looking in.....

Whiling away the hours.....Till I see..

Letting the light shine in....
and feeling happy again.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

God's Amazing Creation

Just some quick Spring pics for those of you who
are still be visited by Winter.
On my walk.....

beautiful tulips...

and Pansies.
And a reminder.....
of Christ's death for us.
All of us!

Blessings as you celebrate His resurrection.
barbara jean

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Pink Saturday

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Favorite Things & a "New" Book

Bits and pieces of one of one of my favorite collages.

No time right now for any creating,
so hope this old favorite will inspire you.

Here is a new banner I put together in Banner Maker.
Not bad for a rookie, but the one my daughter
is designing will be so much better.
If you want to take a peek at the idea we are
working on, go HERE.
Glad to hear any feedback you have for me.
When finished, it will be on all my blogs too.

And this is my new book.

The American Woman' Cookbook, 1944.
A bit tattered and faded, but wonderful inside.
$12 + shipping

Thanks for coming by

barbara jean

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time, and More Time, Vintage Watch Faces

Some fun whites for you.
Baby shoes, and a silver beaded tassel.

New pitchers, and some hand made wire glasses.

Vintage pocket watch faces....

and more...

close up. Just loving my latest find.

44 vintage watch faces!!!!

love the crackled ones with some of the enamel missing.

and this is what I am working on now.
Fun huh? Looking forward to end results.
Time to go.

Blessings and Happy White Wednesday.
barbara jean

Please go over to Kathleen's for more lovely whites.

White Wednesday

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebrating Spring, with my Little Friends

All my little friends want to say hi!!

They're just hanging out, waiting for blue sky.

Peeking out here, peeking out there.

Celebrate Spring!!

I think it's here!!!

Happy Spring Blessings
Happy Pink Saturday!
barbara jean

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This & That, Ribbons & Bugs

An old friend, that has to go.
When we opened the store 3 years ago, I bought
this big, old heavy typewriter.
I was great space filler in the 1 room
we opened the store with.

Now it has to go, as we need the display space, even though
we have opened 4 more rooms since we started!!
It is so funny to look back at how sparse our 1 room was
at the beginning. How on earth did I ever open a store?
I'll have to round up some pics to show you.

Here is what you find when you start cleaning and rearranging.
Bags of goodies! We'll peek in those later.

Here is one thing I found.
Anyone know what it is?

The bristles are very stiff, and that little black
part folds out. Brush too stiff for nails I think.

And what do you do with 2 drawers FULL of ribbon you never use?
100 yard spools! Some never even used at all.

And tons of those little spools, too.
Now I only use the oldish bias ribbon, cause it is so
soft and lovely!

Beautiful color....
(and some of the ribbon).

and love this dragonfly doorknocker.
Another find while cleaning.

So, more cleaning and sorting today.
Have you found any cool stuff while cleaning out at your place??

barbara jean