Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Springs & Crows

we recently got some, and have cut them into small useable pieces.
See part of one behind that rusty bucket??
Great to tuck in the garden too....
plants love to grow on them.....
 here is a bigger one in an old cart....
waiting for some other fun things to be thrown in around it.
 of course in the Fall, one of my fave things is crows....
These are available at the $ store (or tree)?
See how this one is sitting on a single coil of spring??
Single spring $2.00,
so this project is only $3.00....)
 close up of spring with Spanish moss on it.
a spring with a 'boo' on it and in a little vignette.
You can also sit little pumpkins on them, or candles.
or turn them on their side and put an old picture or mail.

 and you can sit crows on.......
in...or around anything...
old lanterns, boxes, sewing machine, typewriter....
even an old work belt.
Now...go decorate!!
Joining 100 ideas under $100...

blessings all
Beyond The Picket Fence

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

White Wednesday.....French Books

So LOVE these shabby "white" books...
Cannot speak a word of French, 
but they are so perfectly aged......
Here are some pics from one.....
love the graphics ....
isn't it great????

Made a little tea bag rose sample for a gal who
 wants to do 250 little boxes as gifts at her wedding...
with my tea bag roses on them!!!! So fun!!
We are having a 'tea bag rose making party' this week at the shop.
Not sure how she will choose to do them,
so stay tuned......

 ....I so want one of these cubby thingies...
not so fancy, or big....and does not have to have removable drawers...
I'm easy to please......My sweet fella was with me when I saw it.
Hoping he will 'surprise' me with one.....
(not....but he is great and I love him anyway.) =)
I actually have old fence boards....and the ability and tools to make one...
just not the time. =(
I did have the time to take a quick pic of some 
of the ironstone creamers and gravy boats we have at the shop. 
Bits of this and that.....=)

Blessings all.
Joining Kathleen for White Wednesday..

Sale at the Store......

 These are just a few outside things we have waaay marked down.
 There are also a lot of things in the store that have been marked  down.
 I have been buying so much new stuff.......
 I do not have room for it.....
 so please come help us out.......
 and take some of these wonderful treasures home. =)
barbara jean

open Thurs.-Sat. 12-6

Monday, September 24, 2012

Brass Numbers Patina

Remember these numbers I showed you last week??
They were bright shiny new brass numbers..
I put them in an old pan,
added my secret potion....=)

and look how they turned out.
Like?????? Well, you know what a sharhing person I am,
so my 'secret' potion is not really a secret.
Here is the link on how to rust and patina new things.

Here is another treasure I used the same 'potion' on.
This is a padlock my sweet fella took apart for me.
(I just wanted to see what the insides looked like).
These turned out differently because they were a
different kind of metal. So fun to play.=)

Enjoy, and please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
I'm on FB too. 

I'm joining Tutorial Tuesday......lots of fun ideas there!!

Hope Studios

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Treasures......Unusual Treasures

 Here are a couple of treasures you do not see every day.
These are off an old Victrola that was in  a cabinet that was falling apart.
The top one is the fast/slow dial.....(sorry it is blurry)
 This is the brand name, and info about it.
Such a cool graphic on it too.
Be sure to click to enlarge.
 Small World Globe Back from the 50's.
only 5" tall, and has stopper in it still.
 wonderful old Queen Elizabeth tin from 1953....
 Old clock keys.
All for 8 $36 include U.S. shipping.
 old sewing machine.....Spartan.
Great porch or garden decor....perfect rust!!
Found another old windmill. Must be about 8' tall.
 And my very first old wooden wagon wheel!!
so fun. (Broken up on bottom, but who cares?)

A good week of finds....more to come. =)

 Happy Monday, and have a great week.


barbara jean

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tin Lovin' Girl

 Just a few pics of tinware at the store....
coffee pots.
 mold.....little coffee pot.
 funnels, kitchen tools.....
 water pitchers........
 more molds.....
another cool old pot...
not much tin on this....
but great lid....
and cool old butter churn.

blessings all..


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

White Wednesday Pumpkin and More

 I have good news..and bad news.....
 The good news is...I got this terrific metal box.....
for only $1.00.
 look at all the ways it could be used for display.
cubbies to set things in, and a little shelf on top....
sideways, it has cute little shelves....
 another way to have cubbies.....
Bad news ...the guy emailed me and said it was not supposed to be sold. =(
wah, wah, wah!!!! (he had my email cause his wife is a customer at my store...)
His wife sold it by accident and it goes with some mechanics stuff.
enough bad news: good news....
I got another pumpkin done.
I think Ilike it the very best...
but then I think I say that with each one. =)
(made by my Mom)
Some crinkle seam binding, and some bling.
and here it is in a little vignette.
and here is just a silly little idea..
an old tool belt with crow and pumpkin in it.
You can make anything Fall just by adding some fun!!

Hope you are all having a great week.

I'm joining Kathleen at White Wednesday.
A fun place to visit if you like white!!