Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Blue Monday!!
Take a look here, then go on over to
smiling sally's
to see all the other blue.
Thanks for hosting smilin' sal. =0))

Blue Monday

This is the bottom of a jar i have had for years.
I'm thinking since it says "Dijoin"
it might have been am mustard jar.
Maybe like gray poupon?

I've always kept it just because it was so different.
Any feedback on what it says??

Found Out!
It is indeed a mustard jar.
Found one on Ebay. Same thing.

(starting bid $5.95_

Love creamers, and usually get cream creamers,
but thought this blue was lovely.
So, now with my cream creamer i have a blue creamer,
which i enjoy even though it is not a cream creamer.
But, since i do not really have a place to put a blue creamer,
which is not a cream creamer, it is at the store for sale,
along with the blue mustard jar. =0)

And this is just a little something to make you smile.
Be sure to click on the picture for the best smile.


Barbara Jean

The Winners Are:


Dragon Lady

Congratulations lady's.
Please email me with info as to where to send your prizes.

Blessings to all,
Barbara Jean


2 cards of my latest design
(may vary slightly from photo)

A bird nest in a flower.

Or a few card making supplies.
Not assembled yet.)


so lovely creations

mermaids treasures


a little shabby always chic

Congratulations gals, and thanks for coming by.

thanks to all of you for being such a support and encouragement to me.

Watch for more surprises.

Barbara Jean

A Surprise Prize Giveaway!!!

I decided for my 300th post,

I would give 3 little prizes out,
and would give them
to the first 3 people
to leave me a comment today!!

Blessings on your day everyone,
Barbara Jean

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I won a giveaway over at Clare's Cards,
and I got it in the mail yesterday.

thanks Clare. That was fast!!!

Look at all thess goodies!!
A little black and tan album to put my own pics in.
Two bags of great embellishments with 'sparkly'.

(She sent me her first card with her new flowers on it too.)

Let's see what else.
Two packages of stick on embellishments.
A Winnie the Pooh card, with him layered 4 times!!
That gives it a lot of dimension.

Then there were 3 little butterfly cards, again very dimensional.
(click on pic to see them better).

And her note was written on a little bird not card.
Isn't it just simple and sweet?

Thanks Clare, so very much.

Be sure to go visit Clare and see her other creative treasures.

Blessings to all,
Barbara Jean

Friday, May 29, 2009


Nothing spectacular today but some good ol' finds..
I did get something I'm excited about, but
will show you tomorrow night.

Here are some kitchen supplies to add to my collection.

And some cream lovelies, and candle holders,
and a pestle and mortar. (which is which??)

Here are some bird houses and bias tape.
and trey are sitting in this:

And how about some candle holders?? ($3.00 for all!)

Since I seem to be falling asleep sitting here, better get off to bed early.

Blessings on your Saturday.

Barbara Jean

In my previous post i mentioned my poor little doll's hair.
I was sure it was not intended to be there,
and that someone had just glued some on, or tried to.

My friend looked her up and, guess what?
She did have hair! It was mohair and that is how she came.
Her hair being mostly gone must have just been an indicator
of how much she'd been loved.

Well, before i found all this out, i determined it did not belong there,
and i tried a couple of methods to get it off; Without much success.
I finally just started pulling it off!
Pretty gruesome thought i guess.
Picture me with that poor helpless dolly, and me pulling her hair off.

I did not get it all off, but she does look better.
At least it is pulled off evenly now. =0))
And, she just looks like she is loved even more.
I will look for a hat for her now, in addition to some clothes.

God night to all,
Barbara Jean

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Flaunt your Red Party

Brought to you this week by Stacey at
Poofing Your Pillows.
thanks Stacey!!

Red boots

Bits of red on bear

bare bits of baby hair.

Horrible isn't it?!!

This is my sweet baby i showed you this morning.
I just did not show her hair because it is so awful!
Look close at the detail on the dolls head.
Do you think the hair was glued on
and not on there originally?

I'm thinking i will just try to get the rest off.
Maybe goo gone?

We will be clothes shopping for her soon.

Blessings and Have a great weekend.

Barbara Jean


Project Friday
No offeical one, just me again. =0))

I have decided that i am going to make Project Friday
a way of committing to get some things done that are way over due.
(If anyone knows the site for Procrastination Posts let me know.
I definitely fit into that group!!)

So each week i will post a project i have either started, or need to start,
and the next week, hopefully, I will have it done.

Remember last weeks project Friday?
The two "boxes"?

Well, Here is the second one done.
The first pin cushion was a little fancier,

but i thought just plain and simple was good for this one.

Just plain and simple, yes,
(but still needs a little something.....)

Next weeks project photos were accidentally deleted,
but the project is a little Dr. coat for my sweet granddaughter's
doll Vickie. (18" American Girl type doll).

So far it is cut out.
This was her birthday present last year!!
Her birthday is in August!!

So, till next time....

Blessings, and happy whatever it is you are doing. =))

Barbara Jean


Still time to sign up for the giveaway!!!

Click HERE to enter mine,

then go over to the hosting site listed
on my post to enter more.

Good luck!!!

Barbara jean

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It is

Thrift Store Thursday

Thrift Store Thursday

Go on over to Holly's and check out all the
loot that has been collected lately.

Here are some of my finds this week.

Spice Racks
I got two of these. $1.00 each

At another sale i got
A birdhouse, silver and glass bowl, candle, perfume bottle,
and, not shown, 2 bags of craft supplies, a wicker mirror,
a big oval white shabby mirror, two other small wicker pieces,
greenery, a wooden heart, and.....
an old doll.

All for $8.50!!!!!

Vintage Thingie Thursday.

vintage thursday

Go on over to
colorado lady
and check out all the wonderful vintage finds this week.

My pics are of one of my finds at a garage sale today.

Oh, little broken feet. =0(

little hand

little sleepy head

that's now awake

on a little doll.
isn't she great??

She is one of my finds at a garage sale today.
You will not believe what i paid for her.
She was part of my treasures from the Thrift Store Thursday post.

All that and this special treasure for $8.50!!!!

Guess you know i am dancing, singing, and
jumping up and down over this one!!

Blessings, and have fun at whatever you do!!

Barbara Jean

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

anyone catch my boo boo when i posted this Wed??

Take a look at the unfinished project at the beginning of the post,
(under 'this is where we left off')
Now look at the very last photo that I said was the finished project.
Wrong pic!!!

Here is what the finished treasure really looked like.

You guys better keep an eye on me. =0))

It's Paper Crafting Wednesday

over at Kelli's House

Paper Crafting Wed.

Be sure to go over and see other great paper crafts,
and enter the drawing each week!!!

This is my "To be Continued' post from last week.

This is where we left off.

I had you gather up your supplies of trims,
buttons, laces and whatevers to finish trimming.

Here are some photos of different ways I did
some cards using the same idea only simplified..
Instead of using a mat, all is done on a piece of card stock,
each piece dry brushed and glued on as you go.

In the above grouping I have 3 different sayings,
finished 3 different ways.
It's fun playing, and i like 'more',
but for the "Enjoy the Simple Things.." card,
I thought less was good.

Here is another example of different trim,
and also an envelope.
I always add something to the envelope to match the card.
This time just simply dry brushing the edges of the flap.

close ups

And this is the finished piece from last week.
I just add things till it says 'done' to me.
You can't see the hanger well, but it is a piece of black ribbon,
tied in knots at the ends and glued on.
I did not take a photo of it, but i like to finish the backs
gluing on dictionary or music paper.
Just gives them a little surprise when they turn it over.
(Oh, idea!!! Could add a verse or leave room for a special note too.)

If you have any questions on how any of this is done,
or are interested in purchasing any of these items,
Please email me.

Blessings, and Happy Wednesday!!

Barbara Jean


I can't wait to see what i get.
This is my lucky week!!!!

This is part of our very neglected raspberry bushes.
Today we were cleaning them out,
getting ready for another 'fruitful' year.

I'm on my hands and knees
yankin' away on the weeds,
and there it is, on the ground,
tucked into the base of the plant
with weeds growing around it!!
Can you see it???

Here is a close-up of it.

And another pic.
Four little eggs tucked inside.

I was surprised at how large and rough
the nesting materials were.

I carefully took these pics,
then tucked some weeds back up around it.
I hope we did not disturb it too much.

We'll be watching to see what happens.

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

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