Thursday, September 29, 2011

ETSY Question


I hope I am not opening a whole can of worms here, but I'm hoping someone can help me understand about some items on ETSY.
I asked about buying some digital work from a vendor.
Her write up says they may not be used for making things for friends, or for commercial use.
I emailed and asked if I can make some things to sell at my little gift shop.
The answer was no. they are not for commercial use. (guess I never though of my little place as 'commercial'. I thought it meant like making thousands).
So, if I cannot use them to make gifts, and I cannot make a few to sell, are they just meant to be used for making myself something??
I have another inquiry to the vendor to clarify, but just wanted some feedback from my friends here.

I hope no one gets their feathers ruffled over this, but I guess I think if you pay for an item, you should be able to use it more freely. (please do not yell at me. I'm feeling very sensitive today.)

blessings blogger friends,

barbara jean

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toy Telephone & Milk Cartons

 Today is Rednesday........ so here is my red sampling for you.
I know this old toy phone is not bright shiny red any more....
 and it does have splashes of other colors....
but I just had to show it to you anyway. cool huh??????
and here are some old milk cartons.
 I thought since they said Chula Vista Dairy
they must be from California...but.....
 They are actually from right here in Eugene.
Must have been long ago,
 cause I grew up here and never heard of it before.
So, two new additions to the shop. Fun!
Thanks for visiting, now please go see even more reds.
click below.
barbara jean

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beautiful Old Book

Wonderful old prints.....

More to come......


All these beautiful pictures are from this 1882 book
Mother, Heart and Heaven. 
A wonderful book filled with poetry, prose, and music.
and here is another flower I made, I finally got the singed edges right!!!
happy white Wednesday everyone

barbara jean
White Wednesday 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blue Monday, and This & That

 Blue Monday brought to you by Smiling Sally.
This is a small hand stitched table cloth.......
 that has a small pocket on each side, with a cute little napkin in it. sweet???
 and this is a vintage pillow top. Hand stitched also.

This is not part of my blue..... just some Rustic Stuff from the shop.
 What is it??
 Looks like a lizard tongue.
 I have some of these wood shoe things at the store,
but have never seen one with this metal screw thing before.
Anyone know how it works or what it is for? thanks

If you love blue go on over.
Blue Monday  
Thanks for hosting Sally.
blessings all and have a great week.
barbara jean

Friday, September 23, 2011

Crow Pumpkins Closeups

New vignette at the store.
Love that little violin in the suitcase.
hand made but never finished. still fun
Here are some crow pictures for my friend Dorthe
at den lille lade.
She has an adorable blog, and does unique and
wonderful art for her ETSY shop.
Crow Pumpkin #1 (above) This guy has silver bling in his nest,
a chain in his mouth, and cheesecloth, feathers, and spiders everywhere.
#1 SOLD. Thank you Dorthe. =)
#2  More bling, and and egg in his nest.. Shredded paper,
and of course spiders are hanging out at his place too.
This guy has a feather in his mouth to fluff up his nest.
#3 Some fall leaves add a bit of color to this one.
and more bling. This time gold.
All the crows have built their nests on black 
pumpkins with sequins on them, and a
little twig to fluff cheesecloth on and
make a home for the spiders. =)

OK Dorthe, choose your fave and I'll get it off to you. =)
blessings all and have a great weekend.

barbara jean

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"New" Books

 Found a stash of new books for the store.
 These geography books are a perfect size for journals.
 An old writing tablet. Lots of aged paper in here.
 and a stack of readers...

even a science book.
and what is this???

Have a great weekend.

barbara jean

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crows & Clocks & Lanterns & Stuff

 Just a few pics to entertain you, and hopefully give you some ideas.
a little vignette on the fireplace hearth.
That white wood is a bee keep lid.
On the right is a hand made old shoe repair form.
 Just got a gallon jar of watches and parts.
Wait till I show you what was in there!!
 cute BOO banner and display on old gate.

watch faces and keys in an old drill bit box.
 A fun and unique way to display your little treasures.
(I have more watch faces now)

 little harvest box and display. Did you notice the crow??
and here is a crow on a lantern. I've added a few more at the store.
Love crows and old clocks.
Beware. There may be more coming soon. =)

barbara jean