Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Shoes and Doll Dresses

My new doll.
Mega fun shopping the other day.
This gal was selling her doll things.
28 Rubbermaid bins of clothes!!
So I got this little sweetie....

(She'll be really cute with a little hat.)
29 little doll dresses.
(of course none of them fit my doll) =/

click on pics to see better.

a little slip.
What do you call these?

More sweet little dresses.
Some to alter, some to frame.

And baby shoes!
She had LOTS of baby (and doll) shoes.
Two of those bins full!
So I picked out a few pair.

19 pair and some odd ones!

Some to alter, some just to enjoy.

And these. No, not white.
But maybe that is what makes them so special.

Please join Kathleen and all the gals showing off their white.

barbara jean

Monday, May 30, 2011

Locks, & Locks, & Other Fun Stuff

I hit the jackpot on locks awhile back.
But first. let's look at some other interesting hardware.

Like the thingies above. Not sure what they are for,
but the bend and you can make words out of them.

Some cool old hinges and a handle and back plate.
Here are the hinges.

Lots of them.


a whole slew of them.


red.... old and rusty, with keys, without.
Some VERY small. (that tiniest one is only 1/2"!!)
Some cool ones already attached to something.

And when I was at Mamie Jane's last week
I saw this. It is a holder of sorts.

(Click below to see more)
Mamie Jane's.
(One of my most favorite places to visit these days)
and she links to
Laurel's Chipping With Charm
(who also has great ideas!)

So, I could not find my big hinges, but did come up
with this little photo holder:

It is just an oddly bent hinge, one of two.

Perfect for a little photo.
Or, how about his little odd shaped tin.
(does this look like Texas upside down?)
Add magnet and photo. instant photo holder.
I know, silly, but you know I like different!!
What do you think??

OK. Now,go get those boxes of hardware out and start creating!!
Be sure to let me know if you come up with some clever idea!

Blessings everyone!
barbara jean

A Lovely New Blog

Sweet lacy treasures!!

A cross, and shredded paper, and nest, and egg, and...
Bingo!! You know I love this!

Love this lampshade!!!
All of this, and more at a new blog I found.
(and she has a sweet tutorial from a couple of days ago!)

Blinky La Faye

Have a super day today,
and thank you, to all who have served,
or are not serving our country, that we might have freedom here,
and to their families.

barbara jean

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday Celebration!!!

Congratulations to Beverly,
and Happy 3rd year Pink Saturday!!

I gathered up some friends,
and sat to have a quiet cup of tea....

In my brand 'new' pink flower tea cup from Austria.
Then I remembered!
We are celebrating 3 years with Beverly!!
So I went out to find some...
for the party.
Then I noticed my whole yard was just blooming pink happiness!!

And it made me want to....

So, I'm thinking of you... wonderful Beverly.

And celebrating 3 wonderful years of pinkness!!

Hope you will all go join in on the party!!

barbara jean

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun Finds Friday

Sometimes I find really cool things,
but have no clue what they are.

But totally cool.
It is cast iron, heavy, and about 9" tall
with that wing nut at the top.

Look at this detail work on the base.

Ye olde string holder.
It can stand or be put on the wall.

Pewter child's mug with engraved ABC's

Gifts from a friend.
She knows I love clock faces,
so thought I would like these to play with too.
Will have to do something creative with them.
They are kind of cool. Rust maybe????

cool... spools for wire.

Better get these cleaned up...

and in the store. =)

barbara jean