Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vintage Inspiration & Vintage Black Friday

Here are some fun ideas for Fall displays.
A rusty tin filled with artificial flowers.
Put a bit of sand in the bottom to weight it down,
then stuff some old music paper in the can to hold them in place better.
And see the crow nest on the black metal chair?
Draping tea stained cheesecloth around softens everything.

You can fill a box with unrelated goodies.

You can put anything orange or black or fallish
colors together to make your fall display.
Like this old black fan.
See the crow's nest pumpkin in the picture above?
It is on a heavy iron candle holder.
Elevating things makes them look even better.

Here is a black clock and some bronzed baby shoes.
Fun filler for your display.

And here is some really great Vintage Black Friday.
I got this trunk. Really old, Grandma's trunk.
And in the trunk, were lots of treasures.
I'll show you the black ones today. =)
Talk about old books.
These covers were completely worn off.
Just tied on with a ribbon.
But the insides were like they had never been opened.
The one on the right is black.
It is an 1859 William Wordsworth Poetry book.
And look at this.
Pulled them out and....
I think these must have been Grandma's shoes too.

This trunk was filled with treasures.
I'll show you more another time.

Some of you have seen the "Friends" Collages I do.
Here is a new take on it.
Click to enlarge. =)

Thanks for joining me today.


barbara jean

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rednesday & What I'm Workin' On

This Pepsi Phone really works.

My newest red treasures.
An old tin coffee pot, and an old red metal trowel.
Love old garden trowels.

Can anyone say cuuute?

Vintage pin on a crocheted hat.

And what have I been working on??
This cute box.
Filled with Fall Goodies.

And these sweet packaged tags I made.

barbara jean

StoneGable Giveaway!!

1 Year Bloggiversary Giveaway and Wreath Tutorial

Click on the picture to enter,
and see a tutorial on this beautiful wreath!

Congratulations Yvonne!!!


barbara jean

Monday, September 27, 2010

And the Answer is.....

Gem Iron
In my previous post I asked about this unique pan
I found last weekend.
I had many guesses that it was a baking pan, and you were all correct.

Then I got notes from people from New Zealand,
(thank you Loui, and Judith)
and they shared the details of what it is.
Gem Iron. Used to make Gem Cakes.
They are still being used, although very rarely.

Then I was in touch with Mercedes,
who has the blog Liberty Biberty,
and she sent me to their equivalent of Ebay.
Used and new ones are $16 - $35.
Vintage (which is what they think mine is)
are going for $65 and $70!!

WHEW!! Guess I found a treasure all right.
Already have someone who wants to buy it,
but even with my much more reasonable prices
they may change their mind.

Many thanks to those who sent info to me.

Oh, in regard to Liberty Biberty,
I encourage you to go see her blog.
She has done up some cuuute miniatures.
(like putting a scene in a 4" birdcage)!
You just won't believe them.
Please go take a look.

blessings all

barbara jean

I'm linking up to some of these parties.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thrifty Treasures

Tall, black, iron candle sticks for my 'in process'
mantel display.
Check out the bases on them.

Close up with leaves around them.

Here is another find.
Not so thrifty, but I loved it.
It's only about 12x15"....

and pretty clean inside.

And I got this.
Anyone know what it is or what it was used for?
On the end it says:
"The Delta Metal Co."
Anyone know where Christchurch is?
Sounds familiar, but have no clue where from.

OK folks. That's it for today.


barbara jean

Friday, September 24, 2010

Inspired by......

Can you get inspired by a can of "stuff"?
Maybe excited is a better word?

Not sure what I would do with the innards of the door knob...
but hinges are always handy.
I have boxes of them,
and I'm just sure I will use them some day. =D

But look at these old backplates. Wonderful!

And these wonderful and very old glass doorknobs.

And this doorknob with such beautiful patina.

and this is the other side.

So, would you be inspired to do something with these?
Or is it just the excitement of digging through that 3 lb. coffee tin,
and finding all these treasures?

blessings on your day.

barbara jean

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun Fall Ideas

Display from last year.


Crow Harvest Boards still available.
Here is a fun idea.
A Crow Lamp Nest.
Any old lamp painted black,
a wire shade,
Spanish moss, and some drapey fabric,
and wallah!!

Fun display idea.
Old pages, rusty anyhow, great for Fall displays.
Fun extras:
Branches, cheesecloth 'webs', a black boa.
Not sure what to do with that old fireplace screen?
Spray it black!
They are great for backdrops for this time of year.
(see under table)

Thanks for coming by.


barbara jean

I hope there was enough yellow in those
Fall leaves to count for Mellow Yellow Monday,
and some fun ideas for your Fall decorating. =)