Monday, January 20, 2014

 Since I rarely have time to post any more,
so today will just be some pics, and a few words, about yesterday's finds.
Yes, I said yesterday's.
and this is not all of them. =)
top pic: some of the loot we picked up down the road a bit.
Great rusty stuff....
 here is another 'pile' of loot.
Love that green.

  I buy globes whenever I can find, and afford them.
This dark blue one is quite different than I have seen before.
and very art deco base too.

and red, another fave color.
and rusty wheels with spokes. lovin' it.

anyone know what this is?
it's from the 60's.
Come back later and I'll tell you. =)

be blessed, and thanks for coming by.

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That is where I hang out the most.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Clocks, and Radios, and Other Things I Love

that I can never seem to resist buying.

This wonderful old clock even works.
has key and all.
Isn't it beautiful?
 love the face......
and on some, the crustier and older the better. 
No one seems to care if they work or not. 
just love to display them. like me. =)
On the left in this pic is not a clock,
 but an old sports timer.And it works! a loud buzzer though.

I love how you can just add a clock to any old display and it makes it special.

 Now to old radios, another fave.

Love this will all the buttons on each side.
 again, does not seem to matter to most if they work or not...
They just love the old look of them.
I think this one is much more than a radio.
Click on teh pic to make it bigger,
then see if you can tell me what it is?

Here is one more old radio and I'll be done for today.
Love the rounded edges on this one....
It is an old battery operated Farm radio...
This one can easliy be made to work again

someone elses project though, not mine.=)


I guess I said "other things I love" too, but will save those for another day.

Thanks for visiting.
 be blessed