Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finds From the Farm/1903 Cream Seperator

Found some fun things this weekend.
Had no clue what the item in the first picture was.
It came with this box.

Here is what was inside.
"Antique Butter Cream Tester".
The lady selling it tried to tell m\e how it worked,
but I don't think she really knew either.
(she was helping to sell her friends things.)
So, some cool little glass vials inside.
Here is the date on the bottom, or top? of the tester.
and here is a link if you would like to know more about
the Hazelwood Cream Co. in Portland Oregon.
I cannot find any price info on my great find.
Anyone help me out??
Also found this old Egg carrier.
At least that is what I think it is.
(I'm new at all this farm stuff) =)

an old cardboard egg carton.

Happy Far Monday to you all!

barbara jean

PS don't forget to go HERE for our what is it game.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

a little outdoor decor

some outdoor decor.
An old pump.

Moss and some unusual Hen & Chick in an old wheel.

and some sedum in an old popcorn popper.
Happy outdoor Wednesday!

barbara jean


The Green Machine

Look what I found.
Now it's not really that I am into cars,
or Mercedes,
but isn't this cute?? or maybe cool??
Well, love the color anyway.

Perfect green, and just right chippy.
I don't think you are getting far in this car though.
Look at the square tires?
Wonder what happened that made them square?
Here is what is on bottom:
1939 Mercedes Tootsie Toy USA

well, that is my exciting post for today,
while I am finishing up more little lace Ditty Bags.
I'm havin' fun with those.

barbara jean

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is it???

Can you guess??
These are about 7/8" x 1 1/2"
but can come in a variety of sizes.
They have been rusted, cause I like rust!

C'mon. Give it a go.
Guess what it is,
and if you like 'em, you can win some.

Guess on this post only. Ends July 31st at midnight..

barbara jean

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dominoes to Dainty Ditty Bags

White Dominoes. My first ones.
Only had black before!
Remember my little purse made from a dress sleeve?
I added a little earring.
Just the perfect touch.
and I added a little bow and trim to two doll dresses.
It's the little things that make the difference.
(If you click the picture, you can also see the wire hangers I made.)
And not white, but a bit of info on my brass stencils
from yesterdays post.

I bought the set of 100 (yes there were 100 after all),
and wondered what the value was.
They are selling on ETSY for $2.50-3.50 each!!
(there were some cute necklaces made from them too)
So I did good!! I got a real bargain!! =)

and now my grand finale for White Wednesday!
My very first "Ditty Bag"!!
I've been gathering laces and doilies for several years,
with the intent of making lace purses like my Victorian Bag.
Well, after the first one, I never got around to making another one.... till....
I I found Beth Leintz' blog, Gathering Dust.
She had such a simple design, and great tutorial,
I was re-inspired!!
This was so quick and easy!!
Beth tea stains hers when done, and I was going to,
but I think I love this one just the way it is.
For you non-crafters, Beth has her bags at her ETSY shop.

So, thank you Beth, for the great tutorial,
for answering my questions, and for the
wonderful blog you have. =)

And thank you Kathleen, for hosting White Wednesday each week!
White Wednesday
blessings all
barbara jean

PS Ditty Bag= a small bag to hold necessities.
(my paraphrased definition)
These are just right (about 5x7) for your cell phone,
lipstick, drivers license, and credit card.
all a girl needs. =)
PS I adapted how I attach the lace by using Dawn's method
of gluing, instead of sewing. Even faster!!

Mystery Box Revealed & Blue Question

The mystery box.
Yesterday I showed you this box, and dangled the carrot
that I would show you soon.
I wanted to wait till Wednesday for the
"Would you buy it" meme, but,
my nice side won out!
I guess you know if a box says $20 on it, and it just
looks like a crummy old box, you HAVE to look
inside to see what is sooo valuable.
Above is what the box said on the end.
Did not mean much to me. BUT.....
This is what was inside!
OK. Maybe not too impressive to you so far,
but (again) =)

These are 1" locking brass stencils!
A whole box of them.
all the letters!!
and numbers, and assorted signs!
99 of them!!!!!
(or maybe I counted wrong and there are 100 as the box says.)

Aren't they wonderful??!!!
Now, a bit of a problem:
I cannot seem to find them on line to see what they are worth.
The only way I could find them was made up into necklaces.
I could not even find the company name.
And, I need to find out how to clean them.
So all you wonderful bloggers, help with some info please. =)

And more help:
Blue Question:
Yesterday I showed you these blue enamel bowls I bought.
The pic below is the bottom of one.
It is a Lion leaning up on a column,
with numbers beneath it.
I'd like to find out about them or at least find out
whether I should waste my time finding out or not.
Make any sense?
This is another bowl.
I punched the numbers into computer and got nowhere.
I'm just sure one of you bloggy friends knows about them. =)
That is all for today.
Hope I can get my project done for
White Wednesday tomorrow!! =)

barbara jean

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Found Treasures and a Little Creating!

In honor of Sally, for Blue Monday,
I bought some old blue enamel bowls.
"So glad you are feeling better girl!!"
Some of you know I make my own nests.
Well, this one is not hand made by me,
but a real nest my daughter found on the ground
of their new property.
It is huge!

And I found the perfect rustic way to display it.
It is one of those old Sterno heat dishes.
(there must be a more official name for it than that.)

Here are some bead trims I bought.
I don't really use them much in my art,
but they were too cool, and affordable to pass up.
Hard to see the white ones below,
but they would be really cute on a lamp shade.
I bought this old clock at a garage sale.
I think someone has redone the face, but
I still thought it was good, and it runs.
And it 'dongs' and I did not know it.
Problem is......
I have the key but do not know how to set it. =/
I finally took some time to create. Felt sooo good!!
I made another "Remember" sign.
This one is framed in a more ornate frame than usual,
and painted cream, and antiqued.
(I usually do black frames)
I love how it turned out.

And, my granddaughter, 10, my garage sale buddy,
couldn't figure out hwy I even looked at this old box.
And I did wonder what was in it that
made it worth $20!!
(I got it for a tad bit less)
But you will have to come back to see what is in it.
Maybe you can tell me if I got a good deal, or not.

Oh, I just want to say, I sooo appreciate all of you who visit.
Your comments are an encouragement that keeps me going.

Have a super week!!
barbara jean
Blue Monday