Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A new DIY site

Found a new place....and lots of fun stuff there.
which means you can post your projects on there too. 
They have a lot of cute projects, and tips they have learned along the way.


Here are the sweet gals that manage it.
Jill and Angela..
They have a FB page also,
and have links to their pinterest page on their blog.
I'm sure they would love for you to come and look around,
 and leave them some bloggy love.

Thanks all for coming by


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thinking Outside the "Wire Urn"?

I'm not sure what you call these "containers".
but I call them wire urns......
I love this one; unique, cream, a tiny bit shabby...
I use them for lots of things in my little store.
This one has been full of rolled up music, or dictionary pages, or filled with doilies.
Or just sitting with nothing in it it is lovely.
But I decided to try something new....

I turned it upside down to use it as a "cloche" of sorts.

I put a doily and one of my handmade nests on top,
an old clock face, and "other treasures" inside at the bottom,
and laid another nest (in a coin purse) at the base.
Also added one of  my little Tea Bag Rose Bouquets.

It is so fun and different. Love it!!
What else could we put under there?
Or maybe it would be a great base for a cake plate....

Here is just a bit of something from home.
I do not decorate much here, but have some special pieces I like to play with...
tea pot,

  old lock and keys....white buttons I love....

and another nest. Can you tell I love nests???

OK, that is all the fun for today.

Blissful Whites Wednesday is one of my fave days in Blogland.
Timewashed has a beautiful blog!!!
 and lots of creamy dreamy whites around her home.
And on Wednesdays we all post pics at her place too.

Monday, January 28, 2013

French Room Changes

Did some changing around at the store.
In one corner, and old radio cabinet turned display...

 A little tea area for our customers to have a break and a visit.
Love the folding screen with lace on it.
Lot of light comes into this room in the afternoon.

 closeup of tea area and chairs I painted and upholstered seats.

 My husband's Grandmother's secretary,
 saved for our granddaughter when she is ready for it.

 a little shelf of treasures...

and some random fun finds...

angel pin  sold
 these items sold. sorry.
stove sold. sorry.
Thanks for visiting today.
I'm joining

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Area in the Cottage Room

We did some rearranging at the store.
Moved Ruby, my mannequin, from the French Room
 to the Cottage Room.
The small cabinet (made from a drawer unit with 3 of drawers replaced with shelves)
was also moved to the Cottage Room.


close up of dark creamy posts and old scale.

and some treasures on the top of the cubby/shelves.

Fun to make changes, and I had 2 wonderful friends help me.

More to come...

blessings all


Knick of Time Tuesday

Monday, January 14, 2013

Steampunk in a Bowl

Bits of this and that for the creative mind.....
great for you Steam punkers out there. =)

have a super week everyone.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Display, and Some Old Treasures

 New display at the store.
I sold a tall shelf that was next to a cash register....
so had to improvise to get another tall thing there.
So I put a suitcase down first,
then turned a wood box with lid on it's side....
opened the door up...
put an old tool carrier on it's side...
hmmm. seems to be a lot of putting things on their side today. =)
Then I filled cubbies, hung things on the door.....
oh, take a look at that old spring with twigs in!!
(click to enlarge)

Here is a close up of the old pulley I hung.


I made a make shift ring for the old keys I just bought.
Already had the old rusty wire. perfect!

 Here is the tool carrier filled with treasures...

 an old iron on top... 

and here is whole corner...
I added a clip board with old French Book,
some old tins in front of suitcase,
and a little black case on top of the black box.
was so fun to 'create' again.

blessings all and thanks for coming by.
joining Knick of Time Tuesday.
Thanks for hosting Angela.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beautiful Victorian Jacket

 I have this beautiful Victorian Jacket at the store now.
Above is the front of the jacket.....
 and the next few pictures are close ups of the various
areas of lace....the front and back panels..

and the sleeve below..
and here is the back of the jacket....
These pictures do not do it justice at all.
I should have modeled it for you....


Please go check it out for lots more wonderful whites.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bits of Vintage Treasures

 Bits of this and that I love...
old white buttons...
old sewing machine I use to take pictures on....
a real nest...(I make my own also)

 inside gears of old sewing machine.
I love taking things apart.
 fun and unique bird cage....
something special coming up with this...
 My sweet fella's baby shoes...
and leaf skeletons and a real egg.
and old keys...
just replenishing my supply for the store.

joining Knick of Time Tuesday.
Thanks Angie for hosting!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Old Friend is Back


 One of my fave bloggers for some time, Mamie Janes is back.....
She has been off for awhile 'cause of a very, very rough year.

So glad to see her back with all her cute projects, and sincerity of heart. 
Hope you will go say Hi, and be sure to snoop around.
She has some incredibly fun repurposed projects.

blesssings all

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fun New Blog

I found a fun new blogger....

Teresa loves rust as much as I do!!! 
Look at a couple of her finds.

 She also has great links to some other rusty stuff.....
tutorials and fun pics....

Go check it out...Be sure to tell her I sent you.
Oh, she has pinterest and FB pages too.

blessings all