Monday, August 31, 2009



There were 354 crystals!!
(I counted them twice!)



WITH A GUESS OF 317.......
(closest without going over)




email me for instructions. =0)

Thanks to all for playing.
Want to do it again??

Go on over to Diane's @

a picture is worth a thousand words

and Tam@

Gypsy's Corner

Three or More Tuesday

Three or More Tuesday

This is a combination post of second time around
and three or more.

Here are some vintage, and not so vintage, buttons.
Some will be made into treasures,
and others just packaged up and sold.

Can you believe the gal i got these from
sewed them all on these plastic canvasses??

OK. Bottles.
I just buy them whenever i can, cheap.

They are great for a lot of different crafts,
or just to sit around on their own.
Some are just spice jars,
and others have some value because of color and writing on them.
I'm learning as i go.

Perfume bottles.
(That's another collection of it's own.)

These are 'new' bottles i just got. =0))
(in a vintage basket too).


watch faces, well i guess really, crystals.

Just a few.....

And a few more...

And a few more!!
Hey. Let's have a contest.
Whoever can guess the closest to the number
of parts that are in this bag,
will win a few of them.
(and maybe another little treat).
Deadline: Sept. 8th

(Please enter only on this post.)

Guess that means i need to count them. =0))

Hope you enjoyed today's post.

and I'd love it if you came again.

barbara jean


Amanda at Serenity Now is having another
Decorating Dilemmas Party.

It is Sept 11.
First one was a great success and very fun!!

Don't miss out.

Barbara Jean

Cloche Party-Sept. 11

Fall Cloche Party-Sept. 11

Can't wait for this!!!!

I'm gathering up all my oddities
(well, i mean, unique pieces) for this party.

Go see Marty for the details.

barbara jean



Lots of great guesses on this rusty dusty thing.

What it was actually for was washing greasy parts.
Not sure if used by mechanic or machinist,
but parts were put in here,
"strainer" hooked on edge of a bucket, and
solvent poured over them to clean.

That's what I've been told anyway.

Thanks for playing.

barbara jean

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blue Monday

Buttons, and boxes, and blue trees.

Blue Monday

Go on over to Smilin Sally's after this,
and see all the other wonderful blue treasures.
Be sure to than her for the great hosting job each week!!!

As usual, I think variety is the spice of life...
So, let's spice it up a bit....

Blue Buttons
(I have 6 more sheets of these.
They will be my 3 or more soon).

Blue Trees?

These are peach and plum trees.

Anyone know why these are painted blue??

close up of blue trees.

This is one of my upcoming projects...
Hmmm. bird nest?
Or sea shore?

And, I know i already posted this new item,
but just so love it, had to show you again.*


Thank you to Martha, at
apple tree cottage
for the graphic for this box.
(I may put together cute little boxes, and make bird nests,
but if you want to see delightfully painted treasures,
you should go visit her.)

And surprise!!!!

Bet you did not expect to see a snowman this time of year!
This is a box i did last winter.
Only got one done for the sale,
so will do more this year.
Don't ya' love him??
Did you see the little red birds??

Blessings and hope you have a great Blue Monday.

barbara jean

*many thanks to Martha
at Apple Tree Cottage
for this graphic.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bird Nest Box

I've finished another nest box.

Go to the
gift shop to see more..

Bird songs and sunshine to you!!


Barbara Jean
Raccoon Story

Go Here to read the raccoon story.

Blessings on your day.

barbara jean

cloche party - Sept. 11 th

Cloche Party - Sept. 11 th
Click on Button for

Hosted by Marty at A Stroll Thru Life

OK, get ready everyone.
If you love cloches, and great ideas, and pretty things,

you will love the cloche party Marty is giving on Sept 11.

I think my little friend will be there.

(not a good picture I know,
but this little guy lives under this 2 1/2" 'dome'.)

See you there???

Barbara Jean

Friday, August 28, 2009


Here's a pic of some of the loot Sammy Girl
is giving away for her 50th post.
Best get on over there and get signed up.

Bonus is, you'll get to read about her trip to England.
smiles and blessings,

barbara jean
Time to Finish, Flaunt, and Crow all about it!!!

Rooster Party

Barb and Bella Vista

Get R Done Friday

At Expressly Corgi

Thanks ladies, for doing such a wonderful job hosting!!

Good Morning all!!!

Sorry this is late, but had computer problems last night.

Here is something I finished this week:

From This:
To This:

To this.
TA DA!!!
On going project of changing rooms in order
to have a new display room at the store.

We moved all the frames to another room.
(3 projects in 3 weeks challenge coming soon.)

And moved some of the Christmas bins to the bathroom.
Can you see these are stacked to the ceiling?
Good think we do not shower there. =0)

Still cleaning on this mess.

Here's some Red, and Roosters to crow about!

A clock.
Doesn't work, but thought just for a wall hanging was cute.

A rooster tea set.

I bought this at a sale,
and just thought it was a cast iron book stand.
Not till i took the picture did i realize it was a rooster!
Can you see it?
Paint it red?? Black?? Leave it??

Oh, almost forgot that little guy who has been
cut out of metal with a torch of some kind.

A red rooster coffee pot.

Oh, and this poor fella.
He has a mate somewhere, but i could not find him, (or her?)
so gave him this book on birds to look at instead.

Here is the bottom of that guy.
Any one know what all this means??

Oh, how did you get in there?
You are not a rooster.
Well, she's so cute, I decided to let her stay.

Hope you have a sunshine day. =0)
Smiles and blessings,

barbara jean

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oldies, but Goodies,
and other treasures

vintage thingies thursday

Suzanne at Colorado Lady

My post today is on my vintage thrifty finds,
and a bit of other treasures.

For those of you who are used to seeing my $1.00 boxes of goodies,
this will come as quite a shock!
I actually paid $5.00 for this little pile of treasures.

included were:
a small purse for girls dress up
a pile of sewing 'stuff'
tatted and crocheted pieces,
3 hankies
a 'witch' (have not figured out what that is yet.)
3 old books, I mean very old!!
(More about that in a bit)
And two old, very old, staplers.
(those and old books my fave parts.) =0))

This is one of the old books.
It is a lovely old hymnal.

There is no date in it.
Look at the beautiful way they have done the pages.
How just an edging instead of straight lines adds to it's beauty.

And see that little brown leather book in the top photo?
It is "In Memoriam".
A collection of poems by Tennyson
dated 1849
It is in most wonderful condition.
Both books seem to have almost not been used at all.

This is inside the front cover.

and the
next page...

and the poems.
There are 136 pages of beautiful rhyme in this book.

I'm looking both of these up on
the Internet to see if i can find their value.

(FYI- I found the Tennyson Book online.)
Value- listed at $58.00!!!!!!
I'm smilin' =0))))))

OK, here is an old 'what is it"
Give me some feedback on this and I'll see if what i think is right.
FYI should have told you it has holes in bottom.
Good guesses, but no 'winners' yet. =0))

Last, but not least,
A BIG old cart.
This thing is H E A V Y!!

OK. That's it for today.
Hope you are all having a wonderful week!!


barbara jean