Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finished Bird Nests in 2009

Because I have been sick for awhile,
and because I have already posted some of my newly finished things on other posts,
I decided to show you some of my favorite treasures I have done this year.

Bird Nests

I make my own,
and I love to put them on or in unusual things.

Like spoons.....

or two....

or like 1 1/2" pins.....

or frames with old music....

Another framed piece, in sweet Spring colors....

A flower nest out of handmade lace paper,
sitting on a vintage glove....

How about an old rusty and patina piece,
or a little tin scoop.

*or old light fixtures....

jewelry boxes...

and tiny silver plates painted black.

So these are a few I have done.
Some still available at the store.
(click on bird nests on the store side bar)

and there is a

Bird Nest Tutorial

Bird Nest Tutorial

Finished for Friday

Lit and Laundry

Funky Junk Saturdays

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Get R Done Friday

Get R Done Friday

This is the last Get R Done at Expressly Corgi.
I want to thank Monica for hosting this fun event,
and getting us going on our projects.
Please be sure to go over and thank her,
and visit Finished for Friday at Lit and Laundry.

Thank you ladies for hosting.

Happy 2010 to all my friends.
May you be blessed with good health, peace, and hope in the new year.

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Oh Oh!!

I almost forgot!

Come back tomorrow night for a surprise!!
You'll be glad you did! =0))

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Frugal Fun, Thrfity Finds, Vintage Pretties

Great fun!
Not too much money!

This is a pic of my Daughter and I at a Mom/ Daughter Bunco party!
(Can you see us, front row center?)

Is that a great idea or what?
$6.00 to play.
As I recall, Angie won $5.00, and I won $15.00,
and we both had an evening full of laughter,
junk food, and meeting new friends.
Talk about a win, win, win evening!

Below is my thrifty and vintage finds tonight.

Finally got out of the house after being sick a week.
Met the kids for 99 cent yogurt night,
then over to the thrift stores.

Found 3 pairs of vintage gloves, 1/2 price!!!
(were $2.99 a pair)

And found a hole bin of these little photo albums.
Pink leather.
about 3x4"
Holds 2 photos.
And guess who is turning these .25 cent cuties
into something special for Valentines Day. =0)

Thrifty Thursday

Thanks for coming by

Please go visit our hosts and see all the other great blogs joining in.

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Christmas Gifts:

I know these blogs are usually read and written by women,
but guys, if you are listing in, please:


Help us understand why you buy what you buy for us.

I have heard from women who have
received various gifts they did not understand, or want.

The woman who had a list of what she wanted,
even down to where to buy the items and what size,
and yet received something totally different for Christmas.
A TV Video game.

I have talked to others who have no clue why their guy got what they did.
And how do you ask?

You do not want to seem ungrateful.....

but you do not want to keep getting the same kind of things either.

I had a new duster on my list and
I was saving for a good sale on an expressions cutter.

This is what i got.

It is a GPS.

Here it is on the dash of our car.
And all lit up for night time viewing.

Now you need to know I am not a gadget person.
I do not like electronics. They are hard and time
consuming for me to learn to use,
and unless I use them constantly I soon forget what i learned.

My sweet fella says he got it so I could find garage sales,
and not get lost when I am out.
( thoughts of my Dad's Dementia come to mind).

So, knowing what he knows about me, and
knowing all I asked for was a new duster,
and was saving for a cutter,
was a $140 GPS a really a thoughtful gift?
Or was it a toy for him?
I really would like t o know.

Any men out there care to give us some insights about this?
Any women out there want to put in their 2 cents worth?
Now, to the funny side of it all.

We are driving around, quite familiar with where we are,
and how to get to where we are going,
and he turns on "Mary".
(that is what I named her.
After all, cannot have my sweet fella
talking with some woman in the car and she not have a name.)

So, he turns Mary on and starts pushing her buttons.


(Little does he know that he is really pushing my buttons too!!!) =0/

Then he starts telling me how wonderful she is.
Look how she can do this, and that.

I mean I tell you!!!

Do any of you women want to hear from her man
all the things another 'woman' can do??

Wouldn't' it be great if he told you how wonderful you are, and
how many great things you can do?

And he never goes anywhere we without her now.
Every time we go out, he puts Mary
in his pocket.
Before we can go anywhere he turns Mary on,
pushes her buttons, to find out
how to get somewhere we have been 100's of times before.

Before we get out, he puts her back in his pocket!

Do I sound jealous??

Oh, I just looked into the living room, he's playing with Mary again!
Wonder if she can cook?


I am getting some pretty upset wives responding to my post.
Feel free to share your upsets, but remember,
this is a "G" rated blog. Thank you. ;0)

Maybe you can use this as a way of asking your guys
what they are doing.
(tell them about the other upset wives, not your own upset!!)

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A bit of red, white, green and penny pinchin' for you.

Tea time at the church.
I could not go, but Scott watched the store for me
so I could leave for a bit and hand out door prizes to the ladies.

Sooo fun!!

Here is a bit of creative white for you.

I showed you this fabric yesterday.
It is the ruffle off a white eyelet bed skirt.

Hated to toss it so.....

made an apron for one of my granddaughters out of part of it.

Here is another fast and frugal idea for you thrifty girls.
Need a fancy apron to impress your friends??

How about just putting some ribbon through the casing of a curtain.

Ruffle it up, tie a bow, and wah lah!
instant apron!

You could also use things like gingham, chicken prints,
or any other cute curtain you come across.
Want a small child's apron?
Use a valance.

I used a bit of this lace and some cheesecloth....

glued to a 3" circle manila folder

back side..

then swirled some satin ribbon around and hot glued it....

added some lace and more ribbons, and a button center
and made this.

I'll put a pin on the back and add it to a hat, or bag.

OK. Those are my penny pinchin', some reds,
and some cute whites and sweet creams.

White Wednesday


Outdoor Wednesday

oops! I forgot my outdoor Wednesday.
I'll be right back!

OK. I'm back.

How about some summer shots of our little patio.
oops. First, this is my sweet fella.....

who did this fountain for us.

Here is our sweet granddaughter Isabel, next
to the fountain Grandpa put in.

The rock patio my brother made for me years ago.
He actually went out to the woods and gathered all the flagstone to make it.
(It is only 10x10', but was a lot of hard work,
and a labor of love.
Then we have added the flowers, path and all over time.

Thanks for coming by.

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